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Alfa-Forex has been in the forex industry since The broker is a part of Alfa Group, a Russian consortium with businesses in banking, insurance, investment, a waterworks company and supermarket chains. The goal of this Alfa-Forex review is to inform you of their advantages and disadvantages, so you can make a clear choice whether you wish to trade with them. Traders also can trade demo to get used to the platform and test how everything works, which is a useful asset for beginner traders. The offers with alfa forex broker deposit of the platforms are:. The minimum lot size is 0. The offered minimum lot size is 0.

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Books of a binary options trader

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But as you may read in this book he dropped from this strategy and he started to trade as a swing trader. For traders who focus on day trading, this book is in my opinion, a mandatory reading. The author of this book is a living legend — Joe Rosse.

In the book day trading Ross will teach you how to identify a trend before it even occurs on the market and before other traders notice it as well. He will also guide you thru his complex forex method which focuses on piercing densified areas, this technique can be applied to any market. Another very well known book in the world of trading is called the intelligent investor. One of the most famous and richest people of planet Warren E.

Buffett consider this book as far as the best book which was even written about investing. The book comprehensively explains the most important principles of long term trading. As you may know, Warren Buffett is very well known for this trading style. Buying undervalued stocks, holding them for as long as possible and then again selling them with a huge profit.

Author: Alexandr Elder Price of hardcover: The author of this book, Alexander Elder, covers in this book all aspect with which day trader has to count if he decides to make his trading more than just a hobby but as a day job.

As with any other major life changes, we have to be sure what we are getting ourselves up to and we have to know whether we are capable of adapting to a different financial situation. Alexander Elder is an excellent writer and he describes the psychology of a successful trader as well as an unsuccessful trader in great details.

In comparison to other books provided in this list, this one focuses just on problematics of binary options and their trading. Trading binary options for fun and profit offers information from Money Management to creating your own profitable strategies. The beginning of the book describes the basic information about what binary options are, they are meant for people who never came across with binary options.

This article presents a list of their total. Turning on the links, you can find a brief description, table of contents and direct link to download. Sheldon Natenberg - Options. Volatility and cost estimation.

Michael Chekulaev - Risk Management. Simon Vine - Options. Binary Options books in English. In general, what books Binary Options? Thanks to them, you will be able to glean the necessary knowledge to help increase profits. Often it happens that interested in just one aspect of the issue or trade binary options, the book can be found even more important information. This is an advantage of books in front of the video on binary options. Although video - lessons help you quickly and clearly grasp the material.

Books and educational articles that I publish on its website, accessible and understandable language describing various aspects and nuances of the financial market. Download Books on binary options, you will be able to study it at your leisure. Even reading on a mobile device or tablet on the way to work or study, in the evening you will be able to put into practice the knowledge acquired.

A desired text, tables, charts and graphs are always at hand. Combine the study books on Binary Options free training that I give on this site. And then success is guaranteed!

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For those just hearing about binaries, and considering looking into the subject further, this book is worth close attention. It offers early stage advice on how to use digital options and then gives some basic trading strategies. Overall, the view is that binary options as a concept are perfectly valid trading tools — but they can also result in quick losses if they are not understood or used incorrectly.

This book will help readers stay on the right track. Aimed at beginners, this book delivers a personal and pragmatic view of binaries as a trading instrument. It provides data on the various markets that can be traded and also includes passages on how to get into the right frame of mind for trading.

It provides advice on choosing a platform, advocates a trial run, or demo account, before moving on to trade with real cash. Many readers will have come across For Dummies books in the past. With simple texts broken down into bite-size chunks and plenty of diagrams, this series of instructional manuals always delivers. In addition to this subject, there are others in the series that will help, these include Technical Analysis For Dummies and Currency Trading For Dummies.

This volume, dedicated solely to candlestick charting, is a good read for anyone who might be struggling to get to grips with this particular area of analysis. Candlesticks are information-dense, highly useful means of identifying trends, offering traders details of opening and closing prices, highs and lows and overall range — often over very short timeframes. This guide explains how a candlestick chart is put together and how to read them.

It shows how to look for bullish and bearish markets, how to avoid false signals and where to combine these indicators with a range of others. Our Charts page also explains the basics of candlestick charts. These updates might include news relating to specific companies, perhaps annual results, share buying activity, mergers and profit announcements. Yet these regular reports and formal announcements can act as huge binary options trading signals; not least because stronger or weaker than expected numbers from these corporations can in themselves create large drops or gains in asset prices.

Some may even go beyond their direct stock price, and affect commodity or forex prices. As an example, the Google tax issue with Ireland had ramifications across all sorts of sectors. So how can traders ensure they make sense of these events? The book delivers a thorough grounding. Although the main points are on UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, the broad principles will apply on global stocks across indices around the world.

The book provides a background on how, when and why companies are legally required to release certain data. It will then go on to offer an overview on all of the routine statements companies are expected to issue. It also provides a jargon buster which is very useful.

Vitally, the book shows you what type of announcements are likely to affect the share price — and in which direction. Having started studying the market binary options, many newcomers CIS countries face the problem of lack of quality training materials. Indeed domestic publishers are reluctant to publish books on options trading. Therefore lacks the information that would be set out by professionals. And most importantly, that this information was presented clear and accessible language. Abroad no such problem.

If you look at online store Amazon, you will find tens of thousands of textbooks, manuals and booklets on request options. Yes, and on the shelves of bookstores can always find a guide on selling options, trade on the stock exchange, strategy books, hedging and volatility. All this is available. But the problem is that not everyone speaks English or another foreign language at that level to around deal.

All are available for free download. This article presents a list of their total. Turning on the links, you can find a brief description, table of contents and direct link to download. Sheldon Natenberg - Options. Volatility and cost estimation.

Michael Chekulaev - Risk Management. Simon Vine - Options. Binary Options books in English. In general, what books Binary Options?