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Chooseyourself financial

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Your offering is product, services, your employees, your experiences, your ideas, your other customers, and even as mentioned above your competitors. So sell them all. When you are good at what you do, the product or service you offer is just the way people build the first link to you. When you get in the door, do not sell your product.

People make a decision on your product in five seconds. Sell the dream. Build up images of the dream. Give a taste of what the dream is like. Let it linger. Let it weave itself. Let the imagination of the buyer take hold and run with it. The dream has up to infinity in value. But then, you might ask, do I risk under-delivering? Answer: Yes. Be as good as the dream. Being a leader happens right now, today. Everyone around you needs to ultimately become better than you.

The light is in front of you and you take them to the light and then go back. If all the people around you achieve more than you, then life will be good. If you just focus on this one principle in all of your actions, then you are a leader. One hundred percent of the time there is a good reason and a real reason for everything.

Money is a side effect of persistence. You persist in things you are interested in. Explore your interests. Then persist. Then enjoy all the side effects. You just need to be pretty good at something spend a couple of hundred hours and then you need to know how to give a good talk in public.

You will stand out, because so few people want to talk in public. Comedians are the best public speakers and are up against the most brutal audiences, so you must study them. Learn from them. It may seem like all they are doing is buying the assets of your company. Offer your services to other companies. In fact, something is very wrong in your life if that is how much you are working at one thing. But when it comes to mastery, there are always big failures.

Never let one company decide your fate. Make it as easy as possible for the other side to say yes before you ask them. Should I pay taxes? You should always reinvest your money and operate at a loss. Should I pay dividends? See above. What should the CEO salary be? No more than two times that of your lowest employee if you are not profitable. This even assumes you are funded. If you are not funded your salary should be zero until your revenues can pay your salary last.

The CEO salary is the last expense paid in every business. When should one fire an employee? When they gossip. When they ask for a raise because they think they are making below industry standard. When the talk badly about a client. When they have an attitude. When should you give a raise? How big should the employee option pool be? Fifteen to 20 percent. How much do advisers get? One-quarter of one percent. Advisers are useless. How much do board members get? They should all be investors. And the good news is this: if you can become aware of the myths that people hold and the way they manipulate societies and cultures, you can write your own rules and create abundance for yourself.

Nobody has a single purpose in life. We are often put into our life circumstances and have to figure out how to do the best. In this book and in Choose Yourself! I try to give a system to develop great ideas and build abundance. Sometimes wars can be justified. Tip 1: Never invest big chunks of your money. A big chunk is more than 2 percent of your money.

Just be happy with the money in the bank. Tip 2. The whole point. Stop paying your debt. Let me clarify. If you borrowed from a friend, pay your friend back. Be a good person. But all other debt is a contract, and there are several situations where you can stop paying debt.

But you can ignore that. People who cheat. Reading is the best return on investment. You have to live your entire life in order to know one life. What a great return! Remember that cash is king. Having a lot of cash leads to a stress free life. Invest as little as possible. Investing in you is the best hedge against hyperinflation. If you have a good business, you collect all the money.

These are taxes against the middle class where the money goes straight from your employer into the hands of the rich. I choose public over private school. I moved about eighty miles out of NYC so I could send my kids to a good public school and pull them out of the BS private school they are in. Nobody should inherit more than the minimal they need monthly to get by but still have motivation to go out and make something for themselves. Uncertainty is your best friend.

A hundred percent of opportunities in life are created because people are uncertain about almost everything in their lives. We are constantly trying to close the enormous gap between the things we are certain about and the things we are uncertain about, and almost every invention, product, Internet service, book, whatever has been created to help us close that gap. Laughter is essential. The only way to survive is to laugh.

I only care about you. Tough on you. I am insane. Nobody ever forgets the guy with a roll of two-dollar bills. View all 4 comments. May 12, Nick rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction , media , professional , tech. Well, I'll give this to Altucher: he knows how to market. There are useful nuggets sprinkled among the steaming piles of conventional wisdom, but to find them, you are forced to read some of the worst-written sentences on the planet, and worse still, you have to spend time with a self-obsessed guy who is convinced y Well, I'll give this to Altucher: he knows how to market.

