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Alfa-Forex has been in the forex industry since The broker is a part of Alfa Group, a Russian consortium with businesses in banking, insurance, investment, a waterworks company and supermarket chains. The goal of this Alfa-Forex review is to inform you of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make a clear choice whether you wish to trade with them. Traders also can trade demo to get used to the platform and test how everything works, which is a useful asset for beginner traders. The offers with alfa forex broker deposit of the platforms are:. The minimum lot size is 0. The offered minimum lot size is 0.

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Forex club reviews are negative

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I have a good spread 0. Author of Forex Club: Charles Date I have satisfied with the Libertex platform with the Forex Club broker. As I've found a tight spread and fastest orders execution, which help me with scalping trade in a Rumus account. I have withdrawal these profits via the Skrill account. Author of Forex Club: Kaila Date In terms of convenience, I am hands down to Forex Club. The broker offers multiple payment options which is great because clients can choose freely.

As for the minimum capital, they also do not restrict us. Most importantly, their trading platform is very easy to use. Author of Forex Club: Jhonas Date Everything works good from trading environment to withdrawals to customer service support. Sure this company has some things, which are not perfect, but they all are not critical. The execution is on the higher point. I have my own strategy and I am fully satisfied that I allowed to use it here.

Wanna note that they have launched the personal are and I liked it, it seemed me very comfortable in its technical providing and it's really useful to see all the accounts in your area. As my experience is profitable due to the fastest execution and I can use my own EA on their MT4 platform.

Author of Forex Club: Derta Date During this 1 year I have not felt a loss. And will still stay with this broker. And every time there is a problem with my trading, they are always willing to find a solution. I really appreciate this broker. Very satisfied with the results that I have gotten. I'm using this broker for 10 months now and I have to say Forex Club is a outstanding broker. They have the lowest fixed spread 0.

Also they have several platforms to trade, instant execution and no slippage. I also never face any delays in payments. They assigned for me a native speaking Account Manager, who provides me with excellent advice about trades. The marketing promotions are excellent as anyone can get extra bonus on real account. I have no regret with Forex Club broker. Author of Forex Club: Surty Date Spreads are fixed and this is important, and the customer support. This last one I have nothing bad to say about, they reply in a fairly fast time.

So far, I am satisfied with this broker. It was a great experience and trading platform is work well and look more structured. After a week, I successfully got the money. Thanks for this broker for giving me this opportunity to withdraw this funds. I got the money via Qiwi. Author of Forex Club: Leslie Date Forex Club is a generous and honest broker. What I liked about this broker the most is that they never delay the withdrawals of their clients. They always stick to their estimated time of transfer or even complete it earlier than that.

They are also very generous when it comes to giving away bonuses and rewards through contests. And of course, they have an amazing trading environment which results to productivity. Author of Forex Club: Yeva Date Answer 4 simple questions and get a list of the most relevant brokers. Best brokers by category. Country-specific recommendations. Trading Platform. Broker reviews.

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Hello all! I do not know where to write for help. In this connection, the Company has decided to terminate the Contract with you, as well as to adjust the balance of your account. You need to withdraw available funds as soon as possible, after which your accounts will be closed. I have never opened any account with them before and no one has terminated any contracts with me!

I wrote to their support service that I can submit passports, selfies with my passport, bank statements, as well as record a video… So far no one has answered me … my email [email protected] , my accounts , and I will start with the fact that this kitchen has nothing to do with the stock exchange and in particular to direct trade!!!

Quotes fake or as they say approximate!!! Forex Club was kicked out of Russia and a number of other countries for criminal actions. In spite of this it accepts and has clients from Russia. I am from Russia. The Forex Club company deceived me by giving me false information.

And robbed me of a large sum of money. If you need proof, I can provide it. The situation is presented on facebook, LZ, VK and other places. Refutation by Forex Club substantive and paragraphs I have not received. Because everything I said is true. And Forex Club has no proof. I am not anonymous. Forex Club knows me well.

