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Baba stock forecast 2021

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Strong Sell. Alicia Yap. Jiong Shao. Colin Sebastian. Youssef Squali. Alex Yao. James Lee. Jerry Liu. Charlene Liu. Scott Devitt. BABA is forecast to generate Avg 1 year Forecast. Avg 2 year Forecast. Avg 3 year Forecast. BABA's earnings are forecast to BABA's revenue is forecast to BABA's revenues are forecast to More regulations followed in August to curb collusion among Chinese tech giants. In September, worries about debt-soaked real-estate giant Evergrande led to an As China imposes further restrictions on big companies — namely concerning how customer data is used — this is likely to continue to be an issue.

The global economy is recovering as mass-vaccination continues, but the global supply-chain crunch and the war in Ukraine could continue to hold it back. BABA is a brand well-known in China, the world's second-biggest economy, and has built a following elsewhere around the globe, which may make it an appealing prospect for some investors.

However, it is essential to do your own research before investing in anything. Fluctuations in stock prices are normal and you should only invest as much as you are willing to lose. Refer a friend and get a two-way bonus. By using the Currency.

By Connor Sephton. Alibaba Group Holding Limited. What is your sentiment on BABA? Vote to see community's results! Why not give BABA a try? Start trading Try Demo. Start trading. Trader sentiment on leverage. Sell Is Alibaba stock a good buy? Will Alibaba stock go up? Should I buy Alibaba stock? Alibaba stock jumps as Jack Ma visits Europe. Stock tips: five things to do if the stock market falls.

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Should you buy or sell Alibaba stock stock today? What is the projected target price level for ? How much will it cost in ? We predict the dynamics of the stock market value using resonant artificial intelligence systems. Technical, fundamental analyzes, news background, general geopolitical situation in the world and other factors are taken into account. The forecasts table above shows the forecast values of the company's stock price for each month.

The MIN Rate column displays a pessimistic forecast for this month. The portal leoprophet. Operations in the stock, foreign exchange and commodity markets involve a high level of risk, and you are solely responsible for your operations. Only speculate with money that you can afford to lose. All prices and forecasts for stocks, indices, futures are indicative and should not be trade dependent.

The portal is not responsible for any losses that you may incur as a result of using this data. Detailed predictions for Alibaba stock. AMC Entertainment. Churchill Capital Corp IV. Ford Motor. All currency forecasts. All stock predictions. All cryptocurrency predictions. All stock index forecasts. Alibaba BABA stock forecast for Alibaba stock price online today.

Forecasts are adjusted once a day taking into account the price change of the previous day. Today Day Moving Average is the resistance level BABA Forecast for Alibaba stock forecast for this year. Denial of responsibility: The portal leoprophet. Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Aptiv PLC. Booking Holdings Inc. Boyd Gaming Corp. Carvana Co. Week 21 On Stock Market Click to watch. Let's make money! Subscribed already? Log in. Create an account. Score: 0. Weaker Hold. Stronger Stock.

BABA Stock Trend The stock lies in the middle of a very wide and falling trend in the short term and further fall within the trend is signaled. Some cases might produce unexpected results such as negative prices at the end of the trend. About Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

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The obvious fear is that if the CCP decides private tutoring companies can't earn a profit, which companies are next. The reality is that the CCP wants to reel in the tech sector, but China needs tech to meet the country's global goals. The threat for a company like BABA is real, but don't expect the CCP to hit the company with anything that would jeopardize its ability to compete in the long term against its U. Outside nationalization and banned profits, the biggest fear from foreign investors is China's financial decoupling from the rest of the world, which could make any currently held Chinese stocks worthless or significantly devalued.

While there has been a flurry of regulation recently, the relationship between the U. There are three fears around financial decoupling that are weighing heavily on investors' minds:. I described what happens to a delisted company in a previous article , and for a company like Alibaba that's widely known to the investment community, the practical impact would be minimal with other methods available to trade the stock. Forced delisting fears stem from the U.

When it comes to the VIE structure, many of the companies caught in the regulatory crosshairs are listed in the U. Andy Rothman of Matthews Asia paraphrased a Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission CSRC on a call with Chinese brokerages and stated that recent regulations were not an attempt to restrict foreign capital and that the variable interest entity VIE structure remains necessary and important to Chinese markets.

