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Horizontal forex volume indicator investing in reits uk national lottery

Horizontal forex volume indicator

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For me, the daily chart is enough. We explored the timeframes relevant for the chart analysis and found out that we should analyze the history of no longer than three months. Now, we shall explore the horizontal volume and how it is displayed in the trading terminals.

Well, trading volume indicates the market activity and the liquidity traded at a particular level. So, the higher is the volume, the more traders put their orders at the level, and the more critical it for our chart analysis. Vertical volumes indicate the number of transactions completed during a specific period.

Horizontal volumes sum up trade volume during a period and distribute it at a particular price level. The horizontal volume indicator at the bottom of the chart shows that market liquidity has significantly increased since February We can conclude that the uptrend is rather strong, as the higher is the liquidity, the stronger is the price move.

Besides, we can see the horizontal volumes, displayed by the histogram on the right, are high at levels 1. Note that on March 12, , the price rebounded up from level 1. It means that a big trader decided to insure the long position from the price fall and bought a significant euro volume. So, one can put a stop loss below the next level of volume accumulation, which is above 1. Why did I choose Jan 15 as a point for calculating the volume?

I selected that date because the first two weeks of the new year feature low liquidity. The money comes into the market starting from the third week. I should note, however, the choice of the starting point of the reference point is subjective. The reference point is usually the beginning of a calendar month, the beginning of a trend, or any other period that makes trading sense.

Now, let me explain how to use the horizontal volumes indicator in the hourly timeframe. The starting point is the beginning of the uptrend, Feb As the histogram shows, the maximum trading volume is around 1. Below, there is the support level of the longer timeframe, 1. A stop loss should be above 1. A right stop loss level is around the high at 1. Therefore, if you combine the support and resistance levels indicated by the horizontal volumes with other technical analysis methods, you will have a more precise market situation.

Your analysis will base on not only technical tools of the price chart analysis but also on the market liquidity. So, your trading performance will be higher. In conclusion, I want to answer a reasonable question, where do the volumes come from if the Forex market does not have a centralized trading place. There is one little trick here.

As a rule, the most correct will be the so-called real trading volumes in futures contracts and stocks, but you have to pay for such volumes because real-time data are quite expensive. However, instead of real volumes, you can use the so-called tick volume, which measures the number of price ticks over a specified period. As my personal experience shows, there is a little difference between real and tick volumes. So, you can save up time and money. You can download free horizontal volumes indicator on the developer website.

The only limitation of this method is that the indicator will start calculating the volumes only from the moment it is installed. The sooner you install this indicator on your trading chart, the faster it will help you make money. I wish you good profits. Did you like my article? Ask me questions and comment below. I'll be glad to answer your questions and give necessary explanations. Home Blog Professionals Horizontal volumes indicator in Forex trading. Rate this article:. Need to ask the author a question?

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Now, we shall explore the horizontal volume and how it is displayed in the trading terminals. Well, trading volume indicates the market activity. The horizontal volume or the Market Profile is a visual representation of interchange of periods of market balances and imbalances. It shows trading activity at. In this video we explain how to use Horizontal Volumes Indicators for the Forex Market Trading. Volumes on currencies differ from stocks, so it is important.