If I lied, it would sue me. And so he keeps silent. Because he is a thief and a crook. All the money was paid to me today. Both entered and earned. The accounts were blocked. The situation was resolved safely, of course, only a small negative residue was left by the fact that it took a long time and my profile was instantly blocked in the FC communities of all social networks.

But my «epic» with forex club is over safely. Thank God. This is a nightmare! Since February 18, I have been asked for one document a week and they are supposedly «checking» it!!! A whole week they are checking one document!!! The money is tied up in forex club! They have a lot of money. I have a favor to all concerned, who read this thread: please help! This situation may be any of us, traders.

Please tell me what I can do to help them withdraw my money from the Forex club! Please help me. Do you think that a charge-back will help in this case? Please help me with advice!!! On Tuesday I made a request to withdraw part of the funds from the account. The application is canceled and immediately comes a request for documents the most interesting thing is that I have already provided these documents when registering, several months ago. I submitted the documents immediately, on Tuesday evening.

I was told that the documents were being reviewed within business days. So far, silence. No results of the document check, no money. Their support service did not answer me anything clear and mumbled some trumpeted phrases. In any case, I will keep you informed of the situation and write in this thread about the results of their interaction with FC to withdraw money.

If anyone needs more information, screenshots, etc. Finam is providing incorrect reports to clients. Here I have experienced broker fraud as well. I was able to get my money back in months. These people are the best in the business. No arguments, commissions, etc. I presented them quotes from Bloomberg and other brokerage companies, including banks, the snot forex club differed by 5 rubles!!!!!

All safely hushed up, they said — who cares, there was no such quotation anywhere, and we were. And do they have the power to continue contracts and attract new clients from Russia after that? Please write to [email protected]. Today without warning changed the positive swap of short positions XAUUSD to negative, now every day I will unpleasantly pay 3 bucks, I did not count on it.

I am still thinking, I read reviews and everything is different for everyone. I read somewhere, do not invest or transfer money if you do not know people or have not seen them in reality. I have experienced it firsthand, I just do not know. I have been working with the company since To be honest, the first deposit was lost because of my own stupidity.

After that I took the question more seriously. I was trained by the company, both full-time and distant. Fortunately, FC has a lot of means for educating traders. Worked on a demo account for almost a year while I was studying. The level of education is very high. They are very professional and very fast. Any question was solved right on the spot. They will always help with information and services package and help to contact consultant on narrow questions.

In general, the campaign respect and highest marks. The main thing is that the money is withdrawn in time and without unnecessary questions! I work with this company since and there has never been a fraud! What has changed is the request processing time. It the past it was very quick — something like 1 hour maximum, and now it may be or even five hours. I think it happens because the company becomes more popular, thus having more requests to process.

Of course it takes more time… But the whole process is manual now. I believe it is better than automatic process. Hi everybody! And one of my friends recommended me to try my hand at trading. We I decided to try and registered on their site. I did it without studying any analytics or checking the market conditions.

And I lost… Well, my conclusion is quite simple — if you have special economical knowledge you can try, but this is not a place for usual people. There is always a chance to win one day, but risks are too high. My profit on a demo account is pretty high, but i am not sure i will ever switch to a real one..

Sure I am still trying to examine these guys, but I would recommend this company to my friends! I am now reading these forex reviews and once beginning to realize that I selected a great company. I work with two accounts, both in ForexClub, prefer intraday trading but sometimes can do it under the long-term.

I've started working with Forex Club and never regretted it! The company is my favorite, it has been developing its reputation for years. Trading terms, in principle, don't stand out, you can find the same ones, the market is now oversaturated, but I haven't had any claims for the quality of service for more than 2 years, the flow of quotations is stable, no delays, no spikes, and I even heard that some 'cool' brokers steal quotes from the forex club server.

