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Alfa-Forex has been in the forex industry since The broker is a part of Alfa Group, a Russian consortium with businesses in banking, insurance, investment, a waterworks company and supermarket chains. The goal of this Alfa-Forex review is to inform you of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make a clear choice whether you wish to trade with them. Traders also can trade demo to get used to the platform and test how everything works, which is a useful asset for beginner traders. The offers with alfa forex broker deposit of the platforms are:. The minimum lot size is 0. The offered minimum lot size is 0.

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Forex trading style

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While many Forex traders prefer intraday Forex trading systems due to the market volatility providing more opportunities in narrower time frames, a Forex weekly trading strategy can provide more flexibility and stability. A weekly candlestick provides extensive market information. Weekly Forex trading strategies are based on lower position sizes and avoiding excessive risks. For this strategy, traders can use the most commonly used price action trading patterns such as engulfing candles, haramis and hammers.

One of the most commonly used patterns in Forex trading is the hammer which looks like the image below:. Accessed: 27 April at pm BST - Please note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results or future performance.

To what extent fundamentals are used varies from trader to trader. At the same time, the best Forex strategy will invariably use price action. This is also known as technical analysis. When it comes to technical currency trading strategies, there are two main styles: trend following and countertrend trading. Both of these FX trading strategies try to profit by recognising and exploiting price patterns.

When it comes to price patterns, the most important concepts include support and resistance. Put simply, these terms represent the tendency of a market to bounce back from previous lows and highs. This occurs because market participants tend to judge subsequent prices against recent highs and lows. Therefore, recent highs and lows are the yardsticks by which current prices are evaluated.

There is also a self-fulfilling aspect to support and resistance levels. This happens because market participants anticipate certain price action at these points and act accordingly. As a result, their actions can contribute to the market behaving as they had expected. Did you know that you can see live technical and fundamental analysis in the Admirals Trading Spotlight webinar? In these FREE live sessions, taken three times a week, professional traders will show you a wide variety of technical and fundamental analysis trading techniques you can use to identify common chart patterns and trading opportunities in a variety of different markets.

Sometimes a market breaks out of a range, moving below the support or above the resistance to start a trend. How does this happen? When support breaks down and a market moves to new lows, buyers begin to hold off.

This is because buyers are constantly noticing cheaper prices being established and want to wait for a bottom to be reached. At the same time, there will be traders who are selling in panic or simply being forced out of their positions or building short positions because they believe it can go lower. The trend continues until the selling is depleted and belief starts to return to buyers when it is established that the prices will not decline further.

Trend-following strategies encourage traders to buy the market once it has broken through resistance and sell a market once they have fallen through support. In addition, trends can be dramatic and prolonged, too. Because of the magnitude of moves involved, this type of system has the potential to be the most successful Forex trading strategy.

Trend-following systems use indicators to inform traders when a new trend may have begun, but there's no sure-fire way to know of course. Here's the good news: If the indicator can establish a time when there's an improved chance that a trend has begun, you are tilting the odds in your favour to use the best Forex trading system.

The indication that a trend might be forming is called a breakout. A breakout is when the price moves beyond the highest high or the lowest low for a specified number of days. For example A day breakout to the upside is when the price goes above the highest high of the last 20 days.

Trend-following systems require a particular mindset, because of the long duration - during which time profits can disappear as the market swings. These trades can be more psychologically demanding. When markets are volatile, trends will tend to be more disguised and price swings will be greater. Therefore, a trend-following system is the best trading strategy for Forex markets that are quiet and trending.

A good example of a simple trend-following strategy is a Donchian Trend system. Donchian channels were invented by futures trader Richard Donchian , and is an indicator of trends being established. The Donchian channel parameters can be tweaked as you see fit, but for this example, we will look at a day breakout.

It's called Admiral Donchian. To upgrade your MetaTrader platform to the Supreme Edition simply click on the banner below:. There is an additional rule for trading when the market state is more favourable to the Forex trading system. This rule is designed to filter out breakouts that go against the long-term trend. In short, you look at the day moving average MA and the day moving average. The direction of the shorter moving average determines the direction that is permitted.

This rule states that you can only go:. Trades are exited in a similar way to entry, but only using a day breakout. This means that if you open a long position and the market goes below the low of the prior 10 days, you might want to sell to exit the trade and vice versa. Now let's look at another system that could be the best trading strategy for you. One potentially beneficial and profitable Forex trading strategy is the 4-hour trend following strategy which can also be used as a swing trading strategy.

