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Forex triangles videos

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Expanding Triangle. The model appears rather seldom and means a condition of long uncertainty after completion of a strong trend. Then swing traders begin to shake the price, forming of model begins by the weak movement on low amounts, and then the construction gradually extends due to the opening of new positions. It is extremely dangerous to work on expanding Triangle as the accurate signal on an entrance arises only in case of true breakthrough and fixing to figure bounds.

But if it happens, then the price with the most probability will move in the direction of the breakthrough. If the scope of an expanding Forex Triangle rather small, then it is better to wait until the price is determined the direction. If the model already has an amplitude at the level of a daily average volatility, then you may try to trade in the Forex Triangle by regular rules, using retests of bounds as a kickback in one of the sides, at least, to the average line of a pattern.

Example of symmetrical Triangle. Breakthrough of the bound of a pattern will be the first signal which shall draw our attention, then you should wait for a retest at least — one! StopLoss you may arrange both behind the last significant fractal, or according to a regular money management.

Further, you may draw the stop by trailing, with the fixed step or, for instance, on key points of ATR. After one order operated the second is recommended to remove. The accurate model is on the scheme, the fact of breakthrough and retest from top to down the upper bound is visible. The breakthrough was false, the placed BuyStop wasn't necessary, the price was turned down, broke the lower bound and SellStop located below test min successfully fulfilled.

Initial StopLoss was located above the last local maximum. More difficult version of the Forex Triangle — Wedge model. Unlike the relative Wedge depends on a market situation much more from the amount of speculators in the market and equally maybe a turn figure, and a figure of a continuation of a trend.

Geometrically Wedge looks as a regular trend construction channel , that is both bounds shall be sent to one side. Turning Wedge goes along the current trend, and Wedge of a continuation develops a correction. Sometimes Wedge reminds very much the Triangle with flat bound, but if on the Triangle market makers specially create conditions for accumulation of orders near key levels, then in the case with Wedge these orders reflect real market interest and are created by a regular method, but constantly the same speculators get off them by short-term transactions in large volume.

The subsequent sharp return of the price to the figure range just also says that at the moment the impulse in this side isn't interesting to serious players, and they just earn on market plankton. Much more time and accurate, but not necessarily «cool» trend will be required to really create the Wedge according to the theory.

The Wedge can be bull or bear, in the direction of a trend Wedge continuations or against it Wedge of a turn , but on any trade assets such medium-term or longer model is steadily fulfilled. All models of Wedge on the timeframe less than an hour have the mass of false signals and are quickly enough transformed to more habitual, popular patterns.

Depth amplitude of kickback gradually decreases as the market prepares for a turn. Further, depending on amount against a trend, either a complete change of the direction or correction is implemented. The ascending wedge signals about the pressure of sellers growth is slowed down , that is the prices still update the current maxima, but in general amplitude decreases and the figure meeting up is created.

In the case of wedge fulfilled you have to track trade volumes in the course of forming, and dynamics of amounts reminds not a Triangle, and one more its option — the Pennant model. Trade on a Wedge figure.

An arrangement of orders are adjusted in process of movement as close as possible to the break price:. To reduce mistakes in case of false breakthroughs, you may put postponed orders on the previous fractal. For the turning model which is usually created on the weakening trend requires confirmation from additional indicators: bull wedge will turn a trend down, and bear — up.

The model on «floor» of the market is shown below. Often Wedge of continuations looks as a usual correction to a strong tendency. The example is lower: after a retest, we put SellStop under the next minimum, StopLoss on max of a retest. Work rules with a Wedge figure.

Wedge — a figure rather difficult, because of permanent updating of extrema it is difficult to identify and fulfill it. The main model problem — its instability. The correct estimation of a trend and determination of key points is necessary, and in the case of creation of a figure it is recommended to use closing prices to take away speculative «tails». In process of movement, you should adjust the bound. One more popular strategy of trade on Wedge model is below — an entrance in a swit-zone a zone from the previous extremum to figure bound.

Some practical notes on the Triangle model. Force of a trading signal directly depends on the direction of the figure and the direction of a breakthrough as all Triangle models belong to the class of graphical models of double interpretation. According to a classical technical analysis, at least 5 waves requires to the identification of the Triangle, and a total number of waves in a zone of model shall be odd.

Both lines are considered as active after, at least, two contacts. The patterns created in the period, not below H1 are considered as stable. After the breakthrough, the brought bound changes the meaning, and the price «become entitled» to execute kickback from the new level before a new trend. It is considered that very quickly exit out of the zone of the model becomes when the last wave of the Triangle doesn't reach the bound and is turned earlier. The breakthrough of bounds may be at the end of a strong impulse and to be false, for instance, strong news in direct proximity from bound quite can break the model.

Unsuccessful breakthrough and return to a model zone in case of gradual reduction of trade volumes can create further a symmetrical Forex Triangle and as a result, construct a strong turning pattern «Diamond». To exclude an entrance to the transaction on false break, it is recommended to wait for closing of a key candle which has broken the bound.

We enter in the direction of a breakthrough only subject to closing of a candle abroad of the model. If the candle is closed in the Triangle, a breakthrough can be considered false. Careful trade inside of any Triangle is allowed only in case of rather wide but not maximum!

If amplitude too big, then the market is almost ready to make the decision, and it is worth expecting either breakthrough of bounds, or transition in fl a t in an average zone of a figure as a rule, before the closing of the week or long holidays. Such trade inside the model isn't recommended to beginners at all.

And as the conclusion …. The uncertainty of the market just is also shown that the Forex Triangle figure meets most often. Externally all versions of the Triangle reflect dynamic market balance when players on both sides actively try, but can't temporarily shift the price in a certain direction.

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TRIANGLES: How to use them? Vid#36 [FREE Tutorial] Technical Analysis - Is this the BEST Pattern?

Forex Triangle Patterns · What is a Triangle Chart Pattern? · Why Triangle Patterns Work in Forex? · Symmetrical Triangle · Ascending Triangle. Jan 19, - Triangle Chart Pattern Triangle is very good tools for technical analysis. This chart pattern is very common in Forex market and easy to. Everything about the Descending Triangle Pattern for you to start profiting easily. By professional Forex Trader who makes 6 figures a trade.