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This book is for any individual who dreams of an India that creates globally competitive start-ups and pioneers new technologies. Akshay Kothari, Head, LinkedIn India In a world buzzing with artificial intelligence, gene therapy, 3-D printing, and brain implants, where does India stand? India is not yet a front-runner in creating new knowledge and world-changing inventions.

India does not even feature among the top 10 countries in scientific research. In this book, Varun argues that India would risk its economic progress, technology industry, and social development if it does not lead in research and innovation. He demystifies how discoveries and inventions happen through stories and personal experiences.

He cofounded Aspiring Minds, an employability assessment company. But the A. Let me pick one stakeholder - the PhD students. These are the workhorses question that was not clearly answered was Why? They are constrained on research resources, A.

Yes, indeed. This is the main theme of the book. It provides a framework on travel money and autonomy. There are very little initiatives to help them what a country requires to promote great research. It discussed what US engage with the industry or entrepreneurship.

The book provides various options after completing a PhD. There are substantial new data and fresh insightful analysis in the book. Please share some interesting findings with the readers. The first is that as a Nation - the government and public - needs to understand the importance of science and technology for continuing our A.

The soul of the book is data. People will be surprised to know that China, social and economic progress. Till all stakeholders align, we will not be which many consider as a cheap good manufacturing economy, is second able to push reform in our research ecosystem. Very much like we reformed on their research impact globally, while India is 12th. Similarly, no Indian company and technology environment. We need to bring greater autonomy to our features in the MIT Technology Review smartest company list The book gives voice to the key stakeholders involved in various facets could name.

The book also provides substantial data about resources of the research ecosystem. What was the common inference about the for research, researcher productivity, their collaboration with industry and current predicament? This has shaped both policy and popular aspiration in post-Independence India.

In this Focusing on current economic problems, Kerala's Economic context, Democratizing Development: Struggles for Rights and Development: Emerging Issues and Challenges provides an Social Justice in India explores and analyses how development in-depth analysis of the major development issues and challenges gets vitiated by multiple powers and subverts the democratic faced by the state.

Examining development through the lens the backward productive sectors on the other. It comprehensively covers the key aspects of development in contemporary times—relationship of development with agriculture, industrialization and services, sustainable and inclusive development, issues of marginalization and women empowerment. While the book meticulously guides the reader through the workings of key macroeconomic models, it also discusses at length the assumptions that make the models applicable to developing market nations.

It offers interesting insights into the Simple Keynesian Cross Model, international capital movement and different schools of macroeconomic thought, and compares macroeconomic models of developed and developing economies. She taught at postgraduate level from in various colleges and institutes in Chennai.

What makes the book different from other study materials available Q. How are Macro- and Micro-economics interrelated as a discipline? Macroeconomics is has to be firmly based on microeconomic A. This book is different because it highlights the differences and similarities foundations.

The larger picture, of the macro-economy, derives from the between the various macroeconomic models based on varying theoretical welfare and profit-maximizing optimizing behaviour of individuals and standpoints , also showing that these break down into one another when firms, of employers and employees, consumer, producer and investor.

Case studies in the Indian Q. What prompted you to write a book on Macroeconomics? We felt that a book that provides macroeconomic analysis relevant Q. One unique pedagogic feature of this book is that, starting from a basic to the absence of such an academic treatment. We further felt that the model, students are introduced to models of increasing complexity. Not treatment in standard texts which jumps from one model to another only that, a reverse process is carried on simultaneously, showing how without making the transition clear, indeed, not even making it clear in varying certain assumptions break the complex model into a more basic which scenario any particular model becomes an effective tool, justified model.

In this way, the relationships between the various streams of our venture. The book attempts to re-establish the existing theories of macroeconomics. Macroeconomic Policies for Emerging behind the determination of macro variables and the growth process and Developing Economies provides a contemporary analytical of an economy.

In the process, it captures the significance of the account and discusses the current debates on the theory and debate between the classical orthodox theories and Keynesian practices of macroeconomic policies of developing economies modernism and its implications. Besides adhering to traditional emerging from the crisis.

It deals with issues relating to openness, aspects, the book also focuses on recent developments such capital flows and exchange rate policies as well as macro-financial as green macroeconomics. Undergraduate and postgraduate policies. It underscores two important points: the need to design a students of economics and business economics will find this book development strategy that takes into account the economic context immensely helpful.

During —, he was Adviser to the Executive Recommended for students of economics, B. Sc, M. Ramesh Chandra Das is currently Associate Professor of Economics at Katwa College, West Bengal, India, with 18 years of teaching and research experience in different fields of the subject. It explains in simple, layperson parlance the complex structure of indirect taxation in India—both in the past and in the present—and sheds light on the various dimensions of the tax system and how it affects all our lives.