This strategy uses a 4-hour base chart to screen for potential trading signal locations. The 1-hour chart is used as the signal chart, to determine where the actual positions will be taken. Always remember that the time frame for the signal chart should be at least an hour lower than the base chart.

For this Forex strategy, two sets of moving average lines are chosen for the best results. One will be the period MA, while the other is the period MA. To ascertain whether a trend is worth trading, the MA lines will need to relate to the price action. The MA lines will be a support zone during uptrends, and there will be resistance zones during downtrends. It is inside and around this zone that the best positions for the trend trading strategy can be found.

Below is a daily chart of GBPUSD showing the exponential moving average purple line and the exponential moving average red line on the chart:. Counter-trend strategies rely on the fact that most breakouts do not develop into long-term trends. Therefore, a trader using such a strategy seeks to gain an edge from the tendency of prices to bounce off previously established highs and lows.

On paper, counter-trend strategies can be one of the best Forex trading strategies for building confidence, because they have a high success ratio. However, it's important to note that tight reins are needed on the risk management side. These Forex trading strategies rely on support and resistance levels holding. But there is also a risk of large downsides when these levels break down.

Constant monitoring of the market is a good idea. The market state that best suits this type of strategy is stable and volatile. This sort of market environment offers healthy price swings that are constrained within a range. It's important to note that the market can switch states.

For example, a stable and quiet market might begin to trend, while remaining stable, then become volatile as the trend develops. How the state of a market might change is uncertain. You should be looking for evidence of what the current state is, to inform you whether it suits your trading style or not and should be one of the Forex strategies you should be using.

Source: Admirals Demo Account Example. Many types of technical indicators have been developed over the years. The great leaps made forward with online trading technologies have made it much more accessible for individuals to construct their own indicators and systems, as we've gone through in these trading strategy guides.

You can read more about technical indicators by checking out our education section or through the trading platforms we offer. The best Forex trading strategies for beginners are the simple, well-established strategies that have worked for a huge list of successful Forex traders already. Of course, many newcomers to Forex trading will ask the question: Can you get rich by trading Forex?

It's important to understand that trading is about winning and losing and that there is always risk involved. In some cases, you could lose more than your initial investment on a trade. There are no easy Forex trading strategies which are going to make you rich overnight, so do not believe any false headlines promising you this.

Trading Forex is not a 'get rich quick' scheme. However, through trial and error and the use of a demo trading account, you can learn about the Forex market and yourself to find a suitable style. It can also help you understand the risks of trading before making the transition to a live account. Traders that choose Admirals will be pleased to know that you can trade in a virtual environment by opening a demo trading account.

Instead of heading straight to the live markets and putting your capital at risk, you can practice your Forex trading strategies on a FREE demo account. This is a great way to help you find the best trading strategy for yourself and the trading strategies that will help you become successful. You can open a FREE demo trading account in just a few minutes and access a range of additional trading indicators and software complimentary.

Even when it seems challenging, stay loyal to the trading style you have chosen, and the rewards will be worth it moving forward. Traders will open and close a position on the same day. It removes the risk of large overnight movements in the market. At the end of the day, you will either have a profit or a loss. They focus on technical analysis and use tools like the Relative Strength Index to help with identifying trends and building the best day trading strategy. A short-term form of trading forex but is also known to be an intense way to trade.

Scalp traders deploy an intraday trading strategy and will only hold positions open for seconds or minutes at most, then close them again. A forex scalping strategy is good if you want to make many quick trades and again focus on the small gains that day trading strategies like to take advantage of. The number of transactions that you execute in a day will increase the overall profits.

But this method is known to be the most stressful. Position trading focuses on long-term price movements where the maximum potential of money is made from the fluctuations in currency prices. These long-term positions could last from weeks to months or even possibly years and have a focus on the broader market picture. Position trading relies on position traders not worrying too much about minor changes in the price. Instead, analyse the weekly and monthly price charts of the market and use technical analysis tools to help determine any future upward or downward trend that may arise and build a trend trading strategy around them.

Range traders rely on a lot of technical analysis and their trading opportunities arise in the form of identifying overbought and oversold currency pairs — you may have come across this as support and resistance levels — the main trading strategy here is to identify overbought currencies that do not have a steady and predictable range during their overbought periods, and to sell them during their oversold periods when the market moves. Many different aspects come into play with regards to range trading, stable and predictable economies, trending markets and of course the support and resistance levels of a currency pair.

Swing traders usually hold positions for several days up to a few weeks. It is the more popular and successful forex trading strategy because it can suit those who are just beginners or those who may have other commitments during the day. Different types of forex traders use the Fibonacci trading strategy to help maximise profits.

