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Foundation investment partners

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Assets are readily available for grantmaking at all times. This option is available only for Donor Advised Funds. With the cash option, the Fund is held in cash or cash-equivalent to preserve capital without risk or appreciation, and is readily available for grantmaking at all times.

Therefore, the investment management concepts and best practices contained within Connecticut law, such as the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, and the Uniform Prudent Investors Act form the basis of our investment philosophy and strategy. A Spending Rate, which is determined annually by The Community Foundation's Board of Directors, equal to the greater of: a Fixed percentage 1 of the endowment assets available for investment based on a trailing five-year moving average; or b Four and One-Quarter Percent 4.

The Corporation's a long-term asset allocation model 1 for the Perpetual Fund is as follows:. The sub-advisors are retained to perform specific asset class services in accordance with The Corporation's i long-term asset allocation model for the Commingled Fund ii The Perpetual Fund.

The Corporation and The Community Foundation measure and assess its investment performance monthly, both manager-by-manager and cumulatively, through an external third party. Investment performance for the Perpetual Fund is assessed against two benchmarks, as follows:. Donor Central Donate Now Search. It differs from traditional money market funds by investing in longer maturities and lower-rated credits to attempt to generate excess relative returns.

Unlike a money market account, the Enhanced Cash Pool's market value will fluctuate. The Money Market portfolio contains U. Government securities with an average portfolio maturity of less than 90 days and FDIC insured certificates of deposit with a duration of one year or less. The Money Market portfolio is designed to make liquid assets available in order to meet annual cash requirements. It also provides a vehicle for donors who would like their contributions to earn income at current money market rates while ensuring the preservation of principal.

The rate of income varies depending on short-term interest rates. The objective of the CommunityFirst Pool is to invest its assets in loans to nonprofit organizations within the local community. It provides an effective option for those seeking the liquidity and low risk of a money market investment, with guaranteed higher returns 0. While it offers a lower interest rate than in the past, it will nevertheless compare favorably to other money market investment options.

There is also no potential loan loss risk for individual donors. A local nonprofit contacts MCF to apply for a loan as it is unable to go through traditional financial institutions due to tight restrictions or perceived risk. They also have the opportunity to access hands-on financial training and technical assistance, should they be interested. When the loan is repaid, assets are returned to the Pool and they are reinvested for future lending. Performance of investment pools through April 30, net of investment fees, with benchmarks provided for comparisons :.

About MCF. Investment Strategies MCF's investment strategy is designed to achieve superior returns while moderating risk to enable donors to maximize their philanthropic impact. Equity Pool The equity portfolio seeks to earn strong long term returns by allocating its assets to a well diversified mix of US equities, international equities, and hedge funds.

FutureFirst Pool The objective for the FutureFirst Pool is to invest its assets in global equity securities that produce long-term growth and that reflect mission-centric values by avoiding investments in fossil fuel and tobacco. Fixed Income Pool The objective of the fixed income portfolio is to seek yields that are more durable and usually higher than those available from the Money Market portfolio.

Enhanced Cash Pool This pool is designed to improve on the returns provided by a typical money market vehicle. CommunityFirst Pool The objective of the CommunityFirst Pool is to invest its assets in loans to nonprofit organizations within the local community. There is no investment fee associated with this investment option.

How It Works. Donors can invest a portion of their assets into the CommunityFirst Pool. There is no minimum initial investment for a donor; there is no investment fee. Investment Committee MCF's Investment Committee, made up of volunteer professionals in the investment industry, guides the investment strategies of the Foundation.

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Foundation Investment Partners is a private equity firm focused on acquiring niche manufacturers, high value added distributors, outsourced business service. Founded in , Foundation Investment Partners is a private equity firm based in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The firm is focused on acquiring niche manufacturers. We are a private investment company that invests in a wide variety of small to medium businesses, covering a wide variety of sectors. Get in touch today.