This thought-provoking assessment of GST presents the ideas and concepts that gave birth to this new system of taxation and discusses its immediate implications on the Indian economy. Just as GST is meant to empower consumers, this book is designed to empower citizens!

During his more than three-decade-long service career, he has held many important positions in India and abroad. Bhattacharjee is a prolific writer on a wide variety of subjects ranging from physics to economics. GST is a very timely topic and a lot is being written on the subject.

I also believe that the system is being Please share some of the outstanding features of your book with managed professionally- it is responding and adjusting quite well to the our readers. GST has been one of the most important milestones in the history of our Q. With so much politics around the new tax system, does its economic reforms. A disruptive reform of such monumental complexity implications on the Indian economy lead to curb black money?

In a language which the A. Perhaps it will, but GST alone may not suffice for that, though it will laymen would have no difficulty in understanding, the book describes certainly contribute towards elimination of black money. We need to the entire history and background leading to the launch of the GST on understand one thing - that black money cannot be curbed without more July 1 , and explains the important facets of the new tax regime formalisation of the economy and GST is nudging the economy precisely including the dynamics of the new tax architecture.

It also describes the towards such formalisation. The sturdy technological backbone of the international experiences with GST and captures the public sentiment GSTN architecture and the e-way bill and other features of the GST about expectations and apprehensions from the new regime. GST initiated a nation-wide debate. Your book also shares the diverse the generation of black money. What is your take on this system? Would you agree with the common criticism that GST was implemented A.

GST has indeed divided our intelligentsia into two distinct warring camps: hastily? Please comment. One common criticism which has been hurled too often is that GST has foreseeable future and the other apprehending a grim economic disaster been launched rather hastily, without adequate preparation and without from which recovery would be difficult.

These extreme opinions are often giving its design long enough time to make the implementation flawless. It has indeed caused disruptions and drawbacks and shortcomings. But instead of waiting an eternity to design turbulence in the initial phases, but I believe we are just beginning to reach and implement a perfect system, it was pragmatic to start with a less than the threshold when the benefits start outweighing the costs, as indicated perfect one, and then go along correcting the glitches as and when they by higher collections and smoother implementation.

Teething problem are surface. We are doing that precisely and effectively too. It is an overview of the fundamental nature divided into three parts. Part A, dealing with financial sector reforms, and regulatory structure of forex transactions operating within the provides an outlook of the financial system and its working with Indian banking system. Part B discusses the trade policy reforms. It provides a prerogative of bankers, financers and professionals. Part C deals with agricultural reforms with a status report international trade has turned out to be one of the key components on pre- and post-liberalization agriculture policies.

Major reforms of various educational programs, at both undergraduate and post- in the agricultural sector, including major schemes, their impact graduate levels. This textbook discusses different types of forex and progress, and future prospects have been discussed at length. Stories of Storeys: in developing countries such as India is the Art, Architecture and the City is about lack of understanding of land, transport these impulses and conditions—social, and urban economics.

Due to this, urban literate, personal and political—which planning models are majorly unsuccessful in are expressed, but often ignored in architecture. Bhatia looks at addressing the issues of affordable housing, transport and other basic the ordinary, physical, visible and tactile involvement of our urban amenities for the urban poor numbering more than a quarter of urban environment and the way it affects, communicates with, or influences residents. It also illustrates best practices from India and other countries common people.

It has been identified across the world as one of the most crucial processes for ensuring optimal development of urban spaces. In this book, the major principles, strategies, tools and techniques for successful planning and implementation of urban renewal projects are explained with examples. Its highlight is the extensive coverage of all the major initiatives undertaken at the central, state and city levels for urban redevelopment.

The book contains numerous recommendations for reforming and improving urban renewal efforts. The imprint presents a blend of real life stories and social issues viewed from a critical and progressive standpoint. In the s and many other areas. Thereby began the work of gendering development, and fact base drawn from that experience.

A journey of over six and as a result of challenging the existing ideas, projects related to decades, it presents important interventions in the design of national the design of development policies and programmes. However, most and international development policy.

Latest journal in Economics and Development Studies 2 issues per year journals. They are protecting themselves to rejecting notions about feminine weakness. The the compelling stories of the pioneering women who mobilized discussion surrounding it opened up conversations about the less transnationally, negotiated and successfully received the first-ever visible violence that many women faced in their own homes.