This trading style focuses on numerical trading to help limit the emotional bias and stress from trading. The vast majority of exchanges that take place in the forex market are with the intention to make a profit, but you must always note that you can lose money when trading. The currency price movement of currencies that are converted every day are so frequent, their price movement in the market is extremely volatile.

The volatility is what makes trading forex so lucrative to traders and potential beginners. One of our recommended forex trading tips for beginners is knowing the risks of trading. There is a greater chance for higher profits but that also increases the risk of higher losses of your investment.

It is always good to start off small and perfect your forex trading strategy, then work your way up to bigger investments when you are a more confident forex trader. Identify opportune trade entry points when the market moves and always perform risk management when it comes to your capital. Forex trading can be challenging at first, especially if you are new to the world of trading and trading strategies.

But take into consideration the points we have suggested and give forex trading a go. Once you have familiarised yourself with potential trends in the market and found the online platform that is right for you, your forex trading strategy will improve, as will your confidence as a trader too.

We mentioned the number of risks that you could be met with, especially when trading currencies that are more popular because of how much they move around in the market. The highly volatile currencies will provide higher profits, but understanding how they move will lessen your risks in the long run. We believe forex trading is a great form of investment for beginners. With our forex trading tips and tricks, you can start the journey of developing forex trading strategies that work for you and make the most of the forex market.

We differ from other online brokers because we aim to support our traders with functions and trading coaches to work with you on the platform. These will allow you to grow and develop your skills no matter if you are inexperienced or an advanced trader.

We provide a commission-free service without withdrawal or order fees and are determined to enhance your trading abilities and strategy on your journey, be it day trading, price action trading, swing trading or any trading strategy you choose to employ. We give you the tools needed so that you can spot trading opportunities, currency price movements, investment trends and provide you with the skills to identify the technical indicators to build your own forex strategy yourself.

Forex has the highest trading volume of currency pairs in comparison to other trading markets. The currencies are extremely volatile in the market so it increases the amount of profit that you could potentially make when trading. Individuals who want to trade forex and currency pairs for the first time often think it is a quick profit, but developing your forex trading strategy and understanding the market will benefit you in the long run.

We want our customers to feel secure that their investment will grow. But we also know that trading forex does take time. There are several online platforms that allow you to implement a forex scalping strategy. But we at Nextmarkets believe our curated coaching support and online functions will provide you with the technical and fundamental analysis and extra support needed to develop that understanding of the forex market.

We encourage consistency in your forex trading strategy, whether you choose to use forex scalping or swing trading, make the most out of our website. Skip to content Forex trading strategy for beginners Last updated: Understanding Forex Before you get started trading forex, we wanted to break down what forex is to help build your understanding. Forex Market and Trading Platforms Traditionally forex brokers would buy and sell currencies on behalf of their clients, and they would usually have their own, protected trading strategy, but now there is access to online trading platforms so anyone can trade.

Spot forex Spot forex market is the physical exchange of a currency pair. Future forex A future forex market is where a contract is agreed to buy and sell a certain amount of the currency at a set price at a future date.

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Understanding your trading mindset and trading style is an essential part of your success. Here, we will take a more in-depth look at the most common CFD trading styles traders adopt. There are no particular rules that confine any trader to any of the below, find what suits you best and enjoy your trading experience.

Short-term, like medium-term trading refers to trading on the stocks and futures markets where the duration between entry to the market and the exit closing of a position are done within a short amount of time, lasting anything from a few minutes to several days. Understanding the risks and rewards of each trade will assist you in the success of your strategy, and allow you to add reinforcements as a buffer to protect against unforeseen market events that creep up. Medium Term is best defined by taking the above into consideration, as well as by retail traders that mostly prefer to hold their trading positions over one or more days taking advantage of technical situations.

Traders that keep and hold positions open for long periods of time, these time spans can stretch over months even years, mostly on the study of fundamental factors that are affecting the markets. The idea behind long-term trading is to build your returns gradually over a period of time.

The energy spent on the latter also involves immediate reactions to the markets trends. Risk management strategies need to be put in place. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:. Breaking down the subcategories of traders and trading strategies that are most commonly used:.

A very fast-paced day-trading strategy in which positions are entered and exited within seconds and minutes. Buying and selling is done frequently and scalpers target the smallest intraday price movement to build on their profits. An additional benefit of scalping is that traders will not incur overnight interests rollover fees , thus eliminating extra costs.

Profits are targeted and stops are used to assist traders in managing their entries and exits, as scalpers place many trades simultaneously per session. Due to the quick nature of the scalper there are no patterns, analysis etc, however the use of 1 — 5 minute tick charts to make their fast calls is what they rely on.

