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Investing in the lives of others quotes

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A really wise quote about investing in others from Bill Gates. A leader who is self-centered will only little in this world. You need to empower others if you want to prosper in this world. There is little to be learned from people who are not better than you. Associate yourself with successful people and their success will rub on you.

Unfortunately because of petty jelousies we may sometimes avoid learning from those that are better than others. This therefore requires some humility on our part. Being humble enough to acknowledge that there are others who are better than you. No man is an island. Only through collaboration can we be able to achieve much in this world. This is the same spirit that companies should aim to have when selling their services and products.

They should aim to help their customers get what they want. Most of the poverty we see in this world is the result of having leaders who lack integrity. It is because of lack of integrity that we end up with a lot of corruption in this world. We need to have leaders with integrity if we are to prosper in this world. The more the focus is just on you and you alone, the less and less successful you will be. It is what it is. There is no way you can skirt around some realities of life.

It is easy to forget the work of those that came before us. We are all just building on what others have already put up before us. Look at all the wonderful technological gadgets that we have now. They are all just an improvement of what others before them discovered or invented. Happy employees will create a happy atmosphere and the customers will feel it too. And they too will want to associate themselves with happy people.

And the more this happens the more sales you will have and the more money you will make. This really works all the time. Anyone who only thinks about himself will live a miserable life. We only find fulfillment in working for others too besides ourselves. And the good thing about helping others is that it does come back in good measure.

When a good person goes through a rough patch he will have many people supporting him. Usually, those supporters are the same people you helped before. I wish we all had this spirit. Because it is only when this is put in practice that life on this planet of ours will benefit everyone else. I have a long list of people that have helped me be where I am today and I believe the same applies to you too.

This indeed should be the goal of everyone. Healing all the hurt in this world and starting to invest in others. That is how we can make a real difference in this world. I know if I persist it will pay back in dividends and it always does.

This is really a good balance. It is not enough to invest in yourself you also need to invest in others. Only then will you be able to achieve great things. It is just what it is. It is something that cannot be wished away as failure to heed this will be disastrous for you.

Because above all, I think the main quality of a leader is to be a human being. These are the types of leaders this world needs. Leaders who are not self-centered but who really love to invest in others and to help them succeed. Too many of our leaders think they are special because they happen to hold positions of responsibility. People who before assuming those positions were approachable, all of a sudden are untouchable.

True leadership is about being a servant leader. Leaders who are servants of the people they serve. It is only when leaders look at themselves this way that they will feel humble. As the good book says, pride comes before a fall. Leaders full of pride are setting themselves up for failure. Really true. The more we remember this the more time and effort we will put to help others.

We all have individuals in our lives who took their time to shape us into what we are today. That job started with our parents, then teachers and lecturers who further shaped us. And when we started working other people had to train us further. We sometimes get drunk with our successes that we forget that in order for us to succeed someone helped us along. The more we realize this the more will work to invest in others.

And the more humility we will have as we will realize that we are where we are because of others who took time to help us. Acting like a coalition truly does produce results. Really very true. Only as people work as a coalition will they be able to surmount obstacles that one man or woman will fail to move. That is just the reality of life. This is another quality quote on investing in others.

Help other people too when going up so that when you come down you will still have friends. If you ignore them there will be noon to welcome you down here. You are not an island so help other women to break through the ceiling. There is a need for a coordinated battle to break through the glass ceiling. You cannot achieve much by focusing on just yourself. Already have an account? Sign in. Sign in with Google.

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“The glass ceiling will go away when women help other women break through that ceiling.” – Indra Nooyi. “The more women help one another, the more we help ourselves. “For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.” –.