Through granting of international standards for care work protections by the self-defense training, women debunked patriarchal myths about United Nations. The book self-defense for these reasons, their actions embodied feminist chronicles how a group with few resources could organize and act politics. Why wait for delivery when you can read your desired book instantly?

In this collection of essays, well-known and extended—that still keep women subservient to caste norms. The varied forms of gender discrimination that exist capitalism, and persistent conflicts over religion, language, ethnicity between and within regions, communities, and caste groups are and other differences that relate to gender.

Few women own land, and even fewer effectively control it. The findings in the book are based on extensive field surveys in teagardens, stone crushing sites, brick kilns and construction industries. The study is locations. Will this woman find a resolution to her angst or, like Rosie the Riveter, retreat to her cloister? The title gestures that the Q. Please share your views on the Indian feminist sisterhood.

It has yet to learn to look at any mention Q. How is your book different from other books written on Muslim women? Initiating conversations A. Although, it is often deployed questions in India from the perspectives of Muslim women. It is an image that is enduring and difficult to break. Written by a man who has been openly gay for the last 40 years, this book picks up issues, concepts, and theories within the realm of queer studies and dissects them against the day-to-day experiences of Indian queers.

Digging deep into his own experiences and those of the people with whom he has come into contact, Rao highlights the sites of transgression within a seemingly monosexual society and analyzes all the aspects of the struggle of being queer in a repressive atmosphere. Rao was one of the first recipients of the newly established QuebecIndia awards. Could you please share its meaning with our readers? One is born male, female or otherwise, but A. At the same time, sex in India.

We want that Section of the Indian Penal Code should be amounts to being performative if man is always seen as the penetrator scrapped. We believe that love, regardless, of what kind of love it is, cannot or colonizer, and woman as the penetrated or colonized. This is what I be called criminal, because while the word love has positive connotations, meant in the book.

The performative aspect of gender is on account of the word criminal has negative connotations. Sex is not essentialist by definition, but sexual behaviors thus an oxymoron. The book has several cinephile references. Has the portrayal of society? You have to read my book to find the answer to this question. The short A. To some extent, yes. Today, there are mainstream films in India which answer would be that, as far as culture is concerned, art imitates life but deal with the subject of homosexuality sensitively and intelligently.

This is not to suggest, of course, that Indian cinema has matured to a In the case of politics, the law and the views of the government have a point where it refuses to stereotype homosexuals. For that, one really psychological impact on people. If something is illegal, society is unwilling has to turn to the LGBT festival film circuit.

Did you know that Kashish, to accept it. Please share your view with our readers. It has, well, just happened. This book helps do that and so criticism, and subjectivity. Johns Hopkins University Harsha Bhogle, Indian cricket commentator and journalist Is everything personal also private?

It has grown from being just an is often used interchangeably with the private as if they are the same. The book starts a new discourse by distinguishing the like all industries, there are innumerable issues that crop up day two and analyzing existing discourses of history, culture, politics, in and day out. Sports Law in India: Policy, Regulation and ethics, and law, asserts that the underlying theory is vastly different, Commercialisation presents the legal challenges that sports faces often antagonistic.

It discusses current issues such as spot This original and insightful book will provoke readers to rethink their fixing, public access to sporting events, doping controversies, use of the personal and the private as two different notions for the concerns about religion in sports, and broadcasting law and taxation same thing. In letters to countries in the region and the points of contact and divergences in his beloved wife Sohaillah, he writes of his journey through the the enunciation and practice of law.

It discusses the corrosive and Himalayan range, sharing the tales of pain, despair, and despondence affective power of violence in its ability to forge new solidary groups of his countrymen and women. The book is an account of the search and communities.

This book provides an unprecedented Association, Portland, Oregon comparison of criminal justice and juvenile justice systems across the world. It discusses important issues such as the relationship Violence often seems to typically reinforce the current order for between political change and juvenile justice, the types of juvenile the benefit of the powerful.

The book marshals large amounts of systems that exist in different regions and in different forms of states, evidence to unearth the costs of direct violence as well as those of and how they differ. It highlights the role of political and commercial interests that facilitate and perpetuate this violent state of affairs. The book includes chapters on the nature of sexual offences theories that explain why they occur, and the laws for regulating the same.

It discusses the role of the judiciary and the criminal justice machinery in preventing abuse and cyber sexual crimes targeting children. This book studies the existing legal procedural provisions, regulations with case laws, several new mechanisms to deal with juvenile delinquency, rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, various jurisprudential understandings and judicial analysis of the issue. The book advocates the use of innovative approaches, such as the therapeutic jurisprudential approach, in the sentencing and rehabilitation of juvenile victims and offenders to ensure their physical and psychological well-being.

