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Alfa-Forex has been in the forex industry since The broker is a part of Alfa Group, a Russian consortium with businesses in banking, insurance, investment, a waterworks company and supermarket chains. The goal of this Alfa-Forex review is to inform you of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make a clear choice whether you wish to trade with them. Traders also can trade demo to get used to the platform and test how everything works, which is a useful asset for beginner traders. The offers with alfa forex broker deposit of the platforms are:. The minimum lot size is 0. The offered minimum lot size is 0.

Forex megadroid my fx book forex 30 03

Forex megadroid my fx book

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This EA does not follow that rule. To be honest, I am not sure if I will use it much longer. IT does not trade often. When it does most of the profits if made any are small. During this last week I traded manualy also using the AshFXv2 strategy. All the manual trades ended in profit. Then, yesterday, Megadroid came into action and wiped out all of my profits made in the previous days. It does OK for a month or two, then it does a huge loss, sometimes followed by another huge loss.

Then it starts taking back, the second loss is covered, your closing on break even, then smack, two huge losses again. It will win 60 units for each 70 unit loss. My Megadroid has been on the shelf since the first couple weeks it was released. I have been trading for years but when the droid took out the trade as it was coming back into profit quite quickly I might ad I shut it down. I have the newest version…waiting. Looks very promising. I think this bot is already sold out..

Have had Megadroid for a couple of months now. IT made small trades for about a month and now sits on the Chart doing nothing. The Megadroid team were fairly responsive in the early days but all I hear from them now is them pushing other products which are mostly rubbish.

It seems once they have got your money, they are no longer interested apart from the affiliate money they try to rake in. Are you trading live? Hey guys, just wanted to add something about Droid. I have this bot since summer last year. I have to admit that this is the best EA I have ever used. Very safe, very good recovery sense.

It will close the trade if it feels uncertain and will not jump in untill that particular momentum has changed. This EA works best on five digit broker. Only drawback is it does not trade very often but that does not bother me at all. This ea made me money when it was first released. What version are they on now, I have heard that many are still making money with it. I am using v4 very successfully, since I changed to this version the results are much better than the earlier versions.

Hi Geoff, Who is your broker? This EA was always very profitable and accurate for me. The only problem is that sometimes it would trade only once a month. BH—just updated my droid and testing. Sat on the shelf a long time.

GL trading all. It was a different storey on Alpari. I use Megadroid in liteforex. Personaly i opened on liteforex. Howevr, I want to ask which is the best broker where to use Megadroid? How does the demo work? Do you trade with non real money and see if you would have made a profit or not? Is that how all the forex machines work?? I think Megadroid is a waste of valuable space and resources. It is sooooo conservative and is obviously setup to make little to no losses but unfortunately because it is so tight, it almost never trades.

Bottom line is …. They work now and then, make nice consistant profits now and then but ultimately all they do is draw the account down with a few LARGE losses that ultimately wipe out the account. Has anyone tried Forex Hijacker from Canonbury publishing or Pro Auto trader recommended by Vladimer Ribakov who has seemed trustworthy and genuine in the past. Guys go to casino with some fund and make profit and have wonderful time rather than wasting time on these sort of money management robots.

I am Portfolio Manager- Its skills which requires to provide good performance, robots cant act on sudden market movements. So better not to expect money to be played for 4 times of profit. I would recommend Casino for those investors. LOL, I think a very wise comment xxx. Certainly a lot more fun and less stressful……LOL. It is quite reliable but takes very few trades.

If you want to fall asleep in front of your computer, I recommend it!! Hi, I agreed that its a conservative robot and usually trade 2 hrs before and after Asian open cos its in a ranging market and therefore very safe. For a 1k account,tp would be about a few dollars which sometimes barely cover the electricity bill. I would recommed it hoping for better result. I purchased Megadroid almost 2 years ago — I think that it was Version 1. After 3 big loses wiped out all of my wins and more,I decided to put it on the shelf.

I decided to try it again a few months ago with Version 1. Yes,it trades infrequently and garners about 5 pips on average. There is now a setting that prevents opening trades during a dangerously unstable market. From my experience, Megadroid robot is a tough, rugged EA that consistently pulls in profits, well better than any other robot out there, it has not done well though the past few years but updates can change all that and that can make it better and more profitable.

I am a beginner in Forex trading. I am still working on DEMO accounts. I have loaded some Auto Traders and have following observations. The auto trader initiates trade whenever there is a signal but does not close the trade when the opposite signal is generated. It even generates more buy trades if the signal is strong but the buy trade continues for a long time even when the trade conditions are reversed means that buy trade turns from long to short This therefore either reduces the profit or generates heavy loses in the trade.

Is there any auto trading software that will close the previous trade deal and end the buy trade when the reversal takes place. Will your Mega Droid be able to do this operation. Guys, I have only just entered the world of Forex, but listen to the nay sayers when it comes to Bots. Would you get into an aero plane and expect to be able to fly it after just a few months training?

Would you perform open-heart surgery after a week of looking at medical forums? Long-term, these BOTS will fail! The results, like any gambling systems may look impressive short-term but will eventually clean you out. I know it hurts. You wanted the quick, easy fix. So far I have not seen one trade. I know I am connected because I can see the data on the screen.

I can trade manually but no droid action. The support group has not been able to help. Can anyone make a suggestion? Also Megadroid does not trade often, you must have your PC on hours to figure out what time period it prefers to trade, once you have figured that out you only have to turn your PC on at these times for Megadroid to work. Hope it helps some newbies like me! Hi, I know very little about currency trading.

Just opened a new acct with Forex. Will your product work with forex. What are the preferred settings? What is it and do I need it for your system to work? Why is that? Ask you broker, if you are not sure about how big it is. I sent an email asking how is it possible EA not obey risk setting.. THE most important thing.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Artificial Intelligence automated software currency trading eurusd forex autopilot forex bot forex trading profitable trades review trading software. EUxit August 29, Binary Trust Method August 28, Forex Libra Code August 28, Terran Capital August 23, Great features! Is this also advisable for beginner traders?

Yes, it is. Most of these robots are made with the beginners in mind. Herman 13 years ago. Thank you, Pascal. Yes, you can turn it off. Suresh Agarwal 13 years ago. Pls reply to me. Suresh 13 years ago. Can tell me few sites where i can get genuine review on the same forex bots. Adong 12 years ago. Elaman 12 years ago. Peter J Shepherd 12 years ago. Harry 12 years ago. E Hall 12 years ago. It will take most people a year to wake up.

Olawale Ibrahim 12 years ago. It runs on MT4, so as long as that works, megadroid will work too. VJW 12 years ago. David 12 years ago. Thomas Paul 12 years ago. Ale 12 years ago. Nimrod 12 years ago. Admin, This is addressed to you. Do they have any upsells after you have paid for the Megadroid? I was on the website and there is no purchase price or info, how can i buy this software. Detlef 12 years ago. Bob Bridges 12 years ago. Epenny 12 years ago. Appreciate your clrarification.

Dave 12 years ago. Thanks much appreciated. Bernard 12 years ago. Adomas 12 years ago. ACB 12 years ago.