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Alfa-Forex has been in the forex industry since The broker is a part of Alfa Group, a Russian consortium with businesses in banking, insurance, investment, a waterworks company and supermarket chains. The goal of this Alfa-Forex review is to inform you of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make a clear choice whether you wish to trade with them. Traders also can trade demo to get used to the platform and test how everything works, which is a useful asset for beginner traders. The offers with alfa forex broker deposit of the platforms are:. The minimum lot size is 0. The offered minimum lot size is 0.

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Forex platen a-4 skyhawk

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Heralded by the Bosnian Serb nationalists as their. EU wants to extend ultimatum to relieve sieges elsewhere PARIS European governments, capitalising on their first success m the Bosnia conflict after two years of impotence, yesterday sought to extend Natos Sarajevo ultimatum to relieve sieges elsewhere m the war-ravaged country and advance peace talks. European Union EU ministers voiced. It examines the benefits of career planning for staff retention and motivation.

It also shows participants how to integrate career planning with other human resources planning activities. How to give yourself a smoother, clearer, better-looking face m 28 days. You can deal with the acne scan, the age spots, blemishes, blackheads or even the unsightly hair. You can lighten your skin.

You can do something about the fine lines. And you can take care of your skin. We also have a wide. I acting ad. He said Vietnam-Asean ties had seen rapid development, with Vietnam now having observer. Philippine Trade Secretary Rizalino Navarro supervised the destruction of the tapes, seized from shops around the country, m a ceremony marking the first anniversary of the setting up of a presidential committee.

Growth, poverty blamed for Jakarta crime JAKARTA Rapid economic growth, poverty, the widening social gap and urbanisation were cited as the causes for the high crime rate m the greater Jakarta area. Lieutenant-Colonel A. Business has to go On picture. Calamities come and go but this enterprising resident of Liwa m the south Sumatran province of Lampung which had been hit by an earthquake believes business should go on. He is seen above carrying a huge marlin on his tricycle on Saturday.

Course This is a structured two-year programme conducted on a modular basis with faculty staff from Monash University. The assessment is by coursework and examinations. Award of Degree Successful students will. Based on the phone of your choice! It gripped the state capital with uncertainty. Here is the chronology of events leading up to the swearing-in of Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

Now you cam receive Acer quality on these faxes. The meter, equipped with a scanning device, can tell her exactly how much parking time she has. Imported from Canada at Msl,ooo each,. Blacklisted 15, who ignored traffic summonses MORE than 15, motorists who failed to respond to summonses will be unable to renew their road taxes.

Neither will they be able to transact any other businesses for their vehicles, according to The Sunday Mail. Govt to make developers, inspectors liable for high-rise safety KLANG The government will amend the Street, Drainage and Buildings Act to make developers and site supervisors accountable for the safety of high-rise projects. At present, only consultants are held liable for the safety of such building-. Housing and Local. Malaysian air force officials said the first Hawk landed at Butterworth Air Force Base and a second.

Man dies in tunnel A MAN died and another fell unconscious after inhaling what is believed to be carbon monoxide inside an underground sewerage tunnel at Plaza Kotaraya m Johor Baru on Saturday night. The Star reported that the dead man, Mr Ahmad Sazelee, 20, was carrying out maintenance work.

A brilliant electronic management on the engine of the Toyota Corolla. It was selected as the winner for providing the best-of-the-best international service over two decades by Air Transport World ATW , a prestigious Connecticut-based airline management magazine. The rooms have been taken by the more than 8, foreign trade visitors and. Unlikely that flash estimate was seem MAS officer Warren Fernandez Pay 27 of the Official Secrets Act trial Shanmugaratnam says he was careful with it By The fact that the report was not stamped secret did not make one jot of difference to the way I handled it, as I.

The adjournment on Dec 9 came after the court said that the prosecution had made out a case on each of the 11 charges against the five accused. The accused: All five have. The move comes with an NCSS scheme offering its affiliates corporate membership. With this, each affiliate gets. The two-week. Mr Bernard Fernando, the principal of the primary school m Siglap View, said he made an. Seven walk the extra mile for schoolmate SEVEN Yishun Town Secondary School students who take turns walking a disabled schoolmate, Charles Yam, to school won a Guinness Stout Effort Award yesterday, They also became friends with Charles, 13, who finds it difficult to walk because he suffers from a conditioii.

Car hits tree, driver dies A CAR driver was killed and his passenger was seriously injured after his Honda veered out of control and hit a tree along Orchard Road on Sunday at about 7. The Sun Spare 2 workstations, containing engineering software, will be used for teaching and research.

It gives teachers more opportunities to interact with Chinese-language experts. Everything Is so convenient the market, the bus stops. The prosecution tendered 10 amended cheating charges against Ang, 44, who claimed trial. The original charges he faced were punishable. Swanfu Trading Pte. Girlfriend urged to use fake credit card A MAN encouraged his girlfriend to use a fake credit card she had found to pay for jewellery last December, a district court heard yesterday.

Willy Yap Chong Sin is accused of raping the woman, 27, m an unused room at the club on Feb 18 between Box 42, Farrer Road, Singapore Large capacity Fuzzy logic control with built-in sensor selects optimum cycle according to laundry volume and fabric type 6 programmed wash, rinse spin Easy one-touch activation Quiet operation Clock and preset functions Automatic softener dispenser Circulating water.

Or you ma V have some views to express. Imotorolal i ultra lite. The NF offered voters the chance for. Be sure to include your phone number and specify hours. Just call The role of the Public Transport Council is to protect. I applaud the idea and support it wholeheartedly. In an increasingly greying country such as ours, concerted efforts are required to ensure.