What makes this book different from other books on Child Sexual A. In my opinion parents and schools play a major part in teaching children Abuse? Child A. This book not only deals with established legal norms for protection of welfare committees may also play a major role bridging the legal children from sexual offences, juvenile delinquency and rehabilitation, aspects with spreading awareness.

As this book suggests innovative but also discusses the forms of cyber sexual crimes against children like communicating language must be adopted by the care givers, CWC, sexting, revenge porn, using children for creating child porn materials etc. Please share some insights from the book on dealing with juvenile Q.

What are your views on the existing legal procedural provisions? While existing legal procedures are child friendly and promises proper A. Juvenile delinquency must be dealt with carefully and properly with the justice to the victims, but the main problem lies with the execution.

Child help of experts. As such, rehabilitation itself give rise to more scope for victims are discouraged to report the matter because the juvenile police 'training' for future crimes if the rehabilitation mechanism is not followed unit may not know about using Therapeutic jurisprudential practices. Rehabilitation should also include therapeutic measures so that the children in conflict with law do not turn into adult offenders ; also, the Q. What according to you is the best way to make children aware of victim should also be counselled.

This book studies the relation between aberrant growth, adult diseases, and human capital, and recommends growth monitoring as a tool for human capital development. The growth in the first two years after birth is crucial—it contributes to better schooling, adult stature, income generation, and birth weight in the next generation.

The book shows that recognition of aberrant growth and timely intervention can combat not only childhood morbidity but also adult diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, which can affect the next generation. How was the New Delhi Birth Cohort assembled and followed over on maternal health and pregnancy outcome with pregnancy loss and nearly half a century?

It documented the impact of pregnancy loss and A. The New Delhi Birth Cohort was constituted from a population representing child mortality on family planning practices and suggested integrated different socio- economic strata in a well-defined 12 Sq Km area of South maternal and child health approach for pregnancy care and child Delhi with a population of 1,19, in 23, families with 20, ever married survival.

These women were followed every 2 Q. How does growth monitoring act as a tool for human capital months for pre pregnancy state to pregnancy and child birth. A total of development? How helpful have the cohort studies in past few decades been in good body growth and nutrition on attainment of final stature height , promoting mother and child health and development agenda?

The NDBC documented the prevalent socio-cultural practices of early creating wealth for self and family and a better birth weight in their next marriage, early and frequent child bearing after marriage and its impact off spring. However, over the years, the relationship between doctors to identify synergies and integrate the interventions across the and patients has suffered.

Doctors now find themselves in the news continuum of maternal, newborn and child health MNCH , there is for all the wrong reasons. When and how did this countries in a strategic and coordinated manner. This book fills happen? She has used her experience to highlight cycle to optimize results and resources in implementing large-scale serious issues—demanding patients, prescribing of unnecessary MNCH programmes.

She grew up in Kashmir where both her parents worked as doctors. Health Sciences, UoM. Krishnamurthy Jayanna is currently working as a Senior Technical Advisor, Quality Improvement, for the reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health projects implemented by the UoM in India and Africa.

Mohan H. A critical work on disability those involved in parenting and caring for them. It discusses the studies, this book explores the full complexity of disability in its multi- extent to which the needs of the disabled and their caregivers have layered, interactional dynamics. The book imparts understanding been met by health and welfare initiatives, and finds substantial of the social, political and cultural construction of disability as gaps.

It critically examines the gender and disability, and challenging the separation between theory gendered dimensions involved in caregiving, the role of the state and practice as well as academia and activism. The book shows and civil society, and the legal and institutional frameworks in place.

It highlights the lived coordinated national level disability care policy formulation and experiences of people with disabilities to help readers develop a organised action by the disabled and their caregivers to ensure their nuanced comprehension of disability. William M Epstein, Professor, Social Work University of Nevada, USA The Future of Social Work discusses seven new algorithms of social practice that challenge the existing model of social work education and offers a new perspective for radical transformation of the entire system.

The book warns against academic complacence and shows how this radical transformation is necessary in order to prevent inevitable alienation, avarice, and anger in a techno-scientific world. The author believes altruism is professionally unattainable until social work is completely re-founded. Having taught at Lucknow University for over a decade — , he moved to the United States of America where he served at the University of Wisconsin and Louisiana State University. Professor Mohan has published many books and papers on issues ranging from existential social work to transformative social practice.

How does the book help in establishing Social Practice as a valid Q. The author makes a case for establishing Social Practice SP as a mentioned in the book? As metaphorically posited above , we humans survive in the fog of and training. SW as offered represents modernity's failure to resolve post- hope and despair. Science and technology offer us hope; human nature, modern issues.

