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Alfa-Forex has been in the forex industry since The broker is a part of Alfa Group, a Russian consortium with businesses in banking, insurance, investment, a waterworks company and supermarket chains. The goal of this Alfa-Forex review is to inform you of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make a clear choice whether you wish to trade with them. Traders also can trade demo to get used to the platform and test how everything works, which is a useful asset for beginner traders. The offers with alfa forex broker deposit of the platforms are:. The minimum lot size is 0. The offered minimum lot size is 0.

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You can also play around with other skills like good position sizing, trading fakeouts, and even trading a particular indicator. The point of the exercise is for you to acquire new weapons in your trading arsenal. Having an edge in trading is always a good thing, but you need to develop fresh sources of edge to sustain your advantage.

Partner Center Find a Broker. Forex Market Crypto Market. If you can't keep your emotions in check when trading, you will lose money. Lots of it. The most significant action that you can do to improve trading profits is to work on yourself. Really knowing yourself and how you think can give you an edge that others in the market don't have. My goal is to share practical advice to improve your forex psychology without boring you to death.

Hopefully, you can develop the mental edge you need to become the best trader you can be. More from Dr. Although there is nothing wrong with indicators try to keep them to a minimum, start learning how to read price action, it will reward you greatly. Don't over trade. Cut your losses short and add to your winners. This has been said time and time again, but how many of you actually do this? Your wins should be at least twice the size of you losses, preferably three times the size.

Start trying to build on profitable positions instead of taking profit as soon as it appears. If you are a newbie looking to get into the forex market or even a trader who just cant seem to stay consistently profitable. Following these rules will get you on the right track, stay with the higher time frames and you will find your trading more profitable and less stress. Editorials » Business Resources » Foreign Exchange ». Are you Ready to Trade Forex? Most Popular. Performance and Motivation in 'mcdonalds'.

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This is done per trading instrument; thus if a client has positions open across multiple instruments the leverage will be calculated separately on each forex symbol. The sum of the positions is calculated in the following way. Consider a trader has lots Buy and Lots Sell. To calculate the required margin, one would take the side with the largest volume sum. In this example, the side with the largest exposure is the Buy, and as such, would be the value used in calculating the required margin.

Furthermore, a trader with 6 positions of 50 lots Buy or Sell , and a trader of a single position of lots Buy or Sell , would require the same margin; given their accounts have identical leverage settings. In this example, the accounts' leverage is equal to the symbols' leverage , so the margin required would be as below:.

The dynamic leverage is done per Trading Instrument, so if a client has positions open across multiple Instruments, the leverage will be calculated separately on each symbol. For example, if a trader has a position in Silver and then starts trading Gold, the margin requirement for Gold will not be affected by the existing Silver positions. In this example, the symbols' leverage is equal to the account's leverage , so the margin required would be as below:.

In this example, the symbols' leverage is , so the margin required would be as below:. In this example, the symbols' leverage is less to the account's leverage , so the margin required would be as below:. For more information, please click here. The values in the table below are in USD. DE at In this example, the symbols' leverage is less than the account's leverage , so the margin required would be as below:. Trade Responsibly. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. EN English. Create Live Account. Need Help? Visit our Help Section. Login Register. It copies forex trades, positions, orders from any accounts to any other account, Be…. Atlantian Gold Robot is an automated forex robot work using a combination of martingale and hedging. It uses…. It works using by placing pending…. Night Profit EA 2 is a fully automated scalper trading algorithm that trades with the trend.

This EA Work is…. This EA has around…. Press ESC to close. Forex EA The forex expert advisor is a program capable of performing in the terminal any action following the instructions of a trader, without his direct involvement. Page 1 of 11 Next. Free Daily Forex Signals. Join Now.

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In this course, you will discover and see the best Forex trading strategy, and how effective this strategy is in predicting 75% to 80% price movements. You will. Use Forex Charts Charts are an indispensable tool to improve trading returns. You can easily recoup the money spent on a charting package from a single. 3 Ways to Improve Your Forex Trading Skills · 1. Look at other time frames · 2. Try trading other pairs · 3. Be open to other strategies.