There are useful nuggets sprinkled among the steaming piles of conventional wisdom, but to find them, you are forced to read some of the worst-written sentences on the planet, and worse still, you have to spend time with a self-obsessed guy who is convinced you care about his life, the things he says to his wife wives , and other filler. His premise is simple: we live in a society where nine-to-five jobs and all that goes into making that lifestyle work are a fraud and don't work.

Like all self-help guru's, he gives his suggestions a nimbus of unique transcendence, and by extension, himself a godly role, despite his incessant humble-bragging. Become an idea machine, indeed. James knows how to market, and he made me buy his book even before I started with the "Chose yourself" book. When I found out "Choose yourself" is not really the thing I was hoped for my expectations for this book went down.

But seriously He repeated a lot of content from "Choose yourself" and added some examples. If you read his blog then there is nothing new for you. It's always the same things he mentions: college is stupid, the world changes, and you need to James knows how to market, and he made me buy his book even before I started with the "Chose yourself" book.

It's always the same things he mentions: college is stupid, the world changes, and you need to take your life in your own hands. Yeah, got it. I found it very funny when he complains that some books should be chapters. I thought the same of some of his writing too. Unfortunately James is one of the authors of whom I feel they never write new things when they found something which works.

In general, overhyped by his fan community. If you don't know that you are in charge of your life on your own, you might find some gems here. But if you have read other motivational, marketing or life-help books already, you will not find anything of interest. Mar 15, Nathan Sudds rated it it was amazing. After reading some other comments on this book, I've got to add my brief take on it.

I love James Altucher, but as someone else mentioned you probably either love him and his writing or you hate him. This book much like the initial Choose Yourself book is one part motivational, one part timely wisdom, and one part crazy I mean entertaining : And that's why I love it. James takes on a serious topic without taking himself or the topic too seriously, which I think is what I love about all his wr After reading some other comments on this book, I've got to add my brief take on it.

James takes on a serious topic without taking himself or the topic too seriously, which I think is what I love about all his writing. Will it be everyone's favorite style? No, but that's the point - it's meant to provoke thought and encourage a new outlook - and that I think James does very well for those that fit his audience. I'd recommend Choose Yourself or his blog first before you take on this one as it's a bit longer.

But for those wondering if it's worth reading? It is. I think you'll either be inspired or frustrated but either way you'll be challenged on the important topic of wealth - after all, maybe true wealth isn't really what you always thought it was.

What I've learned from choosing myself is that how I spend and save my time is the most important currency to me. Having control over that is what makes me wealthy. This book is about that type of wealth, and how to better create and invest the other type of wealth too. All this in James' own quirky style that I love flowing back and forth between self-deprecating and humble-bragging as someone else mentioned.

It's a good thing, most people writing books pretend they have it all together. James comes clean, while showing he still can add value. Keep writing James, but if you are on Quora you already know there's no stopping him. He's everywhere May 04, Jason rated it it was ok. Some good advice but really feels mostly like ramblings of a guy who made it clear he's only writing this book to add an extra source of revenue.

I've got a lot of good ideas from this book which is why I gave it two stars, but it felt like he was just throwing his ideas out while telling you they might or might not work. While that is akin to reality, it really created the sense that he doesn't have any real, quantified evidence to any of his ideas, only his personal anecdotes which he reassure Some good advice but really feels mostly like ramblings of a guy who made it clear he's only writing this book to add an extra source of revenue.

While that is akin to reality, it really created the sense that he doesn't have any real, quantified evidence to any of his ideas, only his personal anecdotes which he reassures you was just luck for him. So basically, while he was smart and had good ideas, the book is basically him giving you a bunch of ideas while telling you that he's just writing a bunch of books to have diversified revenue. Jan 17, Keith Leslie rated it liked it. He has had a ton of financial success and has interviewed top performers from every imaginable field on his podcast.

The content in this book is pretty fun and thought-provoking at times and seemingly hacky at 2. The content in this book is pretty fun and thought-provoking at times and seemingly hacky at others. There are too many typos and stream-of-consciousness tangents for me to believe that this went through an editor even once, and that makes me feel like this book is nothing more than a money grab.