Beware of prices charged through TV-shopping I AM quite disturbed to see unregulated home shopping making its debut here. Having watched close-ups of. The majority of consumers who buy. Since all cars, regardless of engine capacity occupy the same area for parking and almost the same space for travelling, the prices of. A Club Mcd holiday at Cherating is there to be shared. I The three year degree program is designed to produce I accounting graduates who are equipped to.

MS DOS 6. There was no other choice. I threw all caution to the wind and went for broke. Luckily, it paid. The Republic unexpectedly trailed the gritty Sri. It was her second Olympic medal after her. But she will probably have to wait for the Games to compete. The two batsmen added to haul the West Indies back from to at the close of play of the second day of the First Test. Arthurton reached his century eight overs before the.

A win had been predicted for the Republic,. Islam bt F. Hussain bt L. Lopezllera , S. Majid bt J. Garcia , A. Mahmood bt F. Hussain bt J. TfiTfl Results of Draw No. We nave losl a Iriend. Our deepest sympathies. Whoever believes m me a will live, even though he dies; And whoever lives and believes m me win never die. Body lying at Void deck of Blk 44, Marine Crescent.

For enquiries, please call office hours Or after office hours. What sort of players do we have to justify the increase? No stars, no national players. And how are the local clubs going to match. Malek, a regular with the Singapore squad for the last seven years, is considering the terms and conditions offered by Perak. Fitzgerald got off scot-free relatively speaking because he was only shown the yellow.

Mm hurdles: Tony Li Chn 6. Pole vaalt: Brent Burns US. Hoch fires 70 to win Bob Hope Classic Scott Hoch tried an aggressive style on the easy Indian Wells Country Club course, got burnt, then settled for a conservative 70 that was good enough for a three-stroke victory m the Bob Hope golf Classic on Sunday.

A final round score of 71 gave the year-old a sevenunder total of and the title m only his second. Beenhakker dismissed Saudi Arabia has fired its Dutch soccer coach just four months before the World Cup finals. Leo Beenhakker, hired three months ago, told Dutch television on Sunday that Saudi officials informed him on Saturday night that his contract had been terminated.

A brief statement by Saudi officials said. Four yachts in close duel Four yachts were within 3. He clocked 30min 51sec for the She posted Holidays It was also a source. He has always treated me very well. I am surprised he has asked me to go back so soon.

He has ridden career. That was proved once again when top sprinter Giltedged overpowered his 10 Class 1 rivals at Kuala Lumpur on Sunday to lay a golden path to his future classic bids. Although it was only his. Navratilova makes it PARIS Martina Navratilova played her last indoor tournament m the French capital on Sunday when she won the th singles title of her career. But she promised she would be back for a last appearance m the French Open at Roland Garros m three months.

The change was expected to be made official yesterday. The gathering begins a promotional tour for. He guided his Chevrolet to a o. Gordon track. Indoor championships on Sunday to take his second tennis title of the year. The 68 points was a season-low for. China ushered m the Year of the Dog with a nationwide shopping spree.

Retail sales jumped by It per cent from a year earlier, while sales surged by Although the effect of such ties on foreign investment is yet to be properly catalogued, examples are starting to. Toyota exports fall January exports comprised 97, cars, down Its general manager, Ms Ishah Ismail, told journalists after signing a Msl2 million. A foreign law firm has agreed to the two-year lease at that price to extend its current occupation of a 2,sq ft.

Citing its. An MTI spokesman said a study will be conducted this year to establish the extent of. Total government expenditure increased by 2. Growth was primarily contributed by the entrepot trade sub-sector which grew by Transport and communications sector records 9. The airline industry, on the whole, enjoyed a. But trading was slack as a whole while foreign investors, the prime. The Emas Index which tracks all Main Board shares firmed 3.

SYDNEY THE Australian stock market plunged to its lowest level m a month m nervous trading yesterday, dragged down by sharp falls overseas and weaker futures and bonds. Wpmryeen YES! If you use printed -cir- cuit-board con struct ion, the heat sink can be n ' Place it directly on top of IC1 and secure it with No, 4 screws passed through the board.

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One capacitor for two first time you push the plug into the jack, Connect the potentiometer to the amplifier with shielded cable. If the jack is close to the potentiometer, you can use ordinary hookup wire between the two. Unfortunately, 0,mfd, capacitors often are not easy to locate, so we have made provision on the printed- circuit-board I ayout for parallel-con- nected 0,mfd.

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Box S Spokane, Wash Many-sided terrarium This Rded geodesic terrarium comes as a construction k it that includes 20 pieces of glass, tape, silicone and razor blades. One glass panel swings on a silicone hinge tor access to inside. Q,B Factory. Minneapolis, Minn. Depl l. IL B0t? A Sunday out ing on San Francisco Bay.

And you may be sure that when men who knew how to line got together, they enjoyed the finest Kentucky whisky money couldpuy. What else hut Early Times? Eoen though It had to be shipped across the continent, it was worth waiting for. Today r the taste of Early Times is Just as prized « Because we w re still slow-distilling t the same way we did in i when we began. The pleasure hasn T changed. What do 1 do about those little leaks that always seem to show up the minute E put in my anti- freeze?

A Because antifreeze doesn't evaporate with the speed of water, it shows up any pinholes or loose hose connections, So tighten those hose damps before the anti freeze goes in. Put In an expensive new bat- tery and my compact Is still hard to start. With cold weather com- ing on, fm worried. What's next? You may need a complete tune-up.

Points, plugs, timing, the works. Even the strongest battery will, have trouble starting a car that's badly out of tune. DuPont Car Doctor He knows how to make a sick car well; keep a healthy car healthy. Anything 1 should do before refilling with anti-freeze this fall?

