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Suit vest buttons

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There are various buttoning rules for both the top and bottom buttons of your waistcoat that you should make sure that you follow — they are traditional, and functional. When wearing a waistcoat, you should leave the bottom button undone.

On a double breasted waistcoat, this buttoning etiquette is less important, though, you should still preferably leave the bottom right button undone:. You are also permitted to unbutton the top button of your single breasted vest. This is when someone wears a vest that is made from the same fabric as the rest of the suit, with the suit jacket and trousers:. Not only does it look awesome, but also practically helps to keep you warm, and hide your untucking shirt.

In fact, some guys like to just wear a suit trousers and waistcoat , to dress the look down. In any case, wearing a waistcoat with a suit is a more formal look that is very suitable for weddings or formal events. However, I have seen some cases where people try to make a two piece suit a three piece by wearing a waistcoat that is almost, but not quite, an exact match.

For example, someone wearing a navy suit with a vest that comes from another navy suit — the colour will likely be slightly off, or the material could be different. Avoid it! But what exactly does this do? Well, it mixes things up, and is an incredible head turner — every time I do this correctly, I receive complements. Consequently, as the vest is generally front and centre , this means that it will likely make or break your look. Again, it is all about creating a medium contrast — it might take a bit of experimentation, but when you get there, it will look absolutely incredible, and work for you.

As I already mentioned previously, wearing a separate waistcoat that is too similar to your jacket looks bad. In the previous case, they were trying to get away with it — in this case, the problem is that there is too low of a contrast.

Another problem I see is when guys wear a vest that is too high contrast — they take the above advice, and turn it up to For example, someone wearing a white waistcoat with a black suit — you should aim to create a cohesive look with a medium contrast.

Knitted vests and cardigans are simply awesome, and can both be worn in the same was as a third layer. They are a more casual take on the traditional waistcoat, but are still formal enough to be worn with a suit. For example, you can easily match a navy suit with a bottle green or burgundy knitted waistcoat, colours that might not look quite right with a traditional vest.

On top of this, the texture of the cardigan is the main part that sets the suit and vest apart, so there is no worry of it blending in. Personally, I exclusively wear cardigans the long sleeved version , as I feel knitted waistcoats can look a bit dated. I have personally never worn a chain or pocket watch with a vest, but I really do appreciate the look, especially on an outfit like Steve McQueen wears in the Thomas Crown Affair.

If you decide you like the look, you would wear a tie clip the same way as usual, and follow the correct tie clip rules. In this circumstance, you can bring in most colours, patterns and materials. This is, again, not necessary with casual wear. A lot more guys are wanting to wear their vests with jeans and denim, and this is absolutely fine.

Also, I would try to match the thickness of your waistcoat to your jeans. For example, if you have heavier denim fabric , wear a thicker waistcoat, and if you have a lighterweight jean fabric, wear a lighter waistcoat. As a general pointer, an outfit consisting of the following items is a good place to start when wearing a vest casually:. Compiling all of the faux pas previously mentioned in this guide and throwing in a few new ones for good measure , here is a concrete list of things that I would avoid doing when wearing a waistcoat:.

So, now you know everything about how to wear a waistcoat properly — but where are the best places to get them from? Most suit retailers give you the option of purchasing a vest with your ensemble, giving you the opportunity to pull off that sweet three piece look. I have a couple of their waistcoats, and I find them to be of extremely good build quality.

On top of this, as they offer a special selection, the styles are a bit more adventurous than typical brands, as most brands just offer vests as part of a matching, conservative suit. The first is a full custom experience, where you go in store, and talk with a specialist who measures you, and builds a custom vest or suit, trousers etc with you.

As you may know, I used to work for Charles Tyrwhitt, which gave me the opportunity to take a really deep dive into their product line, and styling options. They only offer matching waistcoats for a suit, and lack a designated range, however, you are able to purchase them separately. Another difference of these pricier suits are the details, which, among other things, includes a double breasted waistcoat with a shawl collar:.

The good thing is that they still allow you to purchase the vest separately from the suit, giving you another really good option if you want something a bit more unique. This is especially true as most of these luxury suits feature bolder patterns, usually with checks. And, hey, if you want, you can purchase the whole suit, with a matching funky waistcoat. Prevent the buttons from popping.

When seated, unbuttoning allows you to sit more comfortable, prevents wrinkles and keeps the buttons from popping. Suits are tailored with the assumption that the bottom button will never be fastened. The most common men's suits are a single-breasted suit with one button, two buttons, three buttons, and a double-breasted suit. One-Button Suit Jackets. Because of its origins in traditional eveningwear designs, one-button suit jackets are often cut longer than other types of suits.

Keeping the button fastened maintains a balanced proportion. Two-Button Suit Jackets. The traditional way to button a two-button jacket is to Always fasten the top button and leave the lower undone. Three-Button Suit Jackets. When standing, it is optional to button the top, the middle always , and the bottom never. Double-breasted jackets are almost always worn buttoned. If you plan to leave some buttons undone, it is most traditional to fasten the top button. Regular Fit.

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How to Wear a Vest or Men's Waistcoat When Layering The Stylish Way - Gentleman's Gazette

When you're seated, definitely unbutton. Sitting with your jacket buttoned puts unnecessary stress on the button closure which in turn can lead. On jackets that are designed with two front buttons, only the top button should be buttoned. No exceptions. This allows your jacket to fall. The three-button suit comes with a simple rule: "sometimes, always, never." It means you should sometimes fasten the top button (if you feel.