If you do, check out his books Mar 19, Adoptry rated it it was ok. James Altucher is a a real genius or a real nutter and I'm yet to make up my mind on which one. The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth, like its predecessor, Choose Yourself is a philosophy and ideas that Altucher claims to have worked to make him have a happier and more fulfilling life.

The first part of the book doesn't really tie in to the title - it seems like a random collection of essays centered around the principle of becoming an "idea machine" through the daily practice. The sections dedic James Altucher is a a real genius or a real nutter and I'm yet to make up my mind on which one. The sections dedicated to wealth have some contrarian thinking around career progression, investing etc.

I'm not about to go out and practice whatever he is preaching but it did make for some food for thought. Sep 02, Kevin Koskella rated it really liked it. Really informative book by Altucther. The Daily Practice, don't buy a house, college is a waste of time, etc , but there are some really awesome ideas that I got from reading this book.

He gets into a lot of detail about starting a business, and how to invest. Some specifics and some mindset stuff. And, I love his casual writing style and humor although there were a few typos in the book. If you haven't or have read Altu Really informative book by Altucther. If you haven't or have read Altucher in the past, I recommend this one. Jul 08, Dre rated it it was amazing Shelves: discipline , promoting , selling , marketing , self , your-business.

To change my life completely, still, every six months. I bought the package that came with a physical book, and digital versions for every device i. James practices the principles of creating value over seeking money that he oft preaches. Now to the book. Like, yesterday. James gets it. The Choose Yourself brand is essentially about power, but not in the conventional sense that people think of it.

This power is taking control of your own life and your definition of success, how you define it. So many people are waiting — on bosses, superiors, decision-makers before they can be happy or consider themselves successful.

I asked her what she was going to do about it. She said she would keep working there, pay her bills, and raise her kids: It was OK for her to be miserable as long as her kids were OK. I tempered myself as to expressing how ridiculous her plan was ignored to preserve the relationship. CYGTW is all about abundance, which is not necessarily money. James emphasizes that money is simply a byproduct of successful living: Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Social well-being are his four pillars of said success.

This books goes deep into money, though — ways to make it, how to create and execute your ideas, what not to do like buy a house or go to college and a ton of personal stories that show that James is more than qualified to write what he writes. Just offering my opinion. Feb 20, Joe Legros rated it liked it Shelves: self-improvement , non-fiction. Most of my ideas are bad and I will never act on them. However, Altucher would say, "The ideas themselves don't matter.

Exercising the idea muscle is what matters most. First, the negatives. In a way, it's kind of refreshing to read his thoughts because it gives me hope that I'm not all that crazy, especially compared to him! The book must not have been proofread or professionally copy-edited because there are misspellings, format mistakes and grammatical errors throughout.

Now for the positives. Despite my disagreement with Altucher on many of his recommendations, mostly regarding investments, the proof is in the pudding. In other words, the guy is a multi-millionaire and comes up with brilliant ideas. I've never been a millionaire, I've never written a book on Warren Buffett and I've never managed a multi-million dollar hedge fund before.

Altucher has done all these things and more. While I would not go so far as to call him an expert, he likely would not claim this either. His style is self-effacing, humorous and passionate. He comes across as sincerely wanting to help others and often uses himself as an example of what NOT to do. Additionally, the spelling and grammatical errors mentioned above do not dramatically detract from the book's overall message of hope and encouragement.

The key to riding this wave, entrepreneur James Altucher advises, is to constantly be curious about what's next, to be comfortable with uncertainty so you can keep navigating the rough waters ahead, and most importantly, to pursue the things that interest you.

Transform your life or the life of someone you love with Life Force - the newest breakthroughs in health technology to help maximize your energy and strength, prevent disease, and extend your health span - from Tony Robbins, author of the number one New York Times best seller Money: Master the Game. By: Tony Robbins , and others. You live in your dream house, but there's no mortgage. No alarm clock, no boss, no bills.

No claims on the day's time other than what you choose. It is making more money before breakfast than you made for an entire week at your last job. It is a crazy expensive car parked in your garage, a victorious symbol that your dreams no longer sleep in fantasies, but are awake with reality. By: MJ DeMarco. Felix Dennis is an expert at proving people wrong. Starting as a college dropout with no family money, he created a publishing empire, founded Maxim magazine, made himself one of the richest people in the UK, and had a blast in the process.