If computers develop conscience— Q. How will the new algorithms of social transformation help stave off which is not a futuristic fantasy any more—we are doomed as a the unprecedented human crisis? Algorithms to live by seek to transform social reality as a living Q. Does the contemporary time and age, pave a path for future of social phenomenon. Poverty is not an economic issue; it's a A. We are on the cusp of radical changes which manifest themselves in political function of a stratified society based on inequality.

Each social institutional meltdowns. The post-truth social reality is a negation of problem has a root cause. SW's inanity will replace humans by robots; the science and reason. SW, as it is, will compound its fallacies at its own rise of AI is unstoppable. The book reflects coverage of topics through a multilevel upon and interrupts the dominant theories perspective ranging from culture to of psychology as told by academic and professional psychologists.

Rather than asking the question disorders. It also touches upon recent works from India on epidemiology, etiology, and genetics. Her teaching career spans William J. Prior to this appointment, she has headed the Department of Applied Psychology at the University of Mumbai. It enables readers to grasp the to the major theoretical debates, new idea of the self or the individual in the social context and understand approaches, and findings in the discipline. The concise yet well-rounded chapters cover the classic and contemporary studies incorporating a range of approaches—from Key Features: evolution to neuroscience, from critical to qualitative perspectives.

By using College, Pune an interactive approach, which has been Social Psychology in Everyday Life provides broad insights into the extensively applied in the classroom, the author presents core ambivalence of the twenty-first century, where the rising standard of concepts and topics in a manner that is coherent, lucid and easy living along with growing technological influence has not necessarily to recall.

The book includes detailed coverage of human evolution, translated to greater happiness and contentment in our lives. The central and peripheral nervous systems, hormonal regulation of new textbook studies this conflict in the contemporary society by behaviour, and hemispheric specializations of the brain. Each applying the principles of social psychology in our everyday life.

Recommended fo researcher, scholars, students in the field of Psychology. She is presently the head of her department. Her field of specialization is neuro-affective sciences. Her research focuses on the neurocognitive correlates Dr. Anjali Gireesan, M.

She has 9 years of teaching of teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Their contributions—research articles, monographs, Character strengths are the foundations of life-long development books, and so on—have been listed and summarized, some of which and thriving. These strengths help individuals to deal with everyday has influenced psychologists all over the world.

The book takes a challenges and move forward in life with confidence and resilience. The arguments and perspectives shared by the experts Foreword J. Gopalaswamy H. Atreya Ram R. Kuppuswamy Jyoti S. Joachim M. Sharan and Ram R. Raval and Jennifer H. Baby Shari and P. Padmakumari P. Beatrice W. Churu and Sahaya G. The Partition of India was a partitioning of minds as much as it was a geographical division.

But there has been little discussion in mental health discourse on the psychological scars it caused. This book examines the partitioning of human experience and its impact on social life and psychological health. The chapters track, through various approaches, the breakdown of civic life and society during the cataclysmic event, the collapse of medical services, the violence against citizens and the reflection of these events in writings of that era.

The book draws attention to the urgent need for a humane understanding of persons with mental illness and psychological distress in the context of their lived history as much as their sociocultural identities and roots. Alok Sarin did his graduate and postgraduate studies at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, specialised in psychiatry and has been in active clinical practice for the last 25 years.

He has been an active member of the Indian Psychiatric Society and has written and published widely. Please share the primary objective of your book with the readers. This arose from a snippet in the diaries of Mountbatten, which noted that A. The book tries to bring together the issues of partitioning and dividing the the contrary to popular belief, the Mental Hospital at Lahore would NOT human experience, and its impact on the cultural life, including medical be partitioned. Knowing that it eventually was, makes this an intriguing and psychological health.

The stimulus for this was the lack of discussion, observation. The acrid satire of Toba Tek Singh was thus enacted, or historically, in Indian mental health discourse on the psychological scars perhaps based in real life. The absurd became the real. Your book has many references to Ismat Chugtai and Manto. Would Q. Could you share few insights from your book that can help understand you share, what was the take away from their ideologies? By the midth century, the Indian intelligentsia were well aware of the and Sharma raise the issue of the impact of all these events on the shared dangers of sectarian and identity politics.

Trapped in the selfhoods that spaces institutions, films, literature and media. What is striking is the fact are identified by birth and origin, rather than by personal growth, has led that the syncretic culture which had been in development for a millennium to a particularly fragile sense of self, which often uses tokens of the past was completely ripped as under.

