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Tsp investing newsletter

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We take an active approach to managing stock market risk by employing sensible timing strategies with the government-run Thrift Savings Plan funds. When our time-tested indicators begin flashing warning signs, we advise you to switch your investments into the safe haven of a money market fund until the odds of making money are once again in your favor. We're here for you, 52 issues per year, with frequent hotlines between newsletters.

If you need strong direction, follow our model portfolios. Designed for investors with varying degrees of risk tolerance, our Aggressive, Moderate and Conservative Portfolios take the guesswork out of the investment process by telling you exactly which TSP funds to buy and when to sell them. Dial to listen live from any phone.

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The investments in the TSP grow tax-deferred whether savings are made before tax or after tax. You won't pay income tax on your own savings, on any federal agency contributions, or any gains while the money stays in the account. Pre-tax contributions are taxed when withdrawn. After-tax savings aren't taxed again at withdrawal if certain conditions are met.

Enrolling in the TSP is automatic if you joined federal service on or after October 1, It can also be done online via your agency's electronic payroll system. You can also enroll by paper form. You can obtain information about the TSP online at tsp. That is where you can also establish an account to track the performance of your TSP and to make any investment changes.

Like most k plans, TSP participants can receive matching contributions from their agency or service in addition to their own savings. An employer match is just as it sounds: when you save dollars, so does your employer. The matching formula is a bit complex, but it's a nice one. Here's how the TSP match formula works:. You must make two decisions when you're enrolling in the TSP: how much to save, and how to invest your savings. The TSP offers many funds to choose from.

This fund invests in short-term U. Treasury securities that are specially issued to the TSP. It's the safest investment choice in the plan. There is no risk of losing principal. The fund offers a means of earning interest that can keep up with inflation, but not much more in a market of low interest rates. The F Fund invests in bonds. It seeks to passively track the Barclays Capital U.

Aggregate Bond Index , which covers the total U. Bonds are relatively safe investments, but they still come with market risk, credit default risk, and inflation risk. Investors can use the F Fund in combination with stock funds like the C, S, and I funds to reduce overall portfolio volatility. This fund invests in stocks.

The C Fund can be right for long-term investors who want to earn returns well ahead of inflation and are willing to endure ups and downs in their account value. Completion Total Stock Market Index. This consists of U. The S Fund carries market risk because of its heavy exposure to domestic equities, but it can be a good fit for long-term investors who can afford to have a higher risk tolerance. This fund invests in non-U.

International investing carries currency and inflation risk in addition to the market risk that comes with stock investing. But adding international stocks to a portfolio helps with diversification, which can decrease overall portfolio risk. These funds are life-cycle funds.

They're also known as " target retirement funds. The L Funds are set up for people who are investing near their target retirement date. The fund managers will slowly shift the respective fund assets to a more conservative allocation as the target date draws near. Life-cycle funds are sometimes called "set-it-and-forget-it" funds, because you can choose a single fund and never manage your own investments until retirement.

It can be wise to construct a portfolio of more than one fund unless you're using the L Funds. The default fund for newly enrolled uniformed services TSP members who joined on or after January 1, , changed from the G Fund to an age-appropriate L Fund. However, this is a highly personal question, and it's best to take it to a financial advisor who can consider your unique circumstances. Our review is limited to observable data presented on their websites.

One take-away from this quick look is that most services fall into the speculative trading category since they recommend many allocations changes annually most likely due to some form of technical analysis charts and trends, etc. Please notify us at support ravenstone. Ravenstone Research Inc. Most service websites can be found by simply googling their names for further comparisons. Most independent services self-report their results on their websites.

TSP Talk provides a reliable timing service for their integrated subscription services highlighted in blue in the table. TSP Center also provides a timing tracking service but if a service forgets to update their trades on time, they have no way of fixing the discrepancy. Discussion: Most services required investors to make significant allocation changes each year which is typical of trading based on technical analysis.

Some offered monthly adjustments based on momentum analysis, etc. Technical analysis is based primarily on recent price movements patterns, trends, momentum. Few services provide the name of the manager upfront and few used professional tracking services for investment timers.

The TSP Strategy Yahoo Group manager's name and profile is available but not listed on the table above due to a late find Although no information is provided on how she makes allocation change decisions. A timing service or strategy should be measured by how it does in both up and down markets. Bear markets can give back all of a long bull market's gains in less than 2 years.

Only two sites report beating buy and hold over the 9-year period. TSP Coach self-reported employing monthly allocation changes and TSP Smart's formula driven strategy that only re-allocated twice per year using an advanced Sell-in-May strategy.

Mark Hulbert's Financial Digest tracked thousands of investment newsletters and while many out-performed for several years few stayed on top during both bull and bear markets. More importantly, few beat the SP index funds.

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The TSP releases quarterly newsletters to participants to keep them updated with information and helpful tips to make smarter savings decisions. Below you will. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a retirement savings and investment plan for Federal employees and members of the uniformed services, including the Ready. 9-step guide to new TSP investing options Participants in the Federal Thrift Savings Plan will soon be able to put a sizeable chunk of their.