How to Get Rich is different from any other book on the subject because Dennis isn't selling snake oil, investment tips, or motivational claptrap. He merely wants to help people embrace entrepreneurship, and to share lessons he learned the hard way. By: Felix Dennis. By: Alex Hormozi.

Buy as many lattes as you want. Spend extravagantly on the things you love. In this completely updated second edition, Ramit teaches you how to choose long-term investments and the right bank accounts. With his characteristic no-BS perspective, he shows how to squeeze every hidden benefit out of your credit cards.

By: Ramit Sethi. Grab your front-row seat in the story of a lifetime. Witness how one family escapes the rat race - the world's economic religion - and how you can too. By all appearances, Jeff and Samantha Trotman are living the American dream. But behind the white picket fence, they endure an American nightmare. With little time for each other, a pile of debt, and Ferrari taste on a Ford budget, the ruse of affluence is killing them. Anthony Robbins has already unlocked the personal power inside millions of people worldwide.

Now, in this revolutionary new audio production based on his enormously popular Date with Destiny seminars, Robbins unleashes the sleeping giant that lies within all of us, teaching us to harness our untapped abilities, talents and skills. By: Anthony Robbins. We are stuck, stymied, frustrated. But it needn't be this way. There is a formula for success that's been followed by the icons of history - from John D.

Rockefeller to Amelia Earhart to Ulysses S. Grant to Steve Jobs - a formula that let them turn obstacles into opportunities. Faced with impossible situations, they found the astounding triumphs we all seek. By: Ryan Holiday. In Excuses Begone! Wayne W. Dyer reveals how to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking patterns that prevent you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health.

You may know what to think but find it terribly difficult to change thinking habits that have been with you since childhood. This business of changing habituated thinking patterns is really the business of eliminating the same old tired excuses.

By: Dr. Soon the current model of aggregated free content populated with "value-subtracted" advertising will die a natural deat. In Life After Google , Gilder takes listeners on a brilliant, rocketing journey into the very near-future, into an Internet with a new "bitcoin-bitgold" transaction layer that will replace spam with seamless micro-payments and provide an all-new standard for global money.

By: George Gilder. In this life-changing book, celebrated author and entrepreneur Jay Samit, who's worked with such visionaries as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman, and hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, shares the key understandings and step-by-step process for becoming rich and never needing another job again.

To prove the power of his Twelve Truths, Samit also details the journey of how he mentored a broke millennial with these principles and empowered him to go from being on welfare to becoming a self-made millionaire in one year. By: Jay Samit. Applying Gorilla Mindset to your life make no mistake, this is an audiobook you must apply will improve your health and fitness, lead to more money and career advancement, and help you have deeper, more meaningful relationships or more casual ones; it's your choice.

Your thinking will become clear. You will have more focus. You will know exactly what steps to take to change your life. More importantly, you will be able to troubleshoot your own life. By: Mike Cernovich. Struggling with little or no cash? Have no experience, no baseline to judge your progress against? Thank God! You've got a shot at making this work. By: Mike Michalowicz.

You Are a Badass at Making Money is a refreshingly frank and entertaining step-by-step guide to overcoming the fears and stumbling blocks that have kept financial success out of reach and to giving yourself the permission to make the kind of money you've never made before. By: Jen Sincero. And the secret phrase is this: "Nobody wants to read your shit. By: Steven Pressfield.

Think and Grow Rich is the number-one inspirational and motivational classic for individuals who are interested in furthering their lives and reaching their goals by learning from important figures in history. The text read in this audiobook is the original edition written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by Andrew Carnegie - and while it has often been reproduced, no updated version has ever been able to compete with the original.

By: Napoleon Hill. This is a bold book by James Altucher. He not only gives you a new map for the new financial landscape but he also has skin in the game. This is the first financial book in which the author reveals how he makes his own money. We are living in an epic period of change, danger, and opportunity. The economy is crashing and booming every few years. People are getting fired and replaced by computers and Chinese workers.