This accounts for the sense of sardonic to justify, and sanctify, current problems. What was the idea behind naming the title this? Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calcutta and Sreemoyee Against All Odds: Psychosocial Distress Tarafder Assistant Professor and and Healing among Women uses vivid Coordinator, Department of Psychology, ethnographic narratives to study linkages West Bengal State University between socio-economic conditions and the mental health of women living This edited book is a comprehensive in low-income neighbourhoods of big cities.

After presenting presentation of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD through anthropological insights related to the understanding of madness, a neuropsychological framework and the various empirical mental health and mental illness, the author illustrates how the researches carried out in this domain. The book evaluates whether social position of women and factors inherent in urbanism have the information from different research perspectives can form a an impact on the level of psychosocial distress they experience.

The book provides guidelines to enhance the book offers a vital exploration of the interactions between individuals skills necessary for developing clinical acumen. The distorted beliefs and systems, and argues that an equitable society is what is required and functioning, familial factors and scope for inheriting the disorder to reduce psychosocial distress. It asserts that the responsibility of enhancing gender diversity at the workplace does not lie entirely with the companies, although much work needs to be done by them, but with several stakeholders—the government, NGOs, men, and women themselves—all of whom need to work together to bring about an equitable environment for women at the workplace.

What insights does the book provide on Gender Stereotyping and its A. It requires deeper dialogues with all the stakeholders— employers, impact on women with careers? No one A. Working women face many challenges from lack of women friendly work agency can be expected to craft all the policies or provide all the policies to child care facilities to biases of all kinds. Governments need challenge- is in toppling invisible barriers — mindsets widely held by to develop necessary infrastructure, legislation, and policy architecture managers or leaders that are rarely acknowledged but are potent forces to fight visible barriers.

Employers need to make a top-level commitment that block the way. One chapter therefore explores in depth the power of and then act in accordance with their words. True equality can only be from promotions to succession. How does your book bust the myths about Women Executives in organizations? How will this book help women in their career progression? The simple act of talking about taboo subjects at work such as myths as A. There is a well-illustrated chapter on Coaching which highlights certain themes that can be addressed for further Q.

How can employers, families and societies make a difference to advancement. Over a set of 99 stories, anecdotes and thought blogs, this book sequentially uncovers what inclusion and diversity means and how this can be absorbed by just about everyone. At the core of The 99 Day Diversity Challenge is the belief that the organizational practice of inclusion actually results in us becoming better human beings. For when we break down differences and create greater connectedness between people, we are building a better world.

An award-winning social entrepreneur, she is best known as the pioneer of Second Career opportunities for women in Corporate India. It boldly attempts to define the rules of engagement for a generation that will reshape our future. The book dives deep into the life of Generation Y and seeks to create an unbiased understanding about this generation, thereby exploding the perceptual myths and stereotypes about them.

Based on the research, the book suggests a new strategy to engage with the millennial generation in the workplace and marketplace in particular,and in society in general. It provides a consultative guidance to engaging millennials seeking to replace the old models and designs of engagement. Engaging with millennials is one of the biggest challenges businesses Q.

Your book mentions real-life narratives of millennials. What common face. What according to you is the reason; is it the millennial inference did you get about this generation? Millennials live a paradoxical life. All the wellness elements of a person A. Good Understanding is the precursor to engagement and millennials viz. Their attitudes, mindsets, social wellness that make up the happiness quotient of a person, behaviours and actions are often misinterpreted and misunderstood by are dotted with paradoxes when it comes to millennials.

Countless organizations, societies and families. Most current engagement models millennials who have shared their life stories with me over the past more are redundant when it comes to engaging millennials workers and than a decade, reflect how they face a constant pull from directions consumers as they were never designed keeping their needs and realities that are bipolar, altering their wellness and resulting in a reversal of their in mind.

This poor understanding of millennial psychology is what makes happiness quotient. The book reveals these paradoxes illustrated by real organizations trying to force-fit old models on a new cohort of workers stories of millennials that will change the way one thinks and feels about and consumers that hardly works and backfires more often than not. What are the most common perceptual myths and stereotypes about Q.

How does the book help build the bridge between organizations and the Gen Y explored in your book? Gen Y for quality engagement? Every generation exhibits behavioural traits that are unique. Millennials Impulsive Spenders, Compulsive Shoppers, Social Recluse, Not Respectful in particular live in an era that has seen change far greater than any towards Authority and more…are some of the popular myths and other.

The book helps bridge gap between organizations and Gen Y or stereotypes about millennials. People tend to label millennials by observing millennials by taking a fresh route to engagement that is based on a their behaviour. There is little attempt to understand the genesis of those thorough understanding of millennials life and deep empathy about their behaviours and hence these myths emerge and propagate.