How do you feel about radial snow tires? Mix ing radials with other types of tires is a no-no Q. Even with annual and- freeze changes, myV-8 still gets rust in Its coolant. What to do? A Put your cooling system on a diet of Du Pont.

Protects all die metals in your cooling system- even aluminum -against rust and corrosion. Helps quiet squealing water pumps, too. You and Du Pont. Its high-velocity, 4 ft. You practice on the job, beside experienced professionals. An oppor- tunity tor you to work toward an Associate Degree. In the Air Force you learn to do a job well and you're paid welt for doing it And how far and fast you advance is up to you, But if you decide not to stay in the Air Force, you'll have the training and experience you need to step into a civilian job.

Go tar your country. Go for yourself. Fmd out about all the available opportunities. Talk to your Ait Force recruiter Mail in the attached card. Or call toll free [PA. Got going today. What can I do? The vibrations might be caused by your blower; a squirrel-cage blower could be out of balance, or if the blower ia belt-driven, a loose belt might create vibrations.

If neither is your problem, ask yOUr dealer about residential vibra- tion isolators. They are about Wi-in, thick and are constructed of a resil- ient material. When the isolators are placed under the furnace, they greatly reduce vibration transmis- sion. Incidentally, these isolators are also used to reduce vibrations in airconditionmg compressors. Wood or asphalt shingles? My house needs reroofing, H'finf arc fAf advantages and disadvantages of both asphalt and wood shingles?

This treatment is required where the climate ia hot and humid for a considerable length of time each year. Although 1 know of homes sporting year-old roofs, count any years over 12 as bo- nus time. Either wood or asphalt shingles can be installed over an old asphalt roof. Some manufacturers are switch- ing to a fiberglass-based shingle which is growing in popularity.

Com- position shingles are now available as simulated wood shakes. These weigh as much as lbs, per square. The smudges are best described as shtiilar to powdered graphite or black carton. The inlet holes around the rim all show the same dark stains.

Do you have any ideas? Uhl , Pittsburgh. I know that if it were my toilet and the smudges bothered me that much, I f d replace the whole unit. Whatever the residue is, by this time it has lined the inside of the com- mode. You might try disconnecting the tank and taking the bowl to your lo- cal cor wash, to thoroughly steam clean it. Then install new valves, washers and seals. It now aft out- side, uufft insulated plcnume and ducts under the house.

As I believe the metal housing absorbs heat in the summer and radiates heat in the win- ter, I think a. You could create a condensation problem on your hous- ing with resultant rusting. Besides, your unit should have been insu- lated on the inside by the manufac- turer.

Caution: It the motor fails to start or starts and stops, do not activate overload or slack- control switches again. You should call a ser- viceman. There is probably an electrical mal- function. On overheads, too. The Super Skeet. With a special recessed choke to improve patterns, fifteen vents to soften recoil and reduce muzzle jump and a host of features you'll want to awaken to yourself.

Now the government has agreed to plow hundreds of millions of dollars into research by the auto companies, universities and other organizations. The plan also calls for arm-twisting the oil companies into contributing some of their tech- nical expertise toward creation of future vehicles that will use far less of their product. It is powered by a small, trans- verse-mounted VB driving the front w r heels and features highly aerody- namic styling, a roomy interior and a rear-hatch fifth door.

It is as tall as the Pontiac Bonneville we saw it parked next to, and nearly as long, but it should be capable of far better fuel economy due to lightweight de- sign and materials throughout. Interesting features include Mac- Phe rap n- strut front suspension, rack-and -pinion steering, beam- type rear axle with trailing arms and self-leveling rear suspension, fuel tank mounted under the rear seat ahead of the axle , and fiber- glass body panels bolted directly to a lightweight steel frame without rubber bushings.

The Integrated Vehicle could evolve into the C-car, but that decision is still being pondered. A small industry has sprung up to produce the fluid using alcohol from w h aste grain products , an increasing number of retail outlets in the Mid- west and elsewhere have begun sell- ing it, Washington has encouraged its use, and Detroit automakers have extended their ncw T -car war- ranties to cover it. Still, al- most arty car should be able to run on gasohol with no modifications and no damage to either engine or fuel system.

Cold starting and run- ning may be affected slightly, espe- cially with late-model cars that are already tuned to superlean mix- tures, but gasohoTs slightly higher octane rating should reduce knock- ing and pinging in many cars. Propane power Propane, a liquid petroleum gas LPG , is a byproduct of oil drilling and is an alternate fuel for internal combustion engines that's been used for years. Recently, car owners have been clamoring for conversion information, and the subject is cov- ered in this month's Saturday Me- chanic on page 4SA.

Other alternate fuels While autos and trucks are getting more fuel -efficient, and increasing usage of gasohol and propane could stretch fuel supplies to some degree, there is growing emphasis on devel- opment of entirely new fuels and production processes. Among the leading candidates arc pure alcohol either ethyl or methyl , synthetic fuels from coal and oil shale and hy- drogen. But these and other alternatives could even- tually combine to ease the mounting pressure on crude-oil supplies— and the new fuels will get more cost-com- petitive as the price of gasoline con- tinues to soar.

New features. New technology- H P 4. Four new engines, three of them loop charged for better performance and fuel economy. Backed by 40 years of engineering for maximum reliability, and mechanical improvements throughout the line. And to handle all that power, it s engineered i with a high -capacity, super-strong bearing system. New Fishpower. The new 3,6-hp P hp and hp Mercs are compact power packages, designed for easy hand- ling, The Merc 18 and Merc 25 are loop charged for better performance and fuel economy.