Withdrawal - a lot of payment systems, you can peak any of them, for the first time I screwed up with verification, but then the withdrawal was like clockwork. I've been working with the company since , gradually increasing my deposit. A large number of offices, a long working life of the company and excellent trading conditions played a greater role in choosing the company. Also, I'd like to note the efficiency of support services. I'm happy with my choice.

I can safely recommend this company to friends. Support is adequate and works around the clock. I came to its office and no one told me stories about how to add 10k and earn a million the next day. Excellent training center. I spent 1 hour there and learned a lot of new things, although I'm not a novice 4 years. Everything runs like a clock. An excellent broker!

Respect from me! I've been trading in the Forex Club for about a year now. I started with a minimum deposit. I believe that slow and steady wins the race. I think that in this kind of activity it is necessary to develop your skills independently and only have yourself to blame. Anyway, the company is good, spreads and execution are good enough for me. Only the best reviews. Forex Club is a Russian broker, so it is no surprise that the company targets East European and Middle Asian countries.

The other former Soviet Union countries are also among top customers — Ukraine ranks second, Belarus — fourth, and Kazakhstan — fifth. Montenegro ranks third, between Ukraine and Belarus. Forex Club offers attractive conditions for direct trading on the forex market, and for CFDs on indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Overall, we established that Forex Club commissions on the Forex market as low or average.

At the same time, the system of charging commissions is quite confusing, as different approaches are used on different types of accounts. It could be the spread, commission per trade or on traded volume, or their combination. For comparison, we used only the accounts with Market Execution, as we consider Instant Execution less reliable.

We recalculated all spreads and commissions and established how much a trader will have to pay for a lot of , units of base currency. You will thus be able to compare real trading conditions on each account of Forex Club on the Forex market. In the liquid major pairs, the Libertex trading plan on the corresponding platform seems the most attractive.

However, for trading cross rates and exotic pairs, there can be different options. MT-5 Market trading plan has the highest commissions and should be considered only for using all possibilities of the namesake platform for creating trade advisors.

Payment for the rollover of the position for the following day swap on Forex Club Libertex account is quite loyal and suitable both for active traders and those who like to hold positions for over a week. In case the swap is negative, a specified number of points will be written off the account if the position is transferred.

In case the swap is positive, the funds will be accrued on the account. Long-term investors try to trade towards the positive swap. CFDs account for a large part of trading instruments on Forex Club. We estimated the general level of commissions on the available markets as low, although there can be certain nuances on some classes of assets.

We will review CFDs on stocks separately. Different approaches are used to charging commissions on different accounts. Forex Club commissions on the aforementioned classes of CFD are at the same level as competitors. As an example, we used the Libertex account, where the commission on CFDs on Apple is higher than on CFDs on IBM, while usually, the broker sets either one rate, or offers the best rates for the most liquid securities.

Due to this, Forex Club commissions on CFDs on some stocks can be considered high, while on others — some of the best in the market. It is not hard to see that the Libertex account offers the most beneficial conditions for trading CFDs on stocks. Forex Club is interesting to many customers thanks to its offers of passive income.

There is no fixed commission on these products, although in each case, there is a minimum deposit. In particular, on the Libertex account, a trader will have to pay 0. Alpari does not provide access to cryptocurrency trading. As we can see, Libertex compares favorably with Exness on the majority of positions, but it is still difficult to compete with Binance. Noteworthy, the customers of the exchange trade real cryptocurrencies, while with CFD brokers, the customers trade derivatives on the cost of cryptocurrencies.

Non-trading commissions on Forex Club are average. In particular, the broker does not charge a deposit fee, and compensates payment system fees with bonuses. Money payment systems. Unfortunately, there are some serious questions about the reliability of Forex Club. The broker is managed by Forex Club International Limited, a legal entity. Hundreds of brokers from all around the world, many of which are rather dubious projects, are registered here. Forex Club does not provide a scanned copy of the state registration certificate; the number of the license is also unknown.