It was Mr. Rothman's conclusion that the vice chairman was acknowledging that they didn't get the communication around this regulation right. The vice chairman's words may comfort some, but I need to see some action backing up those words. With these actions, China has made it clear that it welcomes foreign investment and the VIE structure is an important part of that strategy. Foreign ownership bans on Chinese stocks are primarily a risk for U. This possibility worries me more than delisting or the VIE situation because we've actually seen bans imposed when the U.

Because the U. Furthermore, the prohibitions take effect fairly quickly, meaning forced selling from a large portion of the market will lead to investor losses. The issues created by the HFCAA are not difficult to resolve, and a delisting wouldn't prevent BABA from being traded, so the possibility of a forced delisting feels like more of an interesting headline than an actual concern. BABA following suit would blur the line and make the company a target for a U. For these reasons, I would be inclined to invest in a smaller Chinese company with a clearly non-military focus if it had fundamentals as good as Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

While painful in the short term, Alibaba's depressed stock price means its share repurchase authorization delivers more bang for the buck, which should be a blessing for long-term shareholders. The combination of a strong balance sheet with billions of free cash flow generated each quarter means BABA is more than capable of making a Tencent-sized "common prosperity" donation with plenty left over for investment and growth.

Its U. This means BABA still has a very clear and untapped growth runway that has become increasingly crowded and mature for its foreign counterparts. This needs to be offset by China specific risks as discussed above, and the fact that BABA still trades at a premium compared with other Chinese companies, particularly outside the mega-cap space. Cut in half from week highs with no deterioration in underlying fundamentals, investors are clearly in a shoot first, ask questions later mode.

That said, the true China stock believers haven't had their faith shaken by government policies and regulations. Ray Dalio penned a piece on LinkedIn warning investors not to "misinterpret these wiggles as changes in trends" suggesting the reactions to both Didi's listing and the education companies are being misdirected towards all Chinese companies.

The team at Matthews Asia made the case in a presentation that recent regulations have not changed their view because the Chinese focus has never been stability, but rather quality of life improvements. I take these endorsements with a grain of salt because investment managers always talk their own book, but the insight that comes with experience is valuable. Unfortunately, the moving averages will provide resistance to the upside, and minor regulatory announcements are still sending Chinese companies into freefall.

A major catalyst would likely have to take the form of serious containment of the Covid delta variant in China, coupled with an extraordinary show of good faith from the CCP to foreign investors. The first will take time, while the second may never come. At a certain point Chinese investors, who harbor much less fear towards their own government will step in to buy domestic stocks. With a little more than four months left in the year, I'm not betting on a significant rebound in As stated earlier, Alibaba seems to be worth more than its current valuation, although there are plenty of Chinese companies that look even more undervalued.

The trend suggests BABA will continue heading lower in the near term before an oversold bounce and sideways consolidation. If you understand the risks associated with options and the strategy fits your risk tolerance, a position like a long-dated, bullish put spread could take advantage of historically high levels of volatility, while limiting downside and providing income during a volatile sideways consolidation.

Ultimately, any price movement in the near term is a guess, and while I do believe BABA's stock is headed higher in the long term, there appear to be greater opportunities in China at the moment. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. The Stock Dudar 1. Making Sense of Fast-Paced Regulation With so much regulation and policy announcements made in rapid succession, it's easy to miss the implications of each individual action.

Wealth Redistribution Chinese President Xi Jinping stated a need for "common prosperity" for China to become a "fully developed" country by This helped fan the speculative flames towards fears of corporate nationalization, but more likely, this statement suggests two things: Higher taxes on the rich, who will subsequently avoid most of them.

A greater show of philanthropic effort by the rich. Impact on Alibaba: Wealth Redistribution The biggest headwind will be the expectation for Alibaba to make donations towards "common prosperity". Education Regulation China placed strict regulations on China's private tutoring which banned profit in core education.

This action by the CCP appears to have three primary motivators: The CCP's ability to control the education of its youth glorifying the party's accomplishments while minimizing its failures. The same discussions around inequality that we're having in the U. China's education bureaucracy complaining that private tutoring companies were stealing all the best teachers. Impact on Alibaba: Education Regulation The obvious fear is that if the CCP decides private tutoring companies can't earn a profit, which companies are next.

Financial Decoupling Outside nationalization and banned profits, the biggest fear from foreign investors is China's financial decoupling from the rest of the world, which could make any currently held Chinese stocks worthless or significantly devalued. There are three fears around financial decoupling that are weighing heavily on investors' minds: Chinese stocks delisting from U.