The stock market crashes with regularity. Every fix from the government makes things worse. The old world has been demolished, and people are desperate for answers. This is the field guide to the new world we live in. You can play by the old rules and get left behind, or you can use these new ideas and become wealthy. This is not a book for the faint of heart. Listen at your own risk, because sometimes the truth is hard to take. But for those who are ready to hear, James provides an updated map of the new territory for generating wealth and freedom.

This book is the eye opener of the century. It is the guide to building, keeping, and investing your money and breaking free from the chains of rusted, old thinking. I purchased this Audiobook because I expected it to be just that; a book in audio format.

Unfortunately it was not that at all. The author chose to "read" the book himself, but instead formatted it more like a podcast - going off on rabbit-trails and then skipping entire sections. No, I am not kidding I'm sorry What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? This is labeled as unabridged, and I expected the full content of the book. Instead what I got was a rambling conversation including his wife Claudia.

If I wanted to listen to James Altucher's podcast, then I would have done that instead of buying this book. How could the performance have been better? Read the actual book to the audience. Nothing pissed me off faster than glossing over a section and telling me I need to read the book for the details.

I bought this audio book for those details. So after James last book I was excited. It was refreshing and I enjoyed it. This book was not what I expected. Good points but more rambling and less straight wealth talk. I also did not get into it and the two way conversations made it like a podcast not a book. Need to have something actionable and not stories. There is some good stuff buried here.

The author barely reads the book. Aside from that the book is rather good I agree, you need to exercise your idea muscles. Thank you James. Fabulous and uplifting as always. Lots of reminders and inspirations abound in this fun and inspiring audio book. Your honesty is amazingly refreshing :.

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Our energy. Our dedication and commitment. The […] Added by : Shanon Paucek Show details 3. Added by : Hugh Robel Show details 5. Added by : Evelyn Reynolds Show details 6. Plain and simple, this is our brand-new put-selling service. Added by : Minnie O'Connell Show details 7. Hi, I'm James Altucher. Added by : Rodrick Bergstrom Show details 9. But now he wants to help people achieve the next step… True financial freedom and independence.

Added by : Marjolaine Bednar Show details How to get unsubscribed of James Altucher report and get a Our subscribers get access to a team of investment experts with more than years of combined experience who deliver analysis and actionable investing ideas to put subscribers on a path to greater wealth. Added by : Charlotte Emard V Show details Added by : Cleo Grady Show details Noel Grady Show details Kendrick Feeney Show details Choose Yourself Financial Reviews - scamion.

How did you have his phone? Is it customer service? That should work. Here is Added by : Chris Ortiz Show details Corporate Advocacy Program. This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Hiding negative complaints is only a Band-Aid. Added by : Wendell Ernser Show details Select the Chooseyourselffinancial page from the below list.

Winfield Dach. Show details. The […] Added by : Shanon Paucek. Added by : Hugh Robel. Added by : Evelyn Reynolds. Added by : Minnie O'Connell. Added by : Rodrick Bergstrom. Added by : Marjolaine Bednar. Added by : Charlotte Emard V. Added by : Cleo Grady.

Noel Grady. Kendrick Feeney. Added by : Chris Ortiz. Added by : Wendell Ernser. We're sorry, this offer has expired. However, you may call us at from EDT. When you call in, please mention this exclusive To wrap things up: what ChooseYourselfFinancial offers is just too good to be true, and you know what they say about such deals….

What it does provide in return though does not seem to be worth much, according to the overwhelming majority of those who were suckered into paying up. I purchased several of James Altucher and Agora Financial programs. I lost money on each and every one of them. I cannot always blame them but do believe there was more hype than substance in much of the advice given. None of this ever arrived. Not exactly a scam and some very interesting predictions and analysis but extremely overpriced. Beware of this as it can drive one to FOMO emotive spontaneous purchases of stocks, cryptocurrencies and similar investments vehicles.

I believe this will eventually happen and there are tentative signs of this, but he and all the other hodlers completely missed the crypto winter of where I for one lost several thousands of Dollars, not to mention some 10, USD spent on Altucher and Agora Financial publications. Buy the dips he said…well I did and the prices kept on plunging. His advice had little technical analysis and there was precious little information for Kamal Rasvant his crypto sidekick.