Forex Club offers negative balance protection. Stop Out is enabled, if the balance of your account is zero. The broker is not a member of a deposit guarantee fund. Up until , the broker provided services based on the license for financial activity, issued by the Central Bank of Russia. There was also information about the license of the Cyprus regulator CySEC in open sources, but a check by the number showed that the document is now held by a different company.

To specify information about the license, we contacted Forex Club customer support. We were told that the license for financial activity is not required in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where the managing company is registered. Summing up the information that we gathered, we can conclude that Forex Club does not hold a license. This is a big drawback for the broker, as the organization cannot provide any guarantees of the legality of its operation, reliability and protection of customers.

In addition, the choice of currency pairs is quite good. There are CFDs on cryptocurrencies as well. In reality, the biggest drawback of Forex Club is absence of possibility to work with real assets. As a reminder, CFD is a marginal product with high risk of losses, which is why trading such contracts should be approached with caution.

It is also advisable to observe the strict rules of risk management in this type of trading. Market diversity on Forex Club is rather high compared to the competitors, primarily through availability of derivatives on ETFs and cryptocurrencies. The broker also offers a wide choice of trading instruments. By the number of available currency pairs, Forex Club compares favorably with its competitors, for example Exness and Alpari. Forex market is well represented on Forex Club. Also, a large number of cross rates are available.

In particular, the broker offers the following trading pairs:. The total number of cross pairs is 23, which is considered a good indicator. You will also find exotic pairs on Forex Club. The broker offers trading pairs with the following exotic currencies:. The total number of currency pairs is 50, which is much more than many Russian competitors offer. The broker offers many trading instruments and they are diverse, providing the traders with freedom of choice. Cryptocurrencies and ETFs are an additional bonus for Forex Club customers, as the competitors do not offer these options.

For example, the choice of CFDs on stocks definitely cannot be considered big — positions. The list mainly includes the giants of the American, Russian markets and also EU countries. The total number of derivatives and cryptocurrency pairs is Their choice is not as wide as, for example, of cryptocurrencies, but the very fact of their availability is a definite advantage for the Russian broker. In particular, you can work with the derivatives on such ETFs as:.

The total number of trading instruments of this type is The choice of this type of instrument can be considered average by the industry in general, but good compared to the other Russian brokers. Forex Club provides access to six types of commodity assets. In particular, the following are available:. In particular, you can trade the following types of instruments here:.

The number of Commodities on Forex Club exceeds many competitors. For example, Exness provides access to only 12 types of instruments. The procedure for opening an account on Forex Club is simple. It is fully automated and takes no more than 5 minutes. The broker provides its customers a free demo account, using which a trader can test new strategies and learn to trade.

Verification is not mandatory on Forex Club, but the broker may request documents, if there are doubts regarding your identity. The company also provides a large number of trading accounts. However, Forex Club also has certain drawbacks.

In particular, only three account base currencies are available here. There is no ECN account. There are no requirements for minimum deposit on Forex Club. You can start trading from USD 1. Many brokers do not have requirements for minimum deposit, including popular ones. Forex Club includes two companies — Russian and international one. The Russian branch provides access to trading only for the customers from Russia.

As for the international company, customers from Russia cannot work with it. Forex Club also does not provide services in the countries marked by FATF as jurisdictions with high level of risk and the states under sanctions. Verification is not mandatory on Forex Club. You can trade and perform financial transactions without confirming your identity. However, in some cases, the broker may request documents confirming your identity.

In particular, you may be requested to provide the following types of documents:. Forex Club does not offer the option of uploading documents directly. The broker may request them by contacting you via email. In this case, you will need to send photos or scanned copies directly via email. The company specifies that the verification requests can only be sent from email accounts with fxclub address.

Forex Club offers its customers five types of accounts. They vary depending on the amount of your deposit and traded volume. The peculiarity of the broker is that the trading conditions change depending on the type of the trading platform you are using. The account types allow only to gain access to specific analytical services, learning and support.