And they n ispectally engineered for fast and easy servicing — routine maintenance requires no special tools. Mid-range improvements. The redesigned hp Merc runs quieter than war, but with more power and better performance, rhe hp Merc, too, provides more performance with a new higher rpm range and a new gear ratio. For fishermen. Sleek new slimline gearcase design and new prop iHesians for better weed-shedding. Engines that wilt toU for hours without fouling the spark plugs — and iiat includes the high-horsepower Mercs.

Breakthrough In corrosion resistance. All critical parts are stainless steel or other sough, high-impact corrosion-fighting materials. And a multi-step metal protection process provides an extra-hard corrosion-resistant paint finish.

The result — the most corrosion-resistant outboards on the market, in fresh or salt water. Match your needs exactly. The Mercury line — more engines than ever before, and the broadest range of power in our history Now you can match your needs exactly for greatest fuel efficiency. At Mercury, engineering leadership means we never stop making them better.

We've given you just a few of the reasons here. Your Mercury dealer will be happy to give you the full story. Visit him soon. Super Shop is a home power machine that can perform up to 15 tool 1 functions. The basic machine measures 42x24x69 in. It plugs into v, outlets and converts a. The tb. It has four storage drawers. It is made for lightweight coats, aprons and other frequently used hangables It allows the door lo swing freely. In textured neutral beige, it is made of molded plastic.

Available in 24 prints, the prepasted paper tiles are designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and Similar areas. The paste is activated in water and the tiles are smoothed onto the well. DuPont Co. D This coal- or wood-fueled, steel and cast-iron stove by US. Two models are available: No. Hue, weighs lbs. Both have five-year written warranties against bum-out, warping or crack- ing pi any steel or cast-iron pari. Stove Co. This company is the Largest in- staller of propane earburetion units along the East Coast and had con- verted Price's Cougar.

J had the propane system installed before leaving. W ho needs Will E have propane. The day 1 saw the car in the driveway of his home in Funwood, NJ, it had registered , miles and was still going strong. The idea of having an alternative fuel prompted me to visit Propane Equipment Corp.

New components under the hood allow vb to be switched be- tween existing gasoline system and added propane system. A: Availability. So far, anyway, there's an unlimit- ed supply of propane. A: At this time June '79 , I am pay- ing 50 to 65 cents per gallon for pro- pane.

As with gasoline, currently selling for 86 to 95 cents per gallon of unleaded, the price of propane varies from supplier to supplier. Pressure relief line left Is routed to valve installed in the right rear fender. When changing from gasoline to propane, a control cable on the dash U moved halfway in. This doses a solenoid in the gasoline line and stops gasoline flow to the carbure- tor. The engine is now running on gasoline left in the float bowl of the carburetor.

This cl uses an sir valve in the mixer and opens a vacuum- operated filter-fuel lock in the pro- pane system. A: Even if you can get a company to sell you the hardware, installing it yourself is not wise. It is not easy to run lines, bolt the heavy fuel tank to the floor of a trunk and cut holes in the fender for the fill, Further- more, once the installation is com- plete, the car should be run on a dy- namometer to adjust for the opti- mum performance level.

But most important of all, a do-it- yourself installation generally over- looks important safety aspects. In adding equipment to my car, for in- stance, mechanics at Propane Equipment Corp, removed the bark seat and installed a firewall between the propane tank and passenger compartment. They wrapped the fuel feed line from the propane tank to the carhuretor with steel wire cm] to prevent fuel-line wear.

And they used a special detector to chock for leaks. CS G; Isn't a propane tank likely to ex- plods il your car is hit In the rear, and isn't propane likely to leak and catch fire if the car rolls over? A; Not if good-quality equipment is used and the installation is done correctly. The tank is positioned well inside the trunk, up on the deck where the spare tire normally sits.

Furthermore, in the event of fire, the propane tank, the Walls of which are three times thicker than those of a gasoline tank, is practi- cally impregnable. And propane won't leak in a roll-over accident since there are check valves that automatically seal lines, Q: Whore do you keep the spare tire now? A: On the floor of the trunk. It does take up luggage space, but this is something you have to accept.

Q : I sn "t the car 1 s orlg tna I fuel system removed when you add a pro pane sys- tem? A: No. The mixer is mounted adjacent to the carburetor and blends the proper amount of pro- pane with air flowing to the engine. This pressure is main- tained to keep the propane in a liq- uid state in the tank. The Converter depressurizes and applies heat to the propane by engine coolant di- verted to the Converter at the heater hose.

The combination of depressurization and heat instantly transforms the liquid to vapor. When changing from propane to gasoline, the control on the dash is moved all the way out. This opens the gasoline shutoff and air valve in the mixer. It also closes the vacuum- operated, filter- fuel lock in the pro- pane line. The float bowl of the carburetor fills with gasoline which is the fuel the engine now uses. When the switch is flipped up, the fud gauge tells the amount of propane in the tank.

When the switch is flipped down, the gauge shows the amount of gasoline, There is also a gauge on the propane tank. Q: Is there ever a time when the two fuels, propane and gasoline, can mix together? If so, will the oar blow up? A; The only time the two fuels can mix is when I switch from gasoline to propone. When switching over to gasoline from propane, there is no chance of mixing fuels. It takes a second or so for gasoline to fill the carburetor fuel bowl and begin flowing intothe cylinders.

The amount of propane left in the fuel system at the time of propane shut- off is just enough to keep the car running unti] the flow of gasoline be- gins. However, before switching to pro- pane from gasoline, I have to sec that gasoline left an the carburetor bowl is consumed to prevent mixing the two fuels. I learned frnm experience what can happen if the two fuels mix. After driving a short distance, 1 switched to pro- pane, using the correct procedure. Does propane pollute the air?