Better to watch Ivan on Tech on YouTube for good free information. Anyway, these 2 guys basically bang on about Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is not much else they believe in as they think most other crypto currencies will disappear. The format of the email letters is ok however the important stuff gets lost in a sea of upsell and cross sell emails from Agora and Altucher wanting more and more money. If you subscribe to numerous publications it becomes a headache to find the information you pay for.

There are dashboards for Agora Financial and another dashboard for Altucher publications. Often the subscriptions on my dashboard did not reflect the paid subscriptions I had made and customer service was a joke at this price. There were several calls necessary to Agora to get access to my numerous subscriptions, a very frustrating and arduous task, given the high price tags.

As regards cryptocurrencies I think there is better information available for free on YouTube re upcoming cryptocurrencies and I am happy to give my recommendations to anyone who cares to ask. The stuff they write is more suitable to high-level CEOs with money to burn than retail investors on a tight budget. Bearing in mind I am a UK based resident, it is really difficult to participate in that program.

Altucher recommends some brokerages but fails to address the non-USA market. Too late after you have paid for the subscription. If you do subscribe to these kinds of newsletters which require brokerage accounts, you really must get your skates on and test the programs out quickly.

This is to make sure you have enough time to claim a day refund in time. If you are tight on time, do not even attempt to join these programs. They require a considerable learning curve and not a few minutes a day as James and other Agora warriors propose on promotional videos to casual members of the public. Also, research and open some decent brokerage accounts before you subscribe to stock option newsletters. You really need to hit the ground running so to speak.

Yeah, where is my vid on making millions in crypto? Still waiting! This is a bunch of hoowie! Made a dozen transactions from the various columns, most have lost money in the first 4 — 5 months. I am down 10 percent, plus a lot of money for subscriptions. I cannot remember which advisor recommended which stocks, so I sent the list to the advisors, hoping for advice as to which to keep and which to sell, since I have no money left for further transactions.

I have had no reply. These guys do not care about your results, or your getting rich as long as you buy their programs, so they get rich. Apparently they all work in the same building, but admit they do not talk to each other for advice or investment suggestions. Each one of them thinks they have all the answers, and you should buy their services only. Dear Ken Exactly my experience. It was stimulation material these guys wrote but too much hype.

We have to stay calm when watching their promo videos online. I got carried away and should have put my credit card away until the right time. Many similarly good writers are giving better advice for free. I like Ambcrypto and Ivan on Tech. Both free. I subscribed to Hacked and spent a fortune there too…better stuff available for free. I agree with all the individual comments above.

Many promises of a fortune just a few clicks away. His whole purpose is to lead you along, never give you anything useful to go on while hinting that he soon will, and sucker you in to buying more and more of his completely bogus products. This guy is literally the lowest of the low, the bottom of the barrel.

Steer clear and do not give him your money— you will thank me for this advice. I first learned of this scammer from The Ultimate Health Podcast which featured him as a guest. That podcast, run by 2 shady hucksters, promotes and pedals charlatans and snake oil salesmen on a weekly basis. The information is useless… I do not recommend to buy subscriptions from Altucher and his team. I have been promised a refund for many weeks. Dido to the above complaint. Sorry to hear about your wife.

It is a very early stage technology, and it will be many years before it is available to treat cancer. Even then, it will only be suitable for a minority of cancers. I am very ill and some days can not function. But there is not a person on the earth that wants you to succeed more than James. He carries a big buden, but as all people may some money on their news letters. People doo not get and often i do not either.

If your wife is still with us you may have much better odds healing her through natural cures at cancertutor. Even after the chemo and radiation damage. A few weeks ago, I purchased a 2 yr subscription from your company, and to date have not received any leads to a crypto purchase.

All I have received are the same videos that I saw prior to the purchase. When will I start receiving poss leads or advise on which crypocurrency to buy.

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The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth: Altucher, James: Books: This is the first financial book in which the author REVEALS HOW HE. This is the first financial book in which the author reveals how he makes his own money. We are living in an epic period of change, danger, and opportunity. The. This is the first financial book in which the author REVEALS HOW HE, PERSONALLY, MAKES HIS OWN MONEY. We are living in an epic period of change, danger and.