For example, traders can use the services of a personal analyst on Forex Club, and also obtain access to direct communication with the chief dealer and chief analyst. These functions, however, are only available to the traders, who opened Diamond or Exclusive accounts. Holders of Gold account receive access to Trading Central instruments, and users of Platinum trading account and higher can use market player mood indicator. Only the traders with the status Gold or higher can receive the full version of the basic learning course.

Forex Club offers access to a demo account for its customers. This feature is free. The users are not required to set up an account on the platform in order to work with the demo account. The customers are provided a demo account on Libertex platform, while other platforms are available to the customers only on real accounts. However, they may differ, depending on the chosen trading platform. You can learn about the conditions of different terminals in the Contract Specification section.

Below is a short review of the conditions. The procedure of opening an account on Forex Club is elementary. The first stage is providing registration information. Noteworthy, the registration forms differ in the Russian and English versions. When filling out the Russian-language form, you need to specify the following information:. In the English-language version, everything is even simpler. You need to only fill out two boxes:. To begin trading, you need to deposit funds on your account.

The user is given the status of Silver account by default, but as soon as you deposit a certain amount, the status will change. Right after the registration, you will see a Welcome screen, where Forex Club will offer you to deposit funds on the account.

After you press Fund It, you will be redirected to the Deposit form. You need to:. The list of base currencies on Forex Club is quite limited. In particular, the following currencies are available for trading:. Overall, the list of base currencies on Forex Club can be called standard for the Russian brokers.

For example, Alpari offers its customers three base currencies. However, compared to Exness, Forex Club is lagging behind. Firstly, Exness supports 7 base currencies, including the world's popular currencies. Secondly, the broker has the support of cryptocurrencies, while FXClub does not. Forex Club offers a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. The broker supports Russian and international payment systems, which enables traders from foreign countries to work with the broker.

The company allows to deposit and withdraw funds via a wire transfer. Also, Forex Club processes payments via electronic payment systems. The company works with e-wallets of six operators:. For Russian traders, the broker offers additional payment methods. In particular, Alpha-Click and Promsvyazbank online banking are available to the customers.

Forex Club policy in regards to commissions and fees can be considered a drawback. Firstly, the broker charges deposit fees, which is a rare occurrence these days. The broker compensates for the fees only giving the bonuses you cannot withdraw. There is either no withdrawal fee or a small fee.

The exception is the wire transfer, where the fee is fixed and rather high. Forex Club offers about the same big number of options for depositing funds as Alpari, but also the level of fees for transactions is quite comparable. Exness has fewer supported payment services, but the broker does not charge deposit fee.

Forex Club offers its clients a wide selection of trading platforms. The broker primarily provides customers services via Libertex platform. In addition, Forex Club offers access to other trading platforms:. The broker provides access to trading platforms for all types of devices, including online platforms, software for Windows and Mac PCs, and also Android and iOS applications.

Forex Club offers special options for traders preferring automated trading. In particular, the users can download trading advisors. You can also build your own trading bots. The trading conditions on Libertex and other trading platforms differ substantially. For example, the commissions on MetaTrader 4 are much higher than on Libertex, which could pose a problem for customers, who prefer classic trading platforms.

Forex Club has more trading platforms than its competitors in the Russian market.

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Last Updated: Aug 25, am. This review is specifically about a controversial website called Global FX Club. The site has been accused of several misdeeds before, and our mission is to find out whether or not these accusations hold water. Generally, when a site has extremely poor ratings, we always encourage users who want to try it to proceed with caution.

And our advice has always yielded good returns. So when we say that Global FX Club is a suspicious website, you should take it seriously because we only speak after we find enough evidence. In as much as Global FX Club looks professional in design, user reviews speak a different language altogether. But there is also evidence that Global FX Club uses manipulated results to lure traders into their subscription list. Get this: You can now make a steady profit margins thanks to a new innovative way of investing in crypto.

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Yield Nodes will prioritize your security by providing accurate investment options. Members get protection from external losses or unforeseen changes in market conditions. This is not in any way a get rich quick scheme ; once you deposit funds; you have to wait for the yields to mature.