A: A lot less than gasoline. Toggle switch connects to car's fuel gauge. Hydrocarbon is un- hurried fuel. Furthermore, with pro- pane the engine can be adjusted so it emits only 1,0 to 1. As for oxides uf nitrogen NOx , they too are very low. Oxides of ni- trogen result from heat, which is controllable by adjusting the fuel mixture. An exhaust. With propane, few hydrocarbons result and the fuel mixture is ad- justed to reduce NOx. When an en- gine is running on propane, the EGR system is shut off because it isn't needed.

A vacuum switch at the propane converter shuts off vacuum from the carburetor to the EG ft valve when you go into the propane mode. Adapting the vehicle's emis- sion control equipment to accommo- date a propane system has been sanctioned by California, where emissions laws arc tougher than elsewhere. A: Much better llutn on gasoline. Propane is a fuel of approximately octane. My Pontiac cu,-in. Q: Are there harmful effects on the engine? A' None whatsoever.

Since propane in the engine doesn't form drops of liquid like gasoline to wash down cylinder walls and dilute motor oil, oil-change intervals may be extended, I can ex- pect longer life from sparkplugs, too, since propane leaves no carbon. The engine is kept clean, I'm so convinced of its beneficial effects that 1 use propane as my main fuel and keep gasoline in re- serve, In doing this, however, l run the engine every couple of weeks on guHoline to prevent rubber parts in the carburetor from drying out, and 3 will make sure each tank of gaso- line is consumed and replenished at least once every three months, Q: Can I have my hatchback con- verted to propane?

No, The law states that the pro- pane tEink ureas has to be isolated from the passenger compartment by jl metal vapor barrier. This cannot be done in it hatchback, Q: Propane conversion of vehicles, has been available for many years. You make it sound like the answer lo lb gasoline crisis. So why haven't more people converted their cars to pro- pane? I estimate my loss, pre- sently, at closer to 2U percent.

How- ever, this is a rough estimate based on one tankful while operating the car over mountain roads. Obviously, some of the loss in mpg is caused by the added weight. I have a When the tank is com- pletely tilled, it adds about pounds to the car. There are about 10, propane dealers in the United States and Canada, but only have the equipment needed to deliver propane as a motor fuel.

This equipment is a special filler nozzle that seals to the propane fill on my car, allowing pressure to be main- tained at the proper level, so the pro- pane remains in the necessary liquid state. M In some areas, propane-carrying vehicles are restricted from going through tunnels and over bridges.

Depend- ing on the size of the propane tank. Modifications made to in- stall propane system in- clude filler door col into left- side feeder. Lockable door covers the connec- tor and spit valve, which maintain propane under pressure while filling. This is not actually a disadvantage, but docs limit travel range between stops, The combination of a tankful of propane and a tankful of gasoline gives me a range of about BOO miles.! The tank should be; filled to only percent capacity to allow' for vapor expansion.

If you fill it up Lo the brim and excess pressure builds up, it escapes out the pressure-relief line. This Line goes from the tank to a valve that Was cut into the top of the right rear fender on my car. The pressure relief works similarly to the pressure-re- lief valve that is on a home water heater. Q: Where can I find a dealer to in- stall a propane system? Some of the companies that make this equipment are Irnpeo, Brummer Inc.

Addresses of some prn- pane con version shops are listed be- low, along with places to write to for more information on dealers in your area. Keep in mind what Cassell of Pro- including taxis, trucks, and tele- phone and utility -company vehicles. It seems some organizations are taking the lead from Now Zealand, w r here practically every commercial vehicle now runs on propane.

The idea behind the large-scale conver- sion is to provide more gasoline For passenger cars. Q: Will I get more money for my car when t sell it if it's equipped to run on propane? A: If the person buying the car is willing to pay your price. I f not, the propane system can be removed and adapted to your new car if the t ar is large enough to accommodate the necessary hardware.

Apple St. Tinlon Fails, N. Lang Beach. Never harsh tasting. The dealer told me the trouble would go away as f used the car. Is this what normally happens to a car with man- ual shift? Not normally. The transmission should shift smoothly and easily from the first day. The transaxle is factory -filled with SAE 80 Rear oil h which thickens in cold weather. Although it has disap- peared, hard shifting will probably return when the weather turns cold again.

Doing this will also help prevent gear noise during hot weather. Some dealers have been cutting the SAE 80 gear uil in half with automatic transmis- sion fluid. Chrysler says. H No— don't do- this. In jrmne only, this vehicle shakes its back end some- thing awful I fear continued use will damage the rear end find universal joints. Please help. Jamot, Lavina. Start Inside the locking rear end. My best guess is that one or more of the dutches are bad.

Welcome to the fold My Ranch? Damp- ers are l-in. Hoses and dips are contained in a drive- line vibration damper kit part No. Finally, if vibration is not reduced to a satisfactory level, have a new ring and pinion gear set in- stalled in the rear axle. A Ford me- chanic has necessary instructions available in article No. The fix outlined here ap- plies to cars with 9-in,, 3. Drive the car until the axle is hot. About 10 miles should do it.

Remove the magnetic fill plug and let the lubricant drain. Clean the fill plug and then reinsert it. While at the parts counter, get four ounces of special rear axle additive, part No, , but do not add it to the axle at this time, 5.

Raise both rear wheels on stur- dy stands and take safety steps, such as setting the handbrake and chocking the front wheels. Accelerate and decelerate gradually. Shut off the engine anti drain the lubricant. Refill with fresh GIj- 5 lubri- cant, and this time add the four ounces of special rear axle addi- tive, 8.