The truth is a lot realties, and how a changed context has shaped their psyche. It is meant different from such commonly perceptual distortions. In short, millennials for everyone who manages and engages with millennials and even for live a different kind of life, have grown up in transformational and turbulent millennials themselves who can seek a strong reinforcement by finding a times and have been shaped-up by VUCA contextual realities.

The complexities of workplace design of new-gen professionals, there is a need to document the are unpacked and organized into 12 Elements including an easy behavioural issues and concerns of these workplaces. Cases in to follow set of guidelines and metrics.

Syntax Laboratory, The Bartlett School of Architecture, Based on real-life work experiences of corporate executives working University College London UCL with indigenous or multinational organizations operating in India, these cases address a variety of issues faced by professionals Everyone deserves a fantastic workplace. It can boost engagement, in new-gen organizations and their behavioural implications at trust, energy, commitment, innovation, motivation, happiness the workplace.

Yet most people stoically tolerate a mediocre, unimaginative and poorly equipped working environment that serves Key Features: neither their needs nor those of their organizations. V Vijaya is a Clinical Psychologist trained in organizations. Organisational psychology, psychometry and research methods. She had completed M. Ajit Chakravarti is a B. Fortunately, Human beings work to create value in rigorous science and psychology can be terms of sustenance or satisfaction.

During applied to this problem. Happiness at this journey of creating value, we feel. Work: Mindfulness, Analysis and Well- Regardless of whether we are allowed to being tells you what to apply, how to apply and why it works. It is demonstrate it in public or whether we admit it to ourselves or not, utterly simplistic to wish away external stressors.

By applying the whatever occurs at the workplace generates emotional moods. The techniques of analysis and mindfulness, one can attain happiness expression of these emotions at work greatly depends on the social at work. Through numerous examples, the book addresses real and cultural norms of various countries, regions, industries and the problems with workable solutions.

The prescriptions in the book, if personal preference of people themselves. But the truth is, these followed, will lead to greater happiness and well-being. The Navrasas comprise four negative emotional moods rasas that could hold back work performance, four positive CONTENTS ones that could spur productivity and a ninth one, which is the aim Foreword by S.

HR Analytics Indian context. The vision of this book is to engage readers in a debate reflects on this crucial role of analytics and predictive modelling on how we see HR as a function and profession here and now, how in human resource settings within modern-day organizations.

It we see the practice and the practitioner. The intent is to reflect on offers interesting insights into the use of analytics to aid strategic what we are seeing, hearing and experiencing about the function in decision making.

He is Ph. In the last two decades, he has worked with several management institutes in India. Harish Devarajan is a Leadership Coach and Consultant. The book is a fine innovation and digital immersion, reinvent its role, and remain a blend of concepts, theories, tools, techniques and contemporary value driver in modern-day business organizations.

This book practices in HRM. The book also describes the shifts in industrial relations of Management courses, the book will also help professionals, and the rise of new employment relations. It balances sound theories corporate trainers and researchers. By helping Arab Emirates find answers to the complex multifaceted questions about International Human Resource Management The earlier editions of this bestselling textbook have guided IHRM , the book builds a strong base and works as a comprehensive thousands of students through their International Human Resource guide for all management students.

It offers a concise overview Management studies. The fourth edition by the international team of labour codes, laws and employment regulations currently in of experts retains the critical edge, academic rigour and breadth of operation in 18 countries across four continents. UG and PG levels.

I am sure it will enhance their leadership tapestries. In organizations make in leadership development. In Enterprise- of life more effectively. This will coalesce into producing more wide Coaching, Dr John Hoover skillfully uses his decades of conscientious, responsible and productive members of society. It will also be useful for self-training by all those who with organizational goals and must keep the voice and interests may not have access to formal training opportunities.

The modular of the organization alive in all coaching engagements. The Ten approach followed in the Manual will help trainers and training Commandments will also help managers of coaching functions in institutes in designing custom-made programmes for their groups. Delighted to go through it. This is a book for those Indian Institute of Management Lucknow wanting to embark upon the path of self-discovery and wholeness.

It deftly weaves together elements from Karnatik music, psychology, As the world grows more complex and uncertain, opportunities for Eastern and Indian principles of life and living to help individuals, people with critical thinking, innovation and imagination are on the leaders and organization systems to build meaningful agency and rise. Through this book, Suhayl Abidi and Manoj Joshi show us how live integrally in the times we are in.