Yieldnodes is providing a proven, innovative, and secure way of making high returns on your investment with crypto master-noding. With a minimum contract duration of six months, it gives users a chance to fully experience master-noding. If you are still wondering whether this is a safe option, you can cancel the contract at any given time.

For those who want to join and upgrade their investment strategy, Yield Nodes is the solution. Claims that the site is fraudulent because it does not update its performance log accordingly. The site offers a trade copier service. But the problem is that results generated by the trade copier are never reflected on the performance log. Their system has also been accused for opening multiple trades on same currency pair at the same time. This is like randomly opening trades and hoping them to win.

Also, Global FX Club runs another fraudulent platform called profitable forex alerts. The second user had stayed with them for 3 months, and in all that time, he never received signals. When he launched an investigation, he learned that Global FX Club could make adjustments to those signals before sending them a second time, and even in that case, he still did not receive the first signal.

Secondly, this user complained that the company did not update their members with open and closed trades. We also hear that this only started happening in January Before then, Global FX Club used to send out a report of their pip gains or losses for every particular position in a given month. Finally, this user claims that their chat feature is never active. It means you will never get a response by leaving them a message there.

The same thing happens to those who send them emails as well. Basically, countless user reviews are painting Global FX Club negatively, and there is truth in what these users are saying. As you can see, this website is also being promoted on an infamous platform called Stock Twits. And from what we have written, you can see that all sites or investment opportunities promoted on the platform are nothing but scams.

We also discovered that several user profiles were created on Stock Twits to promote Global FX Club — the same fraudulent platform that several users have complained about on Forex Peace Army. He is called Howard Lindzon, and he has a very bad reputation by the way. This site basically puts up ads on the platform for a small fee. These ads channel unsuspecting users to Global FX Club website. If you find this site on Stock Twits, you will definitely believe them because, for one, there is a certain degree of implied credibility on Stock Twits.

Secondly, Global FX Club website is very good at presenting false records which unwitting investors would never have trouble believing. And will still stay with this broker. And every time there is a problem with my trading, they are always willing to find a solution. I really appreciate this broker. Very satisfied with the results that I have gotten. I'm using this broker for 10 months now and I have to say Forex Club is a outstanding broker.

They have the lowest fixed spread 0. Also they have several platforms to trade, instant execution and no slippage. I also never face any delays in payments. They assigned for me a native speaking Account Manager, who provides me with excellent advice about trades. The marketing promotions are excellent as anyone can get extra bonus on real account. I have no regret with Forex Club broker.

Author of Forex Club: Surty Date Spreads are fixed and this is important, and the customer support. This last one I have nothing bad to say about, they reply in a fairly fast time. So far, I am satisfied with this broker. It was a great experience and trading platform is work well and look more structured. After a week, I successfully got the money. Thanks for this broker for giving me this opportunity to withdraw this funds.

I got the money via Qiwi. Author of Forex Club: Leslie Date Forex Club is a generous and honest broker. What I liked about this broker the most is that they never delay the withdrawals of their clients. They always stick to their estimated time of transfer or even complete it earlier than that. They are also very generous when it comes to giving away bonuses and rewards through contests.

And of course, they have an amazing trading environment which results to productivity. Author of Forex Club: Yeva Date This broker has many features that make it easy for their customers to get benefits. Last week I applied for WD and after a few hours, the benefits were sent to the account via Skrill. It was very different with brokers I have used before. It is very slow to process my benefits.

I will continue to trade with this broker. Author of Forex Club: Yani Date This is one of the brokers that you can trust your funds with. I am sure that they do not trade against you for I have been with them for the past 3 years. They have one of the best platform and as a scalper this is best for me. I have rarely seen their data go down. The negative reviews are unbelievably misleading because those people blame the broker if they blown their account.

I have been profitable since January This is far by the most fair broker to choose from. Add comment. Positive review. Negative review. Neutral review. Owners of MFX Broker wanted.