Drive the car through a mini- mum of 10 figure-8 loops. This should eliminate chatter. As mileage accumulates, you may again get chatter or noise from the rear. If this happens, you should add another four ounces of special rear axle additive. PteasB t urn to oaoc 52 Lost weekend A disorganized Saturday mechanic may find it lakes him until Sunday to finish a job he should have completed the previous aHemoon.

Be- cause he iost some pads and coukln 1! A solution to Ihis dilemma can be an or- dinary muffin pan. Pul the various parts in Itie pan as they are removed and label them lo indicate their posi- tion in an assembly, II necessary, make sketches of hew parts fit. The engine unen two quart of oil ev- ery.

The Chevy garage junta tied new head gasket sand valve stem Heals, hut thin didn't help. Any ideas for solving thin problem? Calif Yeah. Get the car to a mechanic who won't nickel -and -dime you to death. The engine is apparently a candidate for major overhaul, in- cludingrings and hearings, If you do a little hit here and a tittle bit there, a job that's going to cost you a bun- dle anyway will cost you a fortune in the end. A few pumps on the accelerator pedal, as I looked down the carburetor throat, told us that.

Still no gas. The trouble, therefore, prohahly had to he a plugged fuel line re- mote or gulp! Not relishing the thought of running to Pontiac for a new fuel pump and in- stalling same it was raining , I started toward the house for a cup of coffee. Halfway there it suddenly dawned on me that the Sunbird's blessed fuel pump is electric, and that this electric pump won't work until the engine builds up about seven pounds of oi!

Pick up your adjustable oil Hirer wrench instead. Wrap it around the distributor housing, squirt some manifold heal control valve lubricant around the base of tie housing and lym The wrench will provide the extra leverage you need to loosen the distributor. If this doesn't work, here's another method which is practically looiproof Shoot some CGa from a fire extinguisher around the base of the distributor, then turn the distributor, using the oil filler wrench. One thing th at can cause a drop in oil pressure is an electric wire that is popping off the oil pressure sending unit.

Well, we lucked out. The wire ter- minal was half on, half off the send- ing unit. With the wire terminal properly placed T the carburetor bowl replenished itself, and the engine started. It's a good idea to keep this tip in mind if there happens to be an electric fuel pump in your family. The car had been a loan ear and, at the time of purchase , had been driven 10, miles. He said l should switch to a wider-tread tire , possibly H size. After you have made those adjustments, recheck align- ment.

Just ash- Mon about tt. Sand your question is the Oar Clinic, Popular Mechanics. Wme letters cannot be answered fadrvitSuaHy, problems that are of genera! It may very wall damage the diesel- engine. Cut the hose 4 inches from the vacuum motor and insert the valve with rts small-diameter end toward ihe vacuum motor. The valve keeps the snorkel door closed for a longer period, which, in turn, helps the engine to warm up In a shorter period of time. Over , ol these models are being re- called to replace wrong brake hoses that can be chafed by the turning front wheels.

If you have one Of these cars and haven't received a recall notice, stay on top of those hoses, tl there's any sign that a hose is about to rupture, don't wail tor a notice, See your deafer at once. W' dr. Vi" dr. Set S-K lools Race atler race, year aficr year. A frequency of MHz is much high- er than the present MHz band. Because a MHz band would like- Coping with interference Have you ever been lisienmg io your favonie hi-fi record or FM slaiion only lo have it interrupted by interference from a neighboring CB or ham radio set?

If so. Audio Irequencies, because of an effect termed impedance, "see'' the capacilors as having very high xesisiance, while the interfering radio signals sea them as direct shorts to ground. Sq the capacitors switch the music and interference apart from each other Other Ihings you can try are different lengths of speaker cable, cleaning he speaker terminals and using shielded cable. The Radio Amateur's Handbook is a good reference volume for Other aids.

A repeater is a station with a good antenna that picks up and rebroadcasts weak- er signals. It is one of the most popular modes in ham radio. A MHz band might offer the same kinds of operation to CBers, However, ham operators are quite professional in their use of two- meter transceivers.

Whether the FCC would risk the possibility of repeaters that repeated mostly CB chaos remains to be seen. Perhaps, if they go the FM route, a new and closer- policed form of CB license might be in order. TBM has just announc- ed an experimental form of the Jo- sephson circuit which can switch at speeds very close to the speed of light. That's at least 10 times faster than everyday computer circuits. It also generates much less heat.

Applications for this technology range from artificial intelligence to automated assembly lines. Bills are now before Congress to add better protection io receiving equipment Vou itiighl write your congressman in order Io express your awn views. Not only that, it is offered in a. We heard its mezzo-soprano tones and were impressed. It's your job to prevent meltdown of the reactor core. The program draws detailed views of the containment building and pump room, along with all the valves, pumps and filters.

What next? How about trying to solve the gas crisis? Tastes richer. A taste that's pure gold. University of Illi- nois. One East St. Peel, position sod press protective paper. W, 16th Terrace, Fort Lau- derdale, Fla. Clips that mount pictures Swiss Clips eliminate the need for frames when hanging pictures, The matted picture shown Was htlhg with six of them.

To use them, yon simply slide the clips over the edge of the picture and backing, with the Clip is simply slipped on the picture, then locking pin is tapped into backing, Six clips ready this picture for hanging. Hangers for mounting pictures on wall are also available.

Easy-to-use gimlets It doesn't take too many hours in the workshop to learn that it is a must to bore pilot holes in certain woods if you want to avoid splitting them. This handy set of four gimlets in 3-, 4-? Au- thor found them easy to use for boring starter hole a for screws in a as I- 1 ly spin wood slock and veneers left.

For convenience, ail lour can be hung on an Individual tool board- mounted nail or hook. Helpful plumbing book A solidly written book on plumbing has just appeared oil the scene. Keith Blan- kenbaker, an associate professor at Ohio State University.

