linkedin ipo performance
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Linkedin ipo performance calendrier eco investing in the stock

Linkedin ipo performance

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The stock doubled in the first few minutes of trading Thursday. Investor demand for Yandex shares has reportedly been so high that the company may finish taking orders earlier than scheduled. But upcoming IPO offerings are not limited to the internet sector. The activity is also global. Commodities giant Glencore made its debut in London Thursday, becoming the U.

But while stock market volatility is not expected to stop the deal flow, it may put downward pressure on prices. The good news—so far this year, investors have been making money in IPOs. The average IPO has returned 9. Learn more and compare subscriptions content expands above. Full Terms and Conditions apply to all Subscriptions. Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Other options. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Subscribe for full access. Search the FT Search.

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In comparison, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft are trading between 2 and 3 times revenues and between 9 and 15 times earnings. Clearly, investors feel that LinkedIn has a very bright future, even if it takes years for its fundamentals to catch up to the valuation.

LinkedIn has an incredible channel: there are hundreds of products that it could acquire and distribute to its clients at fantastic margins. But, what should they buy? Every entrepreneur looking for an exit is waiting in line to talk to LinkedIn now.

Their corporate development folks are the Justin Bieber of the tech industry — everyone wants an autograph. And, with their stock trading where it is, they should be able to write deals that really move the needle. Not really. LinkedIn is a Swiss Army knife. Remarkably, it actually does a damn fine job at these things. LinkedIn is not a communication platform. Hence, LinkedIn is a professional network, not a social network.

People spend hours logged into Facebook every day; only sales people and recruiters spend that kind of time in LinkedIn. LinkedIn may be the best source of candidate leads for recruiters today, but Facebook has the most long term potential. Seriously, is any one reading what any one else is saying? That said, it is an incredible tool for content distribution.

When content is compelling, relevant and timely, Twitter spreads the word faster than any thing else on the planet. The mainstream media learned that lesson on May 1st. Get in Touch. Log In. Solutions What size is your agency? Start Up. Small to Midsize. By Role. By Specialty. Learn More. Small to Midsize With over 20 years of experience, Bullhorn solutions are purpose-built to help recruitment agencies reach that next phase of growth. By Role Reduce busy work so recruiters can do what they do best — build relationships Recruiting.

Streamline onboarding and back office processes, plus gain actionable business insights Operations. Achieve true financial performance reporting from start to finish Finance. Securities and Exchange Commission. LinkedIn said that it expects its rate of revenue growth to decline and that it does not expect to be profitable on a GAAP basis in due to investments in its growth.

Some privately held shares are traded on secondary markets such as SharesPost. But their value so far has depended more on buzz than fundamental knowledge of the company's finances. Investor interest in privately held Web companies such as Facebook, Zynga and Groupon, which recently rejected a takeover bid from Google, is surging.

Earlier this week Demand Media, which publishes articles online, saw its shares gain by more than a third. The company, co-founded in by ex-PayPal executive Reid Hoffman, has not yet decided how many shares to sell or determined a price range. Got a news tip for our journalists?

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