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Forex all the pitfalls

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The best solution is once again to create a clear, well-thought-out trading plan and stick to it. Of course, mistakes are an inevitable part of life for day traders, especially people entering the market for the first time. However, being aware of some of these common mistakes will help you prepare better and minimise your errors and, hopefully, boost your returns.

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Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you start forex day trading: When to enter a trade? What are the criteria you will use to evaluate a trade — moving averages, economic news etc? What sort of gains are you targeting? Which currency pairs should you focus on? When should I exit a trade? How much are you willing to lose on a trade? How long will you allow your trade to reach the target you have set?

How much money should I risk on individual trades? What is your budget? Instead of anticipating the direction that news will take the market, have a strategy that gets you into a trade after the news release. You can profit from the volatility without all the unknown risks. The non-farm payrolls forex strategy is an example of this approach. Depositing money with a forex broker is the biggest trade you will make.

If it is poorly managed, in financial trouble, or an outright trading scam, you could lose all your money. Take time in choosing a broker. There is a five-step process you should go through when deciding on which broker to use. You should consider what you want to accomplish, what a broker offers, and use reliable sources for broker referrals.

Then, test the broker using small trades at first, and don't accept offers of bonuses with their services. You may have heard that diversification is good. Diversification is a strategy that depends on your knowledge, experience, and what you are trading. Warren Buffett once said about diversification:. If you believe in diversification you may be inclined to take multiple day trades at the same time instead of just one, thinking you are spreading your risk.

Chances are you are actually increasing it. If you see a similar trade setup in multiple forex pairs, there is a good chance those pairs are correlated. That is why you are seeing the same setup in each one. When pairs are correlated, they move together, which means you will probably win or lose on all those trades. If you lose, you have multiplied your loss by the number of trades you made. If you take multiple day trades at the same time, make sure they move independently of each other.

It is easy to get caught up in the news of the day or to form a bias based on an article you read that says economic conditions are good or bad for a particular country or currency. The long-term fundamental outlook is irrelevant when you are day trading. Your only goal is to implement your strategy , no matter which direction it tells you to trade. Bad investments can go up temporarily, and good investments can go down in the short-term. Fundamentals have absolutely nothing to do with short-term price movements—using fundamental analysis causes you to focus on the wrong concepts and form biases.

Any long-term biases can only cause you to deviate from your trading plan. Your trading plan and the strategies it contains are your guide in the market and prevent you from taking unnecessary risks, or gambling. A trading plan is a written document that outlines your strategy.

It defines how, what, and when you will day trade. Your plan should include what markets you will trade, at what time and what time frame you will use for analyzing and making trades. Your plan should outline your risk management rules and should outline exactly how you will enter and exit trades for both winning and losing trades. If you don't have a trading plan, you are taking unnecessary gambles.

Create a trading plan and test it for profitability in a demo account or simulator before trying it with real money. If these tips seem similar to warnings about gambling, it is because they are. Day trading, or stock trading in general, can cause people to win and lose a fortune in a day—recent studies and theories behind compulsive trading addiction are gaining strength for valid reasons , and you should be on the lookout for the signs. Planning and executing anything takes patience, skill, and discipline.

As you get deeper into day trading, you should step back and adjust your plan as time goes on. As your financial and personal situations change, you'll find it beneficial to implement different strategies at different times. However, these 10 precautionary measures should guide you through your evolving skills and plans. Trading Forex Trading. By Cory Mitchell. Cory Mitchell, Chartered Market Technician, is a day trading expert with over 10 years of experience writing on investing, trading, and day trading for publications including Investopedia, Forbes, and others.

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She also served as an editor for a weekly print publication. Her stint as a legal assistant at a law firm equipped her to track down legal, policy and financial information. Trading Without a Stop Loss You should have a stop-loss order for every forex day trade you make. Adding to a Losing Day Trade Averaging down is adding to your position the price you purchased the trade at as the price moves against you, in the mistaken belief that the trend will reverse.

Risking More Than You Can Afford to Lose The key part of your risk management strategy is to establish how much of your capital you are willing to risk on each trade. Going All In Trying to Win It All Back Even if you have a risk management strategy in place, there will be times you will be tempted to ignore it and take a much larger trade than you normally do.

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Although these mistakes can afflict all types of traders and investors, issues inherent in the forex market can significantly increase trading risks. There are five common forex day trading mistakes that can affect traders at any given time. These mistakes must be avoided at all costs by developing a. Your success depends on avoiding these pitfalls · If You Keep Losing, Don't Keep Trading · Trading Without a Stop Loss · Adding to a Losing Day Trade · Risking More.