The book in- cludes the latest installation tech- niques and materials update. Over illustrations. We put in costly waxes from Europe for a long lasting shine. We put in "space age" polymers that actually tuckun to. Not only are they the heat substi- tute for the cheap damps that come with coolant hoses, hut also for in - stalling circular accessories, as a re- placement for the plastic clip that holds the air cleaner snorkel duct, even as a make-ynur-nwn balance weight for propeller shafts.

You may haveputtwo sm allclamps You can make your own clamps with kit. One manufacturer offers Mak-a- clamp, a kit that includes slotted sections, male segments to fit into the slots, and screw head sections with mate segments. The kit, sold for approximately 35 at auto su pply stores, lets you make three clamps of almost any size that you would find to he useful, oither on a ear or around the house.

The manufactur- er is Breeze Clamp Co. I've gone years without having to pull off an arm, but there have been times I had to do the job twice in a week. This tool works so easily that even if an arm never goes had , you'll pull it out of the toolbox to show your friends.

Unfortunately, the best applications usually don't offer a straight- oil approach that satis- fies the driver. Flexible nut driver Is handy near engine. It's also possible to use it as a sparkplug starter. The price is under S3 at your local parts store. T box , Parklawn Ave. H, Silicone cartridge The ron m tern p e r a t u re- v u I c a n i xin g RTV silicone rubber is fast con- quering the replacement gasket market. After all.

You don't really need anything that elaborate for your own garage, but there is a better way recently in- troduced: RTV silicone in a car- tridge that fits into a caulking gun, Just squeeze the trigger and the bead comes out without the usual sweat.

The price is under 33 in dis- count stores. Several manufacturers produce the cartridges, and one. An answer to the problem is a puller with a cage surrounding the jaws. Each brace segment of the puller has a guide slot into which the outer side of the jaw fits, and through which it slides. The maker is Octagon Co. You can write the firm for the name of the nearest dealer.

Caged puller allows a grip without slip. Canada Canada at its best. Over pages and illustrations that will take you step-by-step through most of the service repairs your car will ever need. It's the first completely illustrated guide for the beginning auto do-it-yourselfer.

Basic Car Care Illustrated is written so you understand it. It gives you illustrations and captions rather than a lot of dense text It shows you how every step of the way. No confusion. No mystery. And because we recognize the do-it-yourselfer has limited tools, time and experience. Y Van Wert Ohio 1 I i' you pride yourself on buying and using only quality tools, then both you and your tools de- serve a well-made toolbox.

Its felt- lined compartment and draw- ers keep yuur tools in good shape. Adjustable drawer dividers let you organize your tools to suit your own needs. If the chest is not available from local hardware outlets, write maker for nearest distributor. Brown wrinkle finish protects bon Iron scratches. Unit cornea with two keys. Drop-front panel locks drawers, stores under bottom drawer as box ia used.

Cross Cuts! Angle Cuts? Take It everywhere you take your own circular saw. Any job site. Quickly set up and taken down. EDO PC. Anti -kick spring and cord holder for safety. Folding legs and Moot protoeiora. Electrical knockouts In legs.

Overall size: SO" wide, 34' r high, 24" deep. Wt, 70 I be. Saw not included. Everything you need to know to install, repair, improve and troubleshoot the entire electrical system of your home. J, De Cristoforo. Everything you need to know to work with stationary and portable power tools. Super- handy how-to on repair, con- struction, renovation and decoration of any interior wall, floor or ceiling. J De Cristoforo.

Every step of house- building - foundation, framing, insula- tion interior, plumbing, wiring, heating. Complete building how-to for many sizes, styles; all about kits. Complete con- struction plans for patios, fences, walls, walks, steps, outdoor furniture, pools, garden houses, more, Pub. Hand How lo conserve energy by insulating, caulking, weatherstrip ping, heating and cooling more efficiently. How the great new wood stoves work, How solar, wind, water power systems work — and how to build them.

Construction plans for more than project s - tables, desks, chairs, storage units, much more. How lo work with concrete, lay brick, block, stone Chimneys and fireplaces. More than show-how illustrations. Servicing, repairs, tune-ups on power mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, etc. J 4 De Cristoforo, Richard Day, more. These books are offered at discount exclusively to Popular Science Book Club members.

We make a better quality spray paint So you can spray on a better finish. We test for quality all through production. But our toughest tests are on your car. Shall we send lor the architect? What's going on here? It's a tough one lo figure, but make your best guess and turn to he next page to find out how close you came. Cushioning playground falls and touchdown sprawls Blimps arid hruiMTS are a normal part of bring a kid.

The major conclusion was that loose materials provide more protect km than solid synthetics, such as rubber mats or artificial lurf. The study polnled out, however, that loose materials require regular maintenance to remain effective in cushioning bills. The fact that artificial turf, a low-maintcnance material, performed pour iy to the NBS tests may rekindle the ongoing gripes of professional athletes — mostly football players — against its universal adoption in major stadiums.

Sync lu-lic turf met the NBS criterion for safe impact from a drop height of only mw font, compared to LO feet for pine bark or wnd, Even pea gravel 2. Flying rings around you 1. As for the physics profs at Rutgers, we'd humbly guess that the spin provides gyro stability, while the cylinder which has an angle of attack like any other wing — simply deflects air downward, and lift is the net result, Login, undismayed, will enter Harvard dental school this full. The men on the previous page are some of the tradesmen — including boilermakers, carpenters, welders and machinists — who cut apart the Ford Motor Company's ore- carrying ship, SS William Cfay Ford , and inserted a new 1 foot section between her bow and stern, The entire cutting and assembly job was completed in less than a week, with the men on continuous shifts.