As the title describes, day trading refers to buying or selling assets that are entered and exited on the same day. These types of traders make their returns by means of leveraging bigger amounts of capital to take advantage of highly liquid instruments while they make small price movements in the markets. Day Trading is another strategy where you will not incur overnight costs either, as all trades are opened and closed during the same day. The markets liquidity allows for the entrance and exit of stocks at the optimum price.

They take into consideration the difference between the ask and bid price spread , low slippage and look at tight spreads. Volatility is measured by the expected daily price range which are the active hours of the day trader. The higher the volatility the higher the profit potential as well as the loss ratio. Cryptocurrencies , like ethereum CFDs , are very suitable for day trading due to highly volatile price movements and deep liquidity.

Making use of the following techniques can greatly assist in perfecting your day trading abilities:. Swing trading refers to the style of trading leaning more towards fundamental trading, where positions are opened and kept open for a period of days or weeks.

This is considered more fundamental as swing trading incorporates changes in the fundamentals over a few days, with the end result in making a profit from medium-term market changes. Over-night holds are generally charged for and positions can also be held for several weeks. Swing Traders generally sit somewhere between day traders and trend traders. Day traders hold stocks from seconds to hours but never longer than a day. Where trend traders prefer to examine long term trends by means of studying fundamental trends which can take anything from a few weeks to months.

Where swing traders hold onto a particular stock for a few days up to two or a maximum of three weeks, and look for both the highs and lows of the stocks movements within the markets during that particular time. This is known in trading circles as the best trading style for beginner traders that are looking to venture into the financial markets.

This type of trading will also offer significant profit potential to advanced or the intermediate trader too. For the long-term trader who likes to hold positions open ranging from months to years. Not paying attention to market fluctuations in the short-term as they invest over the long run and believe that small market changes will even out in time. Position trading is the extreme opposite of day trading as the goal is to make profits over a long period of time and on the movement of the trend not a short-term tick.

Many traders of this strategy will look at weekly or monthly charts in order to gain a sense of where their chosen asset lies in terms of its trend. These are determined by the use of technical and fundamental analysis to evaluate price charts and market activity. There are associated fees with holding positions overnight known in the trading industry as rollover. These are trading styles that are largely different variations of automated trading.

Automated trading is simply automating manual trades, making them executable by computer software, without human intervention. Quantitative trading involves the deployment of sophisticated trading strategies that are based on advanced mathematical and statistical models. Quantitative trading methods are usually applied by big financial institutions and hedge funds that have the capacity to conduct thorough research and analyse a huge amount of historical data so as to create trading strategies that depend purely on mathematical and statistical analysis.

Algorithmic trading can be considered a subset of quantitative trading, and it involves the use of computer programmes to trade the markets using pre-set rules or guidelines algorithms. The software follows the pre-set instructions, which can relate to variables, such as price, time, or volume. Algorithms can be developed for practically every trading activity from signal generation, order execution, trade management, and trade exit.

The idea behind implementing an algorithmic trading style in the market is to take advantage of the speed, power, and efficiency that computers have over manual trading. High-frequency trading HFT is a type of algorithmic trading style whose focus is entirely on speed. HFT involves the use of advanced technological tools and computer systems to enter and exit trades in the markets within seconds or fractions of a second. These strategies do not work and anyone following them is bound to lose money.

Regarding discretionary trading strategies, learning to identify reliable support and resistance levels, and then using them to trade based upon what the market is doing on higher time frames, can also work well in Forex.

Returning to the topic of trading styles, it will take time, trial and error, and losses along the way to find the best style for you , but the benefits will yield positive long-term results. You may find that your personal circumstances dictate your possible trading styles. For example, if you have an extremely busy schedule, you may just not have the time to implement a very short-term trading style, unless you are willing and able to use automated trading.

Open a free demo account. Advantages of Scalping. Requires algorithmic trading solutions for long-term profitability, which most retail traders cannot afford. Advantages of Day Trading. Unsuitable for very busy traders or traders living in inconvenient time zones. Advantages of Swing Trading. Disadvantages of Swing Trading. Ideal for manual trading without the need for expensive algorithmic trading solutions. Advertisement Trade long or short with any of our selected brokers. Trade now.

Advantages of Position Trading. Text High exposure to market fluctuations, including fundamental events. Very challenging to apply to Forex trading due to overnight swap costs and relatively slow pace of Forex trends. Sara Patterson. Before turning to financial writing, she taught English writing skills to high-school age students. Sign Up Enter your email.

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