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Vision driven investing

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Cost based pricing investopedia forex In fact, some investors were quite upset that we missed the opportunity to exit some investments in our first fund in when the market was in a bubble. Our bimonthly newsletter is packed with perspectives from our ecosystem of leading tech companies. The 15 elements of Vision Driven Investing could be thought of as 15 perspectives, like places to look red sequin vest and ask questions from. Some of our investors doubted our ability to exit. We were the only PE firm investing in Vietnam at the time, but we totally blew any first-mover advantage that we might have had by making ill-considered investments. What emerged was a new model of Private Equity, ontological bitcoin binary options trading nature, grounded in who people are and how things occur to them, rather than the traditional knowledge-and-solutions approach of most private equity firms. Therefore, standing in our shared commitment to each of our investee click their visions, we have designed our involvement in such a way that our investee companies take actions to create for themselves ways of looking at things that lead to breakthroughs in performance necessary for their vision to be achieved.
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Advertisement Contact us. June 21, E-Paper E-Magazine. Property Green Buildings Industrial Properties. World News. Top News. Special Edition. About us. Contact us. Subscription Form. Not Found. Bao Dau Tu. Tin Nhanh Chung Khoan. Mekong Capital officially sells 75 per cent holding in Loc Troi Mekong Capital, a Vietnam-focused private equity firm specialising in consumer-driven businesses, announced that its Vietnam Azalea Fund VAF had sold 75 per cent of its stakes in Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company Loc Troi , a plant protection, seedling supply, and food processing firm.

Consumer-driven sectors shall thrive Mekong Capital has been prospering due to consistently successful investments in various funds over the past years and the company is upbeat with the coming to life of its Mekong Enterprise Fund III as well as the business outlook in Going smarter remains realm of the giants. Developing with the times in press sphere. I was extremely unsure how this would turn out. In the end, I tried to calm down and invited the founders of Rever into the Zoom meeting room.

And then we only asked beautiful questions. Ellie was my partner and we kept digging deeper. And 20 times I had to stop myself. If so, what should I do? I was really about to explode, but I got that the vision for Rever would be at risk if I would do that, so I let Manh, Van, and Loi dance in the conversation.

Instead of job descriptions or processes, Manh was standing with us in the future of Rever having the board that they needed. This was extremely exciting to us and I and Ellie were smiling ear to ear. I was so excited I shut up…. Within a week all board members, the observers of the board got invited and Manh led the creation of the board vision. He came prepared and fully owned the intention.

He created an online tool to get live feedback from the board members and in 2 sessions the new Rever board vision got co-created:. We come with an open and authentic soul to listen deeply and create an empty and safe space for transformation and honesty. We co-create new perspectives and inspire the Rever team to dream big. This is who we are, and I would not even want to think what would have happened if I would have tried to tell the founders what to do. This all happened because we stood in the future for Rever and not what we wanted or our agenda.

Source: Quotes Wiki. Mekong Capital makes investments in consumer-driven businesses and adds substantial value to those companies based on its proven framework called Vision Driven Investing. In January , Mekong Capital founder Chris Freund published Crab Hotpot, a story about a bunch of crabs who found themselves stuck in a boiling pot.

But as one continues reading, it becomes clear that the work has an important message about organizational transformation, leadership and focusing on a clear vision for the future. The book is available on Tiki Hard copy : bit.

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