One man can easily moue the frame to keep the unit facing the sun. And then a desert. But if we can just hold out for about 20, years, scientists now agree that another Ice Age wiO begin and cool us down, right? Yeah, hut how are we going lo make it through the Ice Age if all our fossil fuels are long gone!

Oh yeah? All the most promising Jusitm meihixls require a rare element — lithium. Using fusion power on a worldwide scale, we'd run through all the known lithium on Earth in less than! HI think of wind hi ng. Far-out solar Boilover is S. You can look for a lot of strange hybrids to emerge from the fuel crisis, but perhaps none as colorful — yet alarming to the average pedestrian — as 26 -year-old Phil Hopes's steam car, which is seen these days on the streets of Reading, England.

The first one Hopes tried to build fell apart, but on the second attempt he successfully mated a paraffin -fired steam engine built in with a Austin 10 chassis. Here s the power and performance of snopmate power tools at a K mart sale price. Each of these Shopmate tools features double insulation, lifetime lubrication bearings and dynamically balanced motor. They re on sale thru September 29 at over i,aoo k mart stores across theuSA. Two-speed sabre saw with bevel adjustments left and right; hHpeed for wood and low speed for metal; built-in blower system; one new blade included.

Give your cola that Seven touch. Pour IV 2 oz. Seagram's 7 over ice, add cola and garnish with lime, TWo great tastes, one great drink. Enjoy our quality in moderation. Popular Mechanics Truckers are learning new ways to keep non-existent maintenance, irresponsible drivers and mechanical failure from causing mayhem.

A dose of bicarb or two helped you get over that myth, but it was still generally ac- cepted that a truck driver was a true knighl of ihe highway— a knowledge- able, courteous and, above all, safe driver. That was yesterday. The pressure is economic, lo be sure, originating not with the driver, but with ihe industry and the truck owners and people they serve. But no matter where it's coming from, the re- sults arn disastrous Heavy trucks are killing more peo- ple than ever tn ell, 5i?

Driver Ron Kobs casually pul some pressure on the brake as the truck picked up speed. Nothing happened. There was a sharp sound and again nothing happened, The drivashalt had broken and thorn was nothing he could do to slop his new truck. Ii soon became all he could do to keep it on the road. As the truck flashed toward the north end ol town, Kobs looked at the speedometer. The needle edged past A lew miles away.

Suddenly the sound; of police sirens cut through Ihe intersection, heralding Ihe arrival of a motorcycle cop, who jumped off his cycle and stopped iraf- 11c in both directions. Moments later, another police motor- cycle zoomed through the intersection, followed closely by the runaway truck, Inside the truck, Kobs and Stuck ware blowing Ihe horn, hashing the lights and waving and streaming frantically out of the window-doing anything they could to keep irafiic away from what had become a bomb on wheels.

Don- ald Kipp and Lt John Travers. Past schools, churches, homes and freeway ramps, the I ruck still sped al 70 mph or more. With each block, the traffic grew heavier and the odds for an explosive accident kepi going up.

I realized that although the truck was Slow- ing down slightly, there was a great poten- tial for an accident before il slopped. Ho purposely kept slightly to the side of the street as ihe two vehicles roared through the intersection, Iq give Kobs a clear view of any obstacles Iftat might have appeared. But once clear of the intersection, Down- ing lined up ihe rear of ihe patrol car with the front of the truck, decelertiied Slightly from 60 mph, and the bumpers touched. The iwo vehicles came to a halt not more than IS feet from the stalled station wagon.

II was several minutes later that a shaking Ron Kobs let Downing know the truck was half- lilted with propane. Downing admits he was slightly stunned In retrospect, but he doesn't think prior knowledge of the truck's contents would have deterred him from trying 1o stop the vehicle.

Downing has received Ihe highest honor lor bravery that the State ot California bestows upon its employees the Medal of Valor with Diamond. He has also received citations from five other civic and governmental organizations. Consequently, the risk has increased for the light, vehicle user. So there is some validity in the above analysis.

How- ever, on-the-spot investigations of Intact top , undsrrkds bar can save follow- ing driver's life. Too many are broken, like one spotted by author SchulU above. However, there also were no rdgns warning of the steep grade, which could have prompted the driver to take evasive action. Three children died. Over a period of 17 years, it was discovered, the truck's driver had accumulated 38 violation convictions in eight states, hud his license suspended six times and had been involved in four high- way accidents.

Twenty -one of these traffic convictions, and all suspen- sions and accidents, had occurred in North Carolina, the state from which the driver still held a valid li- cense ut the time of the fatal Rust- burg accident. The truck driver was killed, along with six of the seven occupants of the car. According to NTSB investi- gators, the truck had been exceed- ing the speed limit and there was no evidence of preimpact braking, al- though the truck's brakes were in good condition.

In the previous live years, that driver had been con- victed of driving while under the in- fluence of alcohol, had his license suspended and was involved in two accidents. At the time of the crash, he held a license issued by New Jer- sey that prohibited his driving mo- torcycles.

Of these almost 30, accidents, involved trucks having me- chanical defects. Contributing to the other 28, accidents were truck or light-vehicle driver negli- gence, drinking, fatigue and high- way conditions. To try to keep potentially danger- ous and defective commercial truck and unqualified drivers off the high- way, the transportation depart- ments of federal and state govern- ments conduct unannounced safety checks. One such check, along a Pennsylvania highway last August, gives insight into condition that can cause fatal accidents!

In all, 7 1 trucks were checked. In addi- tion. Don't block the passing lane. As soon as the rig has cleaned your vehicle, switch on your lights for a second, then turn them oft. At night, Hash your high beams, ending up on ihe low beam Don't put the L 1 rights in his eyes.

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