Those are conditions for opening long positions. A Take Profit target will be the sellers' active zone at around USD marked with a green dotted line. It's here that we can fix a part of profits to avoid losses if the price reverses and crosses the stop line at USD. Stop Loss can be moved to USD to protect a part of profits. Positions can be closed entirely at the latest historical peak of USD. However, bear in mind that it is a long-term target which may not be reached before next year.

For a better understanding of future price movements and volatility levels, I specified an expected price range for each month in the table below. Alibaba Group 's technical analysis is presented by Mikhail Hypov. Below is an Alibaba stock prediction graph for Please remember that a month forecast is very approximate and is subject to change at any time.

Next, we have listed the Alibaba share price forecast table for the first four months of Please keep in mind that any long-term price prediction is often unreliable and is helpful for analysis. Trading and investing do not equal fast money. In this period, the projected stock price of Alibaba is expected to rise. Please remember that such a long-term Alibaba stock price projection is speculation, cannot be seen as realistic, and is subject to change on a daily basis.

Below is an Alibaba stock price prediction for the period This can help us make more reliable BABA predictions. Below is a historical timeline that shows how the price of the BABA stock changed over the past 5 years. Alibaba shares are currently both a good short-term trade and potentially a profitable investment.

Keep in mind that there is pressure on the company — the Chinese government recently called Alibaba on the mat because of several developments at the company. The rate of Alibaba may respond to this. Below is a BABA stock forecast chart for After Alibaba opened distribution centers worldwide, the Chinese government thought it was time to speak with Alibaba after launching a program against monopolies.

In that context, Alibaba received an invitation to come and talk about this. The Chinese government would like Alibaba to apply several rules. For example, the sellers on the platform are not allowed to offer their products to other online stores. The Chinese government also wants more financial supervision of the entire situation around Alibaba. It remains to be seen to what extent the requirements of the Chinese government will adjust Alibaba's business operations and whether it will have a significant effect on the outlook on Alibaba shares.

Keep a close eye on the news about the interventions of the Chinese government in this company. The rules imposed may have far-reaching consequences for the company's global operations. Regulatory approval or disapproval may have an immediate effect on the Alibaba stock price. Are you interested in BABA shares? Make sure to create a free demo account on LiteFinance!

This way, you'll be up to date on all popular stock index info, and the user-friendly interface will come in handy if you decide to start investing or stock trading. At present, Alibaba is a strong buy for the long term, as the share price is expected to go down towards the end of , but the 5-year forecast makes a bull case for the asset. In the fiscal year ending March 31, , the Alibaba Group recorded revenue growth to around This roughly translates to a year return of 72 billion US dollars.

Some analysts see the potential for the share price to rise this year, while others expect it to trade at a price little changed from the current level. You might opt to buy the stock as either a short-term trade or a long-term investment.

Whether you can make a profit on the shares depends on the regulations that the Chinese government imposes on Alibaba. If the government intervenes again, there is a pessimistic view that the Alibaba share price may crash. We can say that Alibaba will make great strides in the future. We are talking about the largest Chinese online store and the largest IPO ever. Alibaba's shares are, therefore, likely to rise in the long run. If we look at the future BABA forecast, it looks like a good idea to buy the stock as either a short-term trader or a long-term investor.

Alibaba already split in the lead-up to the overall stock market volatility. On July 16, , BABA shareholders voted in favor of an eight-for-one stock split with a one-year deadline to implement. Keep in mind that no one can predict with certainty how much BABA stocks will cost in the long run.

Also, the BABA stock is currently going through a correction, which is the reason the quote price is going down on low timeframes. Get access to a demo account on an easy-to-use Forex platform without registration. Start trading right now. Trading account Demo account. Is it a good time to invest in Alibaba? Is Alibaba going to crash? Is it still worth investing in Alibaba? Is Alibaba a good long-term stock? Is Alibaba going to split? What will Alibaba stock be worth in 10 years?

Why is Alibaba stock going down? Rate this article:. Need to ask the author a question? Please, use the Comments section below. Start Trading Cannot read us every day?

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The 48 analysts offering month price forecasts for Alibaba Group Holding Ltd have a median target of , with a high estimate of and a low. Based on 18 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for Alibaba in the last 3 months. The average price target is $ with a. On average, analysts forecast that BABA's EPS will be $ for , with the lowest EPS forecast at $, and the highest EPS forecast at $ In