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Absolute vs relative value investing

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Bill: Yeah, I do. Tobias: Even an absolute investor has to be looking at the other opportunities. So, your opportunities might be, you sit in cash until you find something that gets over your hurdle. Or is that a— [crosstalk] Bill: [crosstalk] -you think. Jake: No, the way I think about it is that the first dollar in the portfolio is the easiest one to part with, and the last dollar in the portfolio has the highest hurdle to me. So, as you get out—. We got more.

You want your queen when the chips are really down. Bill: Yeah, I mean, so I was listening to the 7 Investing podcast that they were talking about, I think it was chips. Bill: Yeah, that was my sense from him. I think that this is a good bet, relative to the other bets that I could make. But he also may be wrong, my interpretation of him may be wrong. Jake: Or maybe you have to keep up with some benchmark in order to keep those assets. Tobias: I mean, that might be true.

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But for so long, I think I like really fucked up how I looked at the world by— I had this thing in my head, look down, not up. And really the thing that I should have told myself is think about the skew. It was a mistake. You can also listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast platforms here:.

Using the formula above, we know:. If we want to state the above return on an annual basis, then we would divide the absolute return by the number of years over which the return occurred. The relative return on an investment provides the investor with insights into the performance of the asset relative to a benchmark. By comparing the return of an investment to a benchmark, it's possible to better understand its performance versus alternatives. Since the relative return takes into consideration a benchmark, the calculation is slightly more complex than absolute return:.

Interestingly, the above equation provides additional insights into the relationship between these two measures. Once again, if the investor wants to state the above return on an annual basis, then they would divide the relative return by the number of years.

Now that we know how to calculate each return, it's time to discuss the value each concept provides to investors. Perhaps the easiest way to discuss the worth of each term is to summarize their pros and cons:. Last updated 25th Apr Pros Cons Absolute Return A familiar term to most investors, values can be quickly found in stock and mutual fund prospectuses, simple to calculate. Does not take into consideration the fact investors have choices, relies on investors to compare returns when researching alternatives.

Relative Return Provides investors with insights into the performance of an investment relative to a benchmark. If the benchmark chosen is the rate of inflation, provides investor with growth of money in real terms. Requires more work to calculate, investor needs to select benchmark investment. Unless the benchmark chosen is the rate of inflation, does not provide the investor with an indication of real growth.

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Absolute Value vs. Relative value is the opposite of absolute value. While. Relative value is a method of determining an asset's worth that takes into account the value of similar assets. This is in contrast with absolute value, which. In this case, the valuation is conducted based upon the market value of the assets that the firm currently owns. The present value of each asset is derived and.