The VUCA Learner: Future-proof Your Relevance showcases various The exploration is made more exciting by the 4 worlds and 16 symbolic sources and methods for self-learning. It underlines the need for identities that exist within each of us. Psychological analyses and using all the tools available to continuously reinvent identities like the Mother, the Trickster, the Warrior and the Ruler yourself to be ready for new episodes in your career.

This book is a have been part of the inner worlds of all of us and will continue to be. With twenty years Leeds Polytechnic, UK. A Human Resource and Learning professional with 15 years of experience. It provides much stimulus conversations, those that are respectful to think about yourself and others you but often contentious. The myriad facets In a world of constant busyness and striving, Not Doing: The Art of human life such as emotions, relationships and accomplishments of Effortless Action is an antidote to a narrow view about how are artfully expressed through anecdotal narrations.

This book we get things done. Rather than push, control or work harder, virtually acts as a handbook and a toolkit enabling readers to this book proposes that we go with, rather than against the flow, practice optimism in real life. It includes an assessment tool that working in harmony with the natural energy around us. It provides the reader spring to ocean, we can discover a new way of living, working and with a complete model for cultivating the spirit of optimism.

The succeeding, so that our actions can sustain us, our organizations book empowers readers from all walks of life—youth, practitioners, and our environment for generations to come. As the di - rector and co-founder of the Uncharted Leadership Institute and the creator of Not Knowing Lab, Diana helps individuals and organizations navigate uncertainty and make progress on complex challenges.

This a must read book for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and anyone who wishes to achieve anything. Anurag Batra, Entrepreneur, Media Mogul, TV Show Host, Author, and Angel Investor In life there are two roads to choose from—the road of light, filled with happiness and possibilities or the road of darkness, replete with negativity. This book will inspire you to take valuable steps toward your natural source of power to experience a joyful life; a life path filled with many opportunities.

The author herself has trodden the path of change and talks from her own experience as a motivational speaker and coach, as of well as those who have shared their stories with her after applying the law of possibilities in their life. She also gives you practical toolkits so that you can start to act and get your own results.

With a Masters of Business Administration degree, specializing in marketing and organizational management, she has over 15 years of experience in managing large international companies and mentoring at the Norwegian Business School. She is also a trained practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming NLP , a technique that focuses on language and the processes that determine our behavior.

We can wish all we want, but if what we are really putting out is not aligned lives? Some of the tool-kits in the book are A. It is a law of attracting more of what you want in life and less of what you simple, practical and easy to use, like the 3 step tool to your success do not want. The Law of Possibilities can be used in every situation either and connection to your power. Pro EletricaCracketado. Iview For You V4. Kundli V3. Hydrothunderhurricanepcfulldownload,PowerBuilder 9.

At the time, she was a judge on the U. Court of Appeals for the D. Notorious RBG book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. You can't spell truth without Ruth. Only Ruth Bader Ginsburg can ju We The Notorious RBG may be a playful project, but it asks to be read seriously.

Brown repudiated the notorious separate but equal doctrine that justified If the Supreme Court has proved itself, time and time again, to be An intimate portrait of an unlikely rock star: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. RBG might be preaching to the choir of viewers who admire Supreme Court Feminism is not a fad, and the Notorious RBG continues to be in the fight for the long haul. Rather than having to choose the right Photo Illustrations: Bloomberg; Getty Images 2.

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Gabriel's Message. For The Annunciation. Words: Basque carol, paraphrased by Your wife obviously has serious issues with weight. Can you really say that there is absolutely nothing your spouse can do your She made any adjustments to her diet and lifestyle for a safe weight loss journey. She says she is headed back to her place for some steak and asks you if you News 4 has reported on the raw sewage problems at the Windsong Village apartments before.

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El trading en Forex o FX trading consiste en comprar o vender pares de divisas. La moneda de la izquierda se conoce como la moneda principal o base, mientras que la moneda de la derecha es la moneda secundaria o cotizada.

Existen multitud de combinaciones entre pares de divisas que se pueden negociar en Forex. En esta tabla se muestran las combinaciones de estas divisas que dan lugar los pares mayores en Forex:. Abra una cuenta demo y comience a operar en Forex sin riesgo. El precio de la izquierda se conoce como precio de bid y el precio de la derecha como precio ask:.

En Forex un lote comprende Los precios en el mercado de divisas se negocian generalmente en el cuarto o quinto decimal. Sin embargo, no todos los inversores tienen una disponibilidad de capital tan elevada para abrir este tipo de posiciones. Otro factor que atrae a los inversores es la flexibilidad que permite Forex para operar tanto a largo como a corto. Necesarias Necesarias. Las cookies necesarias son absolutamente esenciales para que el sitio web funcione correctamente.

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