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Forex peace army mti musicals is fagix a good investment

Forex peace army mti musicals

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Benjamin Emory Larson is a composer and lyricist for the stage film, and other media. He holds a B. My grandfather was a World War II veteran. My father was a Korean War veteran. My uncle was a Vietnam War veteran with two purple hearts.

Two of my brothers and one of my nephews served in the military. He has performed in opera, oratorio, musical theatre, and concert regionally and internationally, in a wide variety of styles. The creative team have done a brilliant job of setting these vignettes to beautiful, dramatic, moving words and music. Thanks, NMI, for giving a voice to these lives well-lived. And my interaction with New Musicals helped me during a rough patch.

Melissa, a former US Navy Intelligence Officer was deployed as a liaison to foreign military operations overseas in support of counterterrorism. Her diverse background also includes a stint training sea lions at a Marine lab off the coast of California. My creative team from New Musicals, Inc. But no matter what job they held in the military — from dental techs to payroll specialists to Humvee mechanics — everyone works together to support the troops who are on the front lines to keep our country and its allies safe.

Everyone who serves makes some type of difference even if it is not always apparent. More than twenty veterans a day die from suicide, at a rate of one death every 65 minutes. Female veterans are times more likely to commit suicide than a female who has never served in the military.

I know my own struggles. She, our dramaturge, and I lovingly identified and pulled out each colorful string of the story then weaved together something fun and beautiful. What a rewarding experience! She served on the board of directors for Costa Mesa Civic Playhouse for 4 years and currently serves on the board of directors for the Westchester Playhouse, home of the Kentwood Players in Los Angeles.

She is also the owner and instructor of Inner Voice Studios. As an artist, we look for that one gem of a role which enlightens you and makes you see past the text into the soul of the piece. There is nothing better for an artist to be able to portray an actual living and breathing character. It allows the actor to see beyond what we believe to be the norms of war, and into a tiny spec of hope that no matter how small or big we think we are, all of us matter in this world.

I am truly honored to be a part of such an amazing and important project. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did help to create it. A hospital Navy Corpsman discovers her personal losses intersect with the wounded soldiers in a hospital tent in Kandahar. By Billie Estes, with music and lyrics by Angela Parrish. Directed by John Coppola. Featuring Evelyn Halus. Billie is a Retired Navy Corpsman HM1, and feels that it was her honor to take care of the injured and dying of all ages and nationalities.

When Billie was born, in El Paso, Texas, she and her twin Barty each weighed only about two pounds, but they were both survivors. When Billie was only two, her mother abandoned them, but at age 16, Billie ran away from home and found her mother, only to lose her again when she died a year later. At 17, Billie escaped a terrible life of abuse and incest by dropping out of tenth grade and getting married. Billie and her wonderful husband had five beautiful children, but her baby girl, Betty Ruth, died at only three days old, and Billie lost her daughter Bobbi Dee at age 29 to suicide.

To realize to live and not choose to die by their own hands. To choose to live life now not in the past or even the future but now. New Musicals Inc. They made it look so easy even though it was difficult to dig in memories. That each veteran and family members have a way of grieving and dealing with emotions that are scary to really look at but we need to. Angela is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, composer, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

A joy-filled, authentic, collaborative, and compassionate creative who thrives in multiple genres, Angela lives for the excitement of being a musical Swiss Army Knife. Most recently, Angela co-wrote original songs for the film Chance starring Matthew Modine, one of which was nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award. She also composed music for the webseries GLOP! Twitter, IG, Tik Tok: songsbyangela. Billie has seen so much pain and heartbreak in her life and on the battlefield, and she has responded to all of it by caring for the needs of others.

She is inherently positive, resilient, funny, and strong. Elektra Nonesuch. When not performing she enjoys teaching voice privately and at UCLA. I found out in conversations with Billie Estes that her husband was one of those WWII soldiers, and she continued the legacy of service as a Nurse in the Navy. I am honored to have portrayed Billie, singing the songs of the multi-talented Angela Parrish and working closely with director Johnny Coppola, whose deep understanding of the subject matter brought BLOOD to a whole new level.

