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Taleb distribution

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Quiet Foundation does not make suitability determinations, nor does it make investment recommendations. Small Exchange, Inc. Some critics of the hedge fund industry claim that they generate high fees for investment strategies that follow a Taleb Distribution.

References Wikimedia Foundation. The black swan theory refers to a large impact, hard to predict, and rare event beyond the realm of normal expectations. Martingale betting system — For the generalised mathematical concept, see martingale probability theory.

Originally, martingale referred to a class of betting strategies popular in 18th century France. The simplest of these strategies was designed for a game in which the… … Wikipedia. Value at risk — VaR is a maximum tolerable loss that could occur with a given probability within a given period of time. VaR is a widely applied concept to measure and manage many types of risk, although it is most commonly used to measure and manage the… … Wikipedia.

Mark Spitznagel — at his place in Northport Point, Mich. Mathematical finance — is a field of applied mathematics, concerned with financial markets. The subject has a close relationship with the discipline of financial economics, which is concerned with much of the underlying theory.

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In economics and finance, a Taleb distribution is the statistical profile of an investment which normally provides a payoff of small positive returns. In economics and finance, a Taleb distribution is the statistical profile of an investment which normally provides a payoff of small positive returns, while carrying a small but significant risk of catastrophic losses. Taleb distribution is when there's a big probability of a small gain and low probability of a huge loss. Discover more about this risk-reward profile.