God Bless You, Billie. God Bless America and all the veterans who sacrificed so much for all of us. As a director, John has helmed more than theatrical productions in New York, Los Angeles and abroad. Most recently, he directed In the Basement , a short film that is scheduled for screening at festivals across the country. John began his career as an actor, whose career took him from the footlights of Broadway to the soundstages of Hollywood.

These true stories are beautifully written and come straight from the heart. Thank you for the opportunity! People need to bear witness to this journey and know they are not alone. A former Air Force C pilot with over a hundred combat sorties. His short stories, poetry and essays have appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies, and he is the recipient of the Consequence Magazine Fiction Award.

In , he was finalist for the McKnight Fellowship in playwriting and currently reside in Northfield, MN, where he flies the Delta Airlines and continues to write. Filip is a Czech composer, conductor and orchestrator based in Edinburgh, UK. He studied viola at the Brno Conservatory Czech Republic and has performed as both soloist and member of various chamber groups around Europe and the USA.

In , he was chosen by an internationally acclaimed composer and conductor Bright Sheng to serve as a Composition Fellow at the festival Intimacy of Creativity in Hong Kong. This story is very special to me. To find the courage to live your true self, even when surrounded by what can only be called insurmountable opposition, is a story most of us have lived through.

To Addison, and to each and every service member of the United States, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a real life superhero. A soldier stationed in Afghanistan accidentally buys an entire truckful of bread on Christmas Eve. Directed by Megan Rees. Featuring Tonoccus McClain.

Addison Blu is a comedy writer and a regular contributor for the military satire website The Duffel Blog. His approach to writing is that he uses sad stuff to make the funny stuff funnier and funny stuff to make the sad stuff sadder. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and kids, and he still loves playing video games, but at a slightly below-average skill level now.

Megan feels honored to help bring the true stories of American veterans to life through the medium of musical theater in So Proudly We Hailed. Michael Finke is an award-winning New York based musical theatre writer. That is the definition of honor and nobility. To be given the opportunity to give a voice to the voiceless many to whom I owe so much is one of the highlights of my career.

Collaborating internationally — across borders, time zones, and cultures — to bring to life this hopeful story about the importance of vigilance and global cooperation in order to maintain peace has been my great delight. He joined the military at the age of 19, in , and served for 39 years.

He specialized in Air Traffic Control, having executed operational and commanding tasks on both national and international units. Since his retirement he decided to become a storyteller, sharing his military experiences with others, having drawn cartoons and written several articles, papers and books about peacekeeping missions and crisis resolution operations.

We were excited and honored to be part of this international celebration. Ryan Martin is a playwright and composer. In , he was named a recipient of New Musicals Inc. His original music has appeared on the podcast Lovett or Leave It. A graduate of Northwestern University, he lives, works, and hides from the weather in Chicago, Illinois. More at ryanpmartin. He will reprise his role as Emilio this fall at the Moonlight Amphitheatre.

Visit eduardoenrikez. Right out of high school, Conklin enlisted in the U. Army and became an Infantryman. Conklin spent a second combat tour in Baghdad in He was Honorably Discharged that same year, at the rank of sergeant. Conklin earned a B. Christine Croyden is a Melbourne-based playwright, lyricist and novelist. Her plays are licensed and published by Australian plays. She writes character-based drama, and storytelling is her passion. She completed a six-month playwriting residency at the Cartoucherie, a French theatre company in Paris in She is also the author of two novels for young adults and many short stories and articles.

Troy is an actor, singer, director, script consultant, and automation technician from Boston. He was nominated for his performance as Billy Downs in an award-winning production of The Libertine , directed by Eric Tucker, so that was cool. Check out some of his work at TroyArmandBarboza. A second-generation American on both sides of my family, both of my grandfathers served in WWII fighting for the United States of America, their chosen homeland.

I am particularly grateful to be able to help tell the stories of female veterans; stories that are often overlooked or untold, but offer incredibly important and powerful messages. Elaine Little served in the active-duty Army, then transferred to the Reserves and the National Guard, where she was deployed to Guantanamo, Bosnia, and Afghanistan while raising three children.

Even though they make calls from Orlando, FL, no matter where in the country they call to, it shows up as a local number with your local area code and prefix. If you get a call on your cell phone it is illegal. Before the webinar you will be inundated with calls and emails reminding you to attend.

And even after you log on, you will still get emails as reminders. The webinar presentation is for lack of a better name, a glorified sales pitch with some very basic information; Forex if that. You will hear about remarkable trades and incomes being made and then at the very end you will be told the price and the real reason for the FREE webinar which is to sell you their products.

Then you will be told that if and only if you want more information, leave your phone number. Then the presenter reads out a litany of names thanking them for leaving their phone numbers. I couldn't help but think that he pulled these names out of the air.

Throughout the presentation he would call people out by name who asked questions, but at the very end he had a ton of people supposedly leaving their phone numbers, names which were never mentioned before. Even though I didn't leave my phone number, I got a call from one of their used car salespeople. He started off gentle and then got progressively more aggressive. He made me an offer similiar to what blbrta wrote about; special deal, discounted prices, special terms, low monthly payments etc.

I said it was too much. He responds, "No problem. I can fix it. Since when did too much translate into I want to spend more? I told him that I felt like he was pressuring me. He responded with something about "Don't mistake my enhusiasm and passion for high pressure.

Let's do this! He still continued on and on and telling me about these testimonials on certain websites and on facebook. I have always been skeptical about them as I am about 1 star negative reviews. You never know what the goal really is of an individual and if they are true. So then I told him I wanted to think about it. I needed more time. His response was "That is why you are not making any money.

You are wasting too much time thinking. But here is the best part. I never met this guy and was talking to him for the first time ever. He says, "Call me Danny Bear. What names do the other reps use? Tootsie Roll?? At that point I hung up but the calls and emails continue.

In another regard, I hear a lot of complaints about refunds which is what also turned off to MTI. The refund used by MTI is really just the same refund extrolled by people like Wade Cook in the 's with his Wall Street workshops and others promoting investing seminars. Those companies also recieved a ton of complaints from customers who felt that the refund policy was unfair. In fact, the attorney generals in many states went after these guys and demanded that they repay customers and the companies had to pay up.

Remember, these companies do not make the law. It should also be noted that those companies had day hotel seminars, with live training, real instructors and gave home study materials which included thick manuals along with audio and video programs. These companies complained that they went through considerable expence and effort to put these programs together and train clients. It didn't matter. They had to pay restitution back to clients.

They offer a product that is Their costs are minimal. Their profit margins are huge. They could provide a refund in a heartbeat and never miss the money. In reality, anyone who has heard of them looks at them as a less professional version of Better Trades, Pristine, Online Trading Academy and some of the other companies that have been out there and do a much more professional job and have better trainers and presentations.

What does MTI offer? Basically a program that is Some people like to try to compare what MTI offers to college. If you enroll in college and for some reason need to cancel, you are refunded your money with perhaps a small processing fee charged. If you leave after classes start, it is prorated. That's it.

No questions asked. As a couple of others said above, "Those who can do. Those who can't, teach. I will be posting on other threads. I like this website. This time, they're talking about basket trading also known as indices trading. It's a way to see how certain pairs correlate and how you could trade multiple pairs more easily using solid technical analysis. Don't miss it. No charge. No dress code. Refreshments will be provided! This is your chance to meet other local traders, discuss your trades and really see what MTI is all about.

RSVP required. I'm really curious about something. What are you guys hoping to find or learn when you attend of these seminars or webinars? I mean there is so much free info on the internet and some of the content is outstanding. What exactly do you "think" is going to happen?

What does common sense tell you? Are you guys complete newbies starting out? Are you just trying to meet other traders? Are you trying to learn a strategy? I'm just curious. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) is a foreign exchange (forex) education and training company based in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida. Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) is a foreign exchange (forex) education and training company based in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary. So anyone can join the Forex Army claiming that they are who they say they are, using a